Today’s Message from God: Drawing Close to Divine Wisdom | God Message Now

today’s message from God drawing close

to Divine wisdom God message now my

cherished Child come close and listen to

my gentle voice the time is Drawing Near

and I have secrets to share with you

ancient Mysteries waiting to be unveiled

like delicate flowers in Spring long

sealed scrolls are opening revealing the

truths woven into the fabric of time

itself as the confusion in your heart

begins to clear clear and the once

blurry lines come into Focus you’ll see

the beautiful tapestry I’ve woven

throughout history each stroke every

color tells a story of my love for you

my precious one Marvel with me dear

child at the intricate designs and

prophetic symbols that were once

Mysteries but now shine brightly in the

light of Truth my grand narrative the

ultimate story of redemption

has been patiently waiting for you to

discover it to understand its depths and

its beauty let the harmonious chorus of

voices speaking my word surround you

drawing you deeper into the revelation

of my love see how the stories of old

intertwine with the events of today

Binding Together the past present and

future in a cosmic dance of Grace know

that I am the Fulfillment of ancient

prophecy es the long awaited Messiah who

brings hope and salvation to all I am

the lion of Judah strong and powerful

yet also the gentle Rose of Sharon

tenderly caring for your soul in every

page of scripture in every verse you’ll

find traces of my presence guiding you

comforting you and leading you closer to

me so come my beloved child and journey

with me into the depths of my love where

you’ll find peace joy and everlasting

life within the very essence of the word

in every page turned and every verse

read I am intricately woven my presence

is not loud but subtle a gentle thread

that binds together the tapestry of

divine revelation as you Journey Through

the scriptures open your heart and see

my hand at work guiding you from the

dawn of creation to the Fulfillment of

Prophecy in each story

prophecy law and

Psalm I am there a promise softly

leading the way to the ultimate

revelation of my boundless love and

salvation for all

Humanity I am not merely the Messiah of
a single people I am the savior of the

entire world the answer to every longing

of the human soul through me prophecies

find their fulfillment laws find their

purpose and stories find their climax I

am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and

the end The Unbroken thread that runs

through the tapestry of time

intertwining the story

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