my beloved child I didn’t leave you alone yesterday and I surely won’t abandon you today I’ve been with you

through every struggle and every joy in both your darkest and brightest moments I’ve never turned my back on you or

forgotten you stay strong if your faith wavers confidently declare the promises

I’ve made to you let those who disrupt your peace know that I am by your side every single day right up until the end

you rely on me cling to my grace don’t let doubts creep in about whether you deserve these blessings if you choose to

believe embrace the gift I’m extending to you when you accept it it will flourish into abundant gifts and

incredible Treasures in your life you’ll have all you need to bless your family and help those in need there will be

plenty of food health strength and peace but you need to use your faith and step forward to claim these blessings don’t

hesitate any longer Don’t Turn back don’t hide away from my presence I’m

speaking to you because I want you to draw nearer to me and I want to answer your prayers I want to lift any curses

and heal any illness affecting you and your loved ones I’m not here to take anything from you but if I do remove

something it’s only to give you something even better you’re at a pivotal moment in your life you’ve grown

you’re not who you were yesterday you’re ready to make decisions with confidence ignore those who Focus only on the

negative don’t try to please everyone many people don’t want to see you succeed when you share your dreams some

will try to discourage you and pull you back into defeat but they won’t succeed

because I’m with you you will keep moving forward and when the time comes to open doors use your faith and I will

be right there with you they will see the challenges that once made you stumble I will place wonderful blessings

in your hands but I ask you to take care of them nurture them wisely so they can

grow and set the foundation for even greater blessings when the time is right

you and your family will take significant steps toward a brighter future my beloved uplift your children

education and wisdom hold the power to transform not just families but entire

nations within your home the future Heroes and leaders are being nurtured

before my return they will become vessels for my word serving mightily yet

this can only come to pass if you honor me within your household and let your children witness it let your deeds and

demeanor mirror your faith never resign yourself to the idea that your character

is set in stone and cannot evolve with me all things are possible I can soften

the hardest of Hearts those who once raised their voices in Anger will soon Echo with the laughter of children I

will Grace the lips of those who have spoken against me and they will soon speak words as sweet as honey this

transformation will demonstrate to your family the reality of my power even if

the world challenges their faith even if they hear doubts about my existence or my ability to help have faith that my

glory will soon illuminate your home your neighbors will witness my light shining through the darkness of night

and angels will stand guard at every corner of your Abode people will Marvel at the Supernatural and miraculous

occurrences within your home many will seek you out and you will intercede for

them in prayer I will directly answer your petitions I will heal the sick resolve problems and

mend wounds a beautiful Spiritual Awakening is beginning within your

family these are the final days and while many claim to desire understanding

of my return their hearts do not truly seek me I will reveal my love only to

those who wholeheartedly believe in me those who are sincere and upright do not

hesitate to entrust me with your soul to carry my message and to dedicate your lives to this purpose and to loving

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