Trust in Me, and you’ll Win Despite Your…| God Message Today | God Message for You Today

my beloved child don’t worry about

Earthly things because I’m looking after

you with love trust in me and you’ll win

despite your troubles listen closely to

my words and feel the peace of my love

around you don’t ignore my advice it’s

important even if people can’t see your

soul I know it and that’s what matters

I’ve made you your family and everything

you care about for

greatness each of you is special to me

let the passion inside you light the way

for others to see my power and kindness

in tough times protect your home from

harm and avoid those who cause trouble

with fake Smiles even if life gets tough

trust me completely I’ll be with you

giving you strength and courage your

family’s name will be known around the

world as proof of my wonders let my

presence be felt in every part of your

life home work and

dreams make our relationship the most

important thing and I’ll guide you

through hard times stay away from those

who reject me and show kindness even to

the most lost people in your family

spend time praying keeping Hope and

Faith alive your prayers won’t go

unheard I’ll answer in my own time

always be honest and kind avoiding lies

and bad thoughts show love and kindness

even when it’s tough follow my teachings

and you’ll see amazing things happen Let

My Words protect you from enemies and

bring you

safety Embrace this new time with trust

and obedience remember you’re not here

by chance but part of my plan follow my

guidance and you’ll find true happiness

trust in me and comment Amen to show

your faith share this message of love

and kindness with others stay close to

my guidance always

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