Today’s Message from God: Seeking Light in the Darkness | God Message Now

today’s message from God I am aware of


hurt God message now music it saddens me

to see you tormented by memories of days

gone by Through My Sacrifice you’ve been

cleansed your spirit revitalized and

your mind set free from the burdens of

Old Wounds let your thoughts become a

lush Garden where only my Divine words

take root and let your words bring life

Brilliance and comfort to those around

you every day turn your gaze towards my

promises and teachings steering clear of

the Dark Shadows of Despair remember you

are not a drift your destiny is secure

under my protective Wings even when the

world seems to turn against you I stand

as your unwavering Shield guarding you

from every storm in our shared Journey

anticipate the dawn of new possibilities

in the Fulfillment of your deepest

desires walk confidently knowing that I

am by your side guiding you towards a

future filled with hope and abundance

You are not alone you are cherished

beyond measure and together we will

overcome every obstacle that stands in

your way with each Sunrise as you absorb

the wisdom I impart your mind grows

stronger distance yourself from those

who darken your spirit with heart words

and indifference those who steal your

joy and burden your heart I do not wish

for you to revisit past Connections in

places that veered you off your path Let

the Fire Within you blaze with an

unwavering intensity for I have

envisioned a future for you brimming

with Vitality peace and a bounty of

blessings a life Untouched by sorrow or

despair if you Crown me as the ruler of

your heart prioritize me in every aspect

of your life and steadfastly adhere to

my guidance then you will Revel in true

freedom and receive boundless prosperity

and Grace take heed of my words treasure

them in the deepest recesses of your

soul even now I cradle you gently in my

arms I am ever Vigilant standing by your

side ready to share your burdens when

they become too heavy to Bear alone when

grief threatens to overwhelm you utter

my name hold me close in your heart and

let your tears see refuse to allow those

dark chapters to take root and flourish

in the fertile soil of your spirit

reject the deceitful Whispers of the

adversary those that aim to destroy your

peace and confidence always remember the

enormity of My Sacrifice on the cross

the agony endured for your Redemption I

paid the ultimate price with my blood

for each of your

transgressions also recall my glorious

Resurrection for I have have come to

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