Today’s Message from God: Embracing God’s Unfailing Promises

my dear child I want you to know that no matter who you are where you are in life

how old you are or where you live the blessings I’ve promised are meant for

you they’re yours to embrace and Infuse into every part of your life if you

worry about your children not seeming blessed or favored by me don’t lose hope

blessed will be the fruit of your womb anything you ask in my name I will

do for you you’ll be blessed in all your endeavors blessed when you come in and

go out every day of your life this isn’t a temporary gift it’s a lasting State

you step into and live within my dearest child in every moment of your journey

know that I am intimately close to you no challenge is too great no obstacle

too overwhelming for me to conquer your belief in my assurances is the foundation upon which you can securely

stand even amidst life’s fiercest storms there will be times when you feel

surrounded by countless trials almost drowning in their intensity yet know

that my spirit resides within you filling you with unwavering strength

therefore keep your faith unwavering continue on your path for I

Am by your side always you’ve poured out your heart’s longing for peace and I have heard your cry do not let anxiety

Cloud your heart when challeng Alles arise my promise to you is unwavering the trials of each day cannot steal your

joy or weaken your inner strength the Shadows cast by life’s adversities cannot dim your Clarity of Mind nor can

life’s unexpected turns disturb your inner calm my cherished child Heed These

words for they are infused with Divine Purpose to strengthen your spirit sharpen your intellect and stabilize

your soul understand that your destiny is not determined by fleeting feelings

you possess the sacred ability to shape your own course I grant you the gift of self-discipline do not let Temptation

sway you nor allow your missteps to weaken your determination your mistakes are not chains but Stepping Stones

toward your growth place your trust in my eternal Covenant for I assure you if you falter I will be there to lift you

up not just seven times but endlessly even before you recognized me when the

shadows of sin loomed over your life my love and forgiveness reached out to you

I will ensure that any enemies who come against you will be defeated they might attack from One Direction but they’ll

scatter before you in seven different ways it doesn’t matter who rejects or denies you because I will bring someone

else to show you favor and acceptance the most important thing is that I will make sure your enemies are defeated

before your eyes when people oppose you fight against you reject you or speak

ill of you you don’t need to defend yourself I will handle that for you I

will command my blessings upon you your storehouses and everything you set your hands to I Will Bless You In the Land

I’ve given you I will make you my holy people set apart for me just as I

promised but you have a part to play too keep my Commandments and walk in my ways

then everyone on Earth will see that you are called by my name and they will be in awe of you I will bring Prosperity

into your life I will open the windows of heaven and pour out my bounty sending

rain on your land just when you need it and blessing everything you do you’ll

find yourself lending to many never needing to borrow this is what I desire

for you it’s the true essence of my blessing these are not just empty words

this is a reality that will manifest in your life in incredible ways expanding more and more over time it begins as a

small seed of blessing in one area but it will continue to grow producing abundant fruit and bringing me greater

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