Today’s Message from God: My Peace Calms You

my beloved child surrender this moment unto me with the depths of your being I

sense your yearning for my presence and here I am enveloping you with my boundless love do not turn away have

faith that the time spent in communion with me is precious beyond measure as you heed my words you will experience

Liberation and wholeness my love sustains you my peace unfolds you though

uncertain times Loom ahead you shall face them with a tranquil SP Spirit while many May succumb to fear you shall

abide in Serenity assured of my enduring love amidst the chaos of life’s battles

I see the sincerity of your heart your unwillingness to succumb to The Temptations that surround you when the

forces of adversity threaten to overwhelm you remember to seek solace in my presence I have placed you in the

struggle and by my Divine will you will emerge stronger renewed and forgiven

your journey demands unwavering perseverance a steadfast resolve to face

life’s challenges headon your enemies shrouded in darkness and deceit Delight

in their Relentless Pursuit they seek to disrupt the peace and security you find

in me but fear not the victory I have bestowed upon you Shields you from their

malevolent intentions listen closely my beloved and grasp the profound wisdom of my words

your love for your family anchors you fueling your determination to see them

flourish understand the importance of diligence of Labor infused with unwavering faith in the promises I have

made to you your blessings will overflow a testament to your steadfast Faith even

as adversaries attempt to derail your path though Others May underestimate you

seeing only fragility they fail to comprehend your resolve to seek me to acknowledge your weaknesses and

mistakes thus I choose to absolve you to lift you from Despair and to bestow upon

you a Prosperity that transcends mere material wealth my presence surrounds

you each day empowering you against those who seek to harm or belittle you no force can overcome you for my

Covenant with you is unbreakable this assurance extends to your family your home and even those separated from you

by distance or circumstance together we will witness the unfolding of my glory

experiencing my grace in profound and miraculous ways as we embark on this journey a new know that you are never

alone on this journey I am your guide your protector and your Eternal Advocate

when doubt clouds your path turn to me for strength when Joy fills your heart

express your gratitude my love for you knows no bounds encompassing every

aspect of your being together let us walk this path hand in hand our hearts intertwined for in my realm you are

forever embraced cherished and protected before we continue this

uplifting journey together shower this space with positivity hit the like

button to spread the divine inspiration and type Amen to join in the collective

affirmation of Faith your engagement fuels the journey and together we embrace the power of shared

encouragement declare it now inscribe it upon your heart who adors you with such

fervor who orchestrated the cosmos to shower you with blessings to assuage

your sorrows and to tenderly wipe away your tears who sacrificially laid down

his life for you esteeming you of immeasurable worth who triumphantly emerged from the grave wielding eternal

power to demonstrate that you too can surmount every trial and obstacle you are a cherished offspring of the

Everlasting hallowed and omnipotent son Sovereign you are an inheritor of spiritual riches in me you are

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