Today’s Message from God: Entrust Your Life to Me | God Message Now

today’s message from God entrust your

life to

me God message now my beloved Child open

wide the doors of your heart today

welcoming me into the very core of your

being let the radiant light of my

presence flood every corner every hidden

recess within you embrace the Abundant

Blessings I offer blessings that mend

your deepest wounds and Infuse your

spirit with profound peace yesterday I

undertook the task of purify ing your

dwelling banishing every hint of

imperfection with each room I breathed

new life my words echoing through the

corridors of your mind banishing the

remnants of pain and past afflictions

you now stand purified forgiven and

whole as we embark on this journey

together let’s sew seeds of positivity

like this video and type Amen to sew the

seeds of faith and encouragement your

engagement nurtures our path and

together we cultivate a Garden of divine

blessings I do not demand Perfection

from you nor do I expect you to evade


Temptation understand that you are my

cherished creation beautifully imperfect

though the road ahead may be strewn with

challenges grasp my hand tightly

dedicate yourself to seeking me in every

moment pouring out your love with every

fiber of your being and trusting your

life to my care know that in each step

in every stumble I am there steadfast

and unwavering ready to lift you up with

enduring love in the midst of your

struggles amid the battles that rage

around you I discern the purity of your

intentions you do not Embrace sin

willingly yet when faced with

adversaries who seek to in snare you

dragging you through the mirror of

defeat remember to turn your gaze to me

I have placed you in this fry and by my

decree you shall emerge purified r

vitalized and absolved once more your

journey to make man’s unwavering

perseverance a Resolute Spirit to

confront the trials that life presents

your adversaries cloaked in darkness and

devoid of Truth Revel in their

Relentless Pursuit they aim to undermine

the peace and security you find In My

Embrace but fear not the protection of

victory that I have bestowed upon you

Shield you from their malice listen

closely my child and grasp the profound

depth of my words words your love for

your family serves as an anchor igniting

your determination to see them Thrive

alongside you recognize the importance

of diligence of Labor intertwined with

unyielding faith in the promises I have

set before you your blessings will

overflow a testament to the steadfast

Faith you clim

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