Trust in God’s Plan for Your Health | God’s Message Now


my dear child receive my boundless love

and open your heart and soul to this

pure affection that surrounds you with

peace and

serenity it is a Divine strength that

heals all your wounds pains and

ailments let your emotions find their

calm and know that the Tranquility you

seek can only be found here beside me

when you come to me with your desires to

receive to feel to grow and to live it

is in my presence that you will discover

them breathe in deeply inhale the sweet

Aroma of my Holy Spirit and let time

pass as you immerse yourself in

it accept even more of the gifts and

love I long to give you this beautiful

love is yours and I urge you never to


it do not labor to earn the love of

those who may claim to cherish you but

disappoint and mistreat you

do not strive to please those who have

not yet learned the true meaning of love

know this I cherish you and my love for

you is

eternal my Covenant with you will endure

forever my plans are unwavering and my

purposes are true embracing my love

brings about a transformation a new life

filled with complete happiness and

unwavering affection free from

disappointments my love is not just good

it is marvelous forgiving and above all

it belongs to you embrace it I willingly

gave my life on a cross and triumphed

over death on the third day so that you

too can rise and experience life in

abundance you may not fully grasp it now

but I am capable of far more than you

can desire or

comprehend I will touch your heart and I

will reveal it to you you will feel a

powerful conviction that will Empower

you to make lifechanging

decisions the time has come to act and

appreciate the supernatural power that

fills your life no one should

underestimate you whether it’s because

of your age or your

past those who doubt you will be

astonished by the fruits you bear for

they will come to realize that my spirit

has been at work within you this

beautiful and holy love is available to

all the love offered by the world is

limited often conditional and it demands

something in

return ultimately it can lead to

betrayal falsehood pain and

loneliness I do not want you to endure

such suffering instead I am here to heal

your wounds in my loving

Embrace release all your despair it will


forgotten I love you deeply and I long

to hear you say that you love me too

your time is a approaching and no closed

door can thwart the blessings I have

destined for you speak it aloud affirm

your thoughts and write it down declare

your belief in me and your willingness

to accept this word of comfort and


encouragement if one door has closed do

not despair for another magnificent door

is about to open bringing something even

better understand that a spiritual

battle rages in the Heavenly realms for

your life and your faith many ad Aries

both seen and unseen seek to hinder your

growth attacking you from the outside

and inflicting wounds from within even

if they remain hidden I will place

individuals with Divine knowledge on

your path to assist you in overcoming


challenges humble yourself and accept


guidance dedicate time to me in prayer

and I will reveal even more to

you you will emerge victorious in this

battle attle all the obstacles you face

will crumble before

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