Trust In My Wisdom My Child | God Message Today |

my beloved child heed my words as they

flow from the depths of my unwavering

love for you today amidst the transience

of Earthly Pursuits I beseech you to

embrace the incoming Splendor of my

eternal love which transcends all Mortal

limits my desire for your greatest

happiness peace good health and

Tranquility knows no bounds it

encompasses a fervent commitment to

ensure that every aspect of your life is

encompassed by the necessary conditions


fulfillment our bond entwined in an

unbreakable Embrace defies the vagaries


circumstances remain steadfast and

unwavering even on the days when the

weight of the world burdens your weary

shoulders in moments of fatigue or

indecision do not hesitate to come to me

for I am an omnipresent companion eager

to engage in F conversations and impart

the wisdom that flows benevolently from

the depths of your mind amidst the noise

of your all consuming anxieties I remain

attuned to your Whispers fear not for I

am here an unwavering Pillar of Strength

ready to Bear the burdens that threaten

to crush you and ease the oppressive

weight that hinders your journey know my

beloved child that I am not imposed upon

you by the fog of uncertainty

remember me for I am always with you a

beacon of light in the darkness a source

of endless Comfort together we shall

navigate the turbulent Waters of

existence Paving the way towards a

future blessed with the glow of Hope and

the enduring promise of a Bright

Tomorrow rest assured and if you need my

help there is no reason to

hesitate we shall establish an

understanding and no matter what time

you call upon me my arms will quickly

envelop you and my words will tenderly

caress you wherever your path takes you

the grace of God will always be with you


beloved beloved Souls allow the essence

of my words to penetrate the depths of

your being for they carry the weight of

divine wisdom and unyielding love in the

realm of my Divine Providence I hold

your life securely cradling it in the

palm of my hand even in the face of

death’s Relentless Pursuit no force can

tear you away from the Embrace of my

eternal and unwavering

affection even when the Winds of turmoil

howl and Chaos attempts to ens snare

your senses attune yourself to the

Divine horn not to the Earthly

cacophony I beseech you to step out into

the freedom that I have graciously

provided casting aside the shackles of

constant fear and

anxiety boldly approach my throne of

grace where you shall find solace in the

boundless abundance of Grace that I

bestow upon you my child in the morning

light of each new day I have not endowed

you with a brilliant mind to be held

captive to the power of fear and panic

if you embrace the truth I offer perfect

peace shall Prevail fix your gaze upon

me Rising above the realm of your fears

for I am the embodiment of strength

faithful and unyielding

do not allow the trials and tribulations

of this world to unsettle your spirit

for beneath the surface lies my


presence understand my child that I

orchestrate all things for your ultimate

good my plans for your life are intended

for your Prosperity not to inflict harm

upon you when fear attempts to grip your

heart remember that I am the one who

stands before you mighty in strength and

faithful in my promises do not be

disheartened by the adversities that

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