TODAY i will touch your LIFE | God Message

listen my cherished one as I unveil the

secrets of wisdom and unveil the path

paved with

Clarity wisdom my dear companion is not

just knowledge but the art of choosing

wisely shaped by life’s journey it’s

crucial to seek truth and let it

illuminate your

decisions I am your ultimate guide the

beacon of truth and the essence of life

itself within me lies the Eternal wisdom

forever in the presence of divinity the

written word is our map offering

unparalleled guidance immerse yourself

in its teachings and walk alongside me

in this

world the journey may not always be

smooth but with me by your side the road

will be less daunting though challenges

may arise trust that I have prepared a

straight and narrow path for

you together we shall navigate through

life’s twists and turns emerging

stronger and wiser the path you’ve

traversed you will see that I have

walked with you every single step

shielding you from harm removing

obstacles and smoothing your way in the

midst of this restless and tumultuous

World Tranquility becomes increasingly

elusive it becomes imperative that you

contend for moments of Stillness and

Solace with me distractions assail you

from every direction as you attempt to

sit in quiet

communion yet our intimate connection is

a treasure worth the fight do not

surrender set aside uninterrupted

moments to be in my presence focus on a

cherish scripture and take deep breaths

to unwind your weary Soul remember I am

age god with you rest in my Serene

company releasing your anxieties be

still my beloved and acknowledge that I

am God the longer you fix your gaze upon

me the more you will find Delight in my

magnificent splendors and place your

trust in my sovereign

Authority even when the earth trembles

and the mountains crumble Into the Heart

of the sea I remain your refuge in my

presence you find Transcendent stability

as you contemplate the vastness of my

power and Glory your perspective shall

shift and your problems will appear

diminutive indeed in this world

adversity is a certainty but take

courage I have already conquered the

world strive to become increasingly

receptive and responsive to my presence

for I am always actively engaged in your

life instead of endeavoring to bend my

will to your own desires relax and

observe the marvelous work I am already

under attacking live in a state of read

Ely anticipating my perfect timing rest

assured I am benevolent to those who

await me with hope and expectation

beseech me to unveil your eyes to the

abundance I have in store for you such

awareness equips you to live

responsively ever ready to fulfill my

will all too often my followers fail to

discern the numerous blessings I bestow

upon them they become so preoccupied

with pursuing other Pursuits that they

Overlook the blessings unfolding before

them or those on the

horizon they forget that I am the

Sovereign God and the orchestration of

events rests solely within my purview

trust me enough to allow me to lead you

my dear companion consider Life as a

dance one partner leads and the other

follows any deviation from this order

results in confusion and awkwardness

therefore dance with me my beloved

Follow My Lead gracefully as I guide you

through the intricate steps of your

existence understand this I hold the

best intentions for you they may at

times appear radically different from

your own hopes and expectations

but rest assured they are undeniably

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