Trust in the Path | A God’s message for you today

my beloved child you will not achieve

Victory through physical effort or vast

armies but through the power of my Holy

Spirit this power gentle as a dove that

rests upon you is activated by the faith

you demonstrate as in Zechariah not

by might nor by power but by my spirit

says the Lord Almighty these words teach

that it is through surrender and

dependence on the spirit that true power

and Conquest are found recognizing this

is crucial as a Ms to please me based on

personal merits are futile if anchored

in disbelief I understand your failures

and the weight of regret and I am always

ready to offer a new chance for those

who sincerely seek my face I continually

watch your Journey of Faith not

expecting offerings of Earthly riches

but a heart truly surrendered to me as

in Matthew where it reads for where

your treasure is there your heart will

be also I value the sincerity and

simplicity of a faith that seeks not to

impress through material means but

resides in the humility and honesty of a

pure heart to the humble and oppressed

who trust in this Divine love I promise

refuge and strength as expressed in

Psalm one whoever dwells in the

shelter of the most high will rest in

the shadow of the Almighty I know you

completely your mistakes do not drive me

away your doubts do not repel me the

offer of love I propose in John

where it says there is no fear in love

but perfect love drives out fear is an

invitation to break free from the chains

of anxiety and guilt my love is eternal

and unwavering not altered by your

imperfections or failures if you choose

to walk away know that you are

renouncing a life rich in Love and Hope

falling into the despair of a life

without the light of Truth as your

protector and guide I promise to always

be by your side in Isaiah I assure

do not fear for I am with you do not be

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you and help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

regardless of the difficulties my

presence is a guarantee of help and

comfort even in the most challenging

moments I am here to support strengthen

and guide you my invitation is for you

not to be overcome by adversity but

trust that together we can overcome any

obstacle strengthened by the unchanging

love I have for you which transcends any

barrier understand that every step you

take towards me is accompanied by the

Assurance of my response as promised in


you will seek me and find me when

you seek me with all your heart this

passage is an invitation to a deep and

sincere search that always results in

finding and communion with me it is not

just a promise PR of presence but a

commitment to a reciprocal relationship

where my grace and mercy flow abundantly

to those who truly surrender every day

that you choose to seek me you are

opening yourself up to experience

miraculous Transformations and profound


renewal in your journey never lose sight

of the greatness of the love I have for

you a love that was powerfully

demonstrated on the cross as in Romans

but God demonstrates his own love

for us in this while we were still

sinners Christ died for us this act is

not just a historical moment but an

eternal Declaration of my unconditional

love it ensures that there is nothing

you can do to diminish my love for you

nor any mistake that can separate you

from my forgiveness let this love be the

foundation on which you build your life

a foundation that is not shaken by

storms nor corroded by time as you grow

in faith so does your ability to see

Beyond temporary circumstances to The

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