Today I Will Touch Your Life

my beloved child I speak to you with a

heart full of love and

compassion do not lose Faith keep your

trust in me even when the path is tough

and weariness sets in raise your hands

to the sky for My Love Burns within you

a fire that never

waines do not fixate on the fickleness

of humans they may fail you let not your

spirit depend on the approval of people

I created you for love to give and

receive it but the only eternal love

unwavering and secure is my sweet love

that will never forsake

you do not entrust your heart to those

who may abandon you or your future to

those who may stop loving you do not

give the highest place in your soul to

those who may turn their backs hurt your

heart or shatter your

life you asked for Hope and here it is

you prayed for peace and here it is if

you need rest rest and if you must

persevere do so for In My Embrace you

find security and under my mighty hand

protection from the

world always remember you are not alone


orphaned even when Earthly bonds break

my love the most beautiful and Sublime

of all affections remains available to

you it’s comforting to know your

heavenly father cares for you I

understand your need for these words man

lives not by bread alone but by every

word from my heart in this hour you need

encouragement tranquility and

Trust I bestow my peace upon you a peace

the world and people cannot offer

receive it in your heart

today the suffering you endure today

pales in comparison to the blessings I

will soon shower upon you I will end

this time of

hardship you faced many conflicts and

shed countless tears but my love has

sustained you as you read and hear my

words know it’s not by chance your

life’s purpose remains

steadfast amidst anxieties and worries

it’s possible to escape sadness my

comfort and Grace have filled you with

hope while my love and affection have

calmed your heart you are alive and you

shall live in Triumph and victory as I

desire for you I implore you to rise now

forget what’s behind and move forward

through the doors I

open my blessings won’t bring sorrow

Prosperity won’t burden you with debt

and abundance won’t lead to

sorrow fix your Gaze on what lies ahead

be undistracted unaffected by the noise

and murmur seeking to divert

you bad news and pessimism May seek to

undermine your faith but remember the

promises in my

word doubt can discourage and weaken you

instead believe unwaveringly that

despite the storms and problems I love

you I will strengthen and assist

you many of your concerns will soon

vanish and you will witness my great


firsthand I see your heart and I trust

you’ll never

doubt if doubt arises kneel and call

fall upon

me I love you tell me you’ll never doubt

that let’s talk about those emotions

that burden you and prevent your

happiness the pain you’ve carried for so

long the hidden emotions I invite you to

confide in

me do not be ashamed or embarrassed I

know you well and your secrets do not

scare me choose to speak to me today

don’t miss the chance to live in Freedom

and experience true happiness found in a


unburdened you cannot bear these burdens

alone I offer you a magnificent love one

that can heal your painful past mend

inner wounds transform beliefs and give

you strength and eternal

happiness acknowledge that it’s no

coincidence that you dream of me hold on

to life forgive yourself and give

yourself a chance for I offer you

forgiveness and open doors to goodness


prosperity you must believe it tell me

what hurts today what causes you pain

recognize that you cannot solve it on


own seek a supernatural Miracle find it

by kneeling in my presence do not forget

this do not lose your way you were not

born for sadness or slavery do not

settle for a life away from your destiny

devoid of abundance today I offer you

healing lifting you from the pit of

loneliness open your heart accept

receive and embrace this

blessing prepare with courage to live a

life covered by my love and grace I’ve

granted you Faith strength courage and

perseverance to move mountains to

conquer every problem because you

believe in An Almighty God tell me you

feel it speak to me tell me you believe

in me now rise up and live joyfully put

into practice the words you hear and


today I have many plans for you I always

have even when you thought I had

abandoned you I was closer than ever

protecting you from hidden dangers and

enemies your decision to seek me

rekindled your desire to fight and live

as you’ve walked with me your faith has

matured teaching you to remain calm when

faith facing trials and Trust in my

word I appreciate your confidence in

asking for what you need knowing my true

love for

you I will reveal many things that will

soon happen opening doors to a path of

blessing where you’ll walk with renewed

strength I will share secrets written

since time began keeping you informed of

the new blessings I’ll send your

way you’ve been faithful with little so

I will entrust you with

much your thankfulness will fill your

life with chosen blessings and

Gifts stay humble never forget where I

brought you from and give me all glory

and praise when you step into the

promised land I’ve prepared with my

blood prepare yourself soon you will see

it I love you and I offer you Supreme

love that ensures a future filled with

blessings and

joy if it’s a tender love that has

chosen you from the beginning guiding

you since birth you deserve love and

today I’ve affirmed my love for

you if anyone despises you remember that

none love you as I

do I want to speak to you touch your

heart and bless

you when you open your eyes each morning

my love stands ready to envelop you in


protection let no one dare to steal what

I provide

do not be disheartened if someone claims

you are

unworthy I bless of those I love and

I’ve chosen

you I’ve chosen you to know me deeply to

feel my love and to understand the

purpose I have for your life my blessing

extends to your family young and old

those yet to be born and those who will

seek me in old age even if they don’t


it I am guiding their steps to bring

them to me do not cease to pray keep

asking for I love you dearly and will

bless you and your

family tell me you believe in me cease

worrying receive my peace stay calm

place your anxieties at my feet seek my

kingdom first and all good and beautiful

things you desire will be added to you

you will lack nothing this is

prosperity this is a

blessing wake up each day with gratitude

entr trust your life to the only one who

can help you I send people I will move

circumstances so that many issues may be

resolved but place your hope in me alone

love me with all your heart mind time


energy let me always be your number one

in plans and

thoughts I want you to know that I have

countless hopes and dreams for you and

your family

your faith and perseverance mean the

world to me for your faith is the

Assurance of what you cannot yet

see believe me when I say that there are

no limits to the wonderful things that

can unfold within my will if they are

for your

well-being when I declare something it

shall come to pass and if you have faith

in it you shall receive it may my

benevolent blessings guide you towards

Prosperity protecting your heart from

stumbling adorning your soul with

humility and bringing you Eternal

genuine blessings that are worth

seeking avoid chasing after fleeting

things that hold no benefit for your

future focus on what will Elevate You

For Eternity for your

family for your spiritual

life I want to emphasize once more let

go of your worries and embrace my peace

entrust your soul to My Loving Hands for

I have control over all

things believe it for it is true live it

change your countenance and let your

face shine with your brightest smile be

ready to welcome the many new blessings

that are on the horizon tell those you

love to anticipate a miracle and soon

all Will

Rejoice so it shall be let me guide you

today to Green Pastures leading you by

the hand to calm and Living

Waters allow me to live lift the burdens

from your shoulders dedicate some of

your precious time to me and I will free

you from your many

anxieties I long to transform your

obstacles into blessings turning your

tears into tears of joy I genuinely

desire to bless you abundantly it brings

me great joy when you seek and praise me


day take a moment to observe and

acknowledge how much I have been helping

you without my presence you would have

been defeated open your eyes to see the

many Trials of my love that you have

overcome it is true that you have walked

through deserts but even there I walked


you it’s crucial to recognize this and

remember if I have delivered you from

countless afflictions in the past I will

do so again I will not allow anyone to

steal your

blessings find solace in the midst of

Life storm

Ms I Fought For You conquering your

Giants when you sought me in

prayer through the power of my spirit I

have shielded your heart from harm I

instilled abundant courage in you when

you couldn’t stand in times of suffering

I granted you the grace to

endure you understand the depth of love

for you are deeply loved Chosen and

cherished and I am eager to continue

demonstrating my love to you each day

this is why why I urge you to open the

doors of your soul today inviting my

presence to fill your home and your

heart many things will change a

supernatural life awaits you walls will

crumble chains will break and remarkable

things will happen when you choose me as

your Shepherd each day I will lead you

safely to Abundant Blessings a glorious

and radiant future awaits

you I am breathing the breath of life

into your heart and no one can stand

against you in Green Pastures I will

Shepherd you and neither your enemies

nor any curse shall come near you you

shall lack nothing for I have decreed it

out of my love for you and I will

continue to demonstrate it to you in

countless ways every day you can witness

the evidence and the details of my love

I send you my word to uplift you for I

do not want to see you sad or defeated

Dewey to any pro problem or Affliction

pay heed to my words do not allow those

around you to limit you or steal your

will to fight do not forget the

greatness of your dreams I have placed

wonderful desires within you a passion

to accomplish beautiful

projects I have sown in you immense

potential and a magnificent purpose that

you must

fulfill people may judge you based on

your appearance and your past they may

listen to and spread

slander Envy may lead them to belittle

you telling you that you are worthless


undeserving but I look into your heart

your pure intentions your determination

to overcome your flaws and your fervent

desire to change your life and achieve


dreams take action now have faith in the

voice of your almighty God rise up and

embark on your journey do it for your

family for those you love believe in my

word be brave and unwavering persevere

until you reach your destiny when you

arrive you will see how your heart

overflows with even Greer

Joy you will realize that it was worth

believing in my word and fighting for a

better life I have always told you and I

affirm it once more that there are

countless blessings waiting for you if

you choose to believe in the word of

your heavenly father who speaks speaks

to you with great love and affection

today but guard your soul do not believe

those who seek to steal the dreams of

those who love me do not befriend those

who aim to deceive you with lies do not

follow in their footsteps do not open

your heart to them pay no attention to

their false words seek me and focus on

fulfilling my will open your eyes for I

am bringing a wonderful blessing to you

very soon a Divine opportunity

I love you never forget that changes are

coming into your life do not be afraid

of them I have a plan for you I am

leading you to a place and a level where

I want to shower you with Abundant

Blessings when You Face new challenges

doubts may arise and that’s normal when

doubts come seek my presence and consult

my word to find the guidance you need to

face the things you don’t understand

stand I will be with you and Grant you

peace Serenity and joy with each new

day I will open your eyes to discover

the answers you seek in every difficult

situation so that you do not remain

stuck keep moving forward keep fighting

keep walking keep working and keep

believing with all your heart in

everything I have planned for you I have

forgiven your sins you are clean and

worthy in my presence

doubt it not do not underestimate the

value of my bloodshed on that cross and

the mighty

resurrection that is why you are alive

today it is the power of my blood that

allows you to come into my presence


fear it’s why you have a relationship

with me now if I gave my life for you

even among the dead so that you may live

then I can and will fulfill everything I

have promised

you I have made you more than a

conqueror through my power and my love

neither the enemy nor adversity problems

nor difficulties can rob you of all that

I am giving you I have sealed it with my

own blood nothing and no one will ever

snatch you from my

hand believe

me today I wipe away your tears remove

your worries and anxieties and give you

the strength to face this new life I

have in store for

you I have shown you that I love you and

want to bless you abundantly and if you

believe in me engrave this in your

mind I your God am stronger than all

your problems and

afflictions I want you to cast out all

doubt from your thoughts and focus on

obeying my

Commandments for my word will be your

strength and healing for your

body Bid Farewell to stress and tension

nervousness and all your fears

my power is sufficient and my love for

you is the greatest in this new phase of

your life you will be free from all the

emotions that tormented you and there

will be no more depression dragging you

down it brings me great joy to see how

your life will be filled with peace and

happiness I will perform powerful

miracles in you in your life in your

finances in your

family receive my peace do do not be

anxious only believe and trust no enemy

can rise up or Prevail against my will

and my power do not fear diseases I have

the final word I will extend my hand and

heal you the plans I have for you cannot


undone I want you to succeed that is why

I will bless and prosper

you come to me with all your

confidence tell me what you truly need

you know I will not fail you I want

things to go well for you in everything

just as your soul becomes stronger and

knows me

better you are my cherished child amen



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