Times Of Great Change Are Coming | God Message Today |

my beloved child listen closely for I

bring forth a message of great hope and

promise Begin by acknowledging the great

things I have in store for you the

beautiful Eternal abodes that await your

arrival it is with a tender invitation

that I beckon you to come and find

Refuge under the shelter of my wings

under the protection of my wings you

will find Salvation and safety in a

world filled with uncertainty and

turmoil I have prepared a place of

Refuge a safe haven for my people this

is a place where you will be shielded

from the storms of life where peace and

serenity abound do not hesitate my child

for I am calling you to this place of

safety hear my voice and respond to my

call embrace the journey that leads you

to the sanctuary I have prepared trust

in my Divine guidance and surrender your

fears and doubts it is through your

willingness to come under my wings that

you will find true salvation and eternal

security my beloved let the Assurance of

my love and protection resonate within

your hearts I have great things in store

for you beautiful Eternal abodes that

surpass Your Wildest Dreams Come gather

under my wings and experience the

fullness of my Saving Grace trust in my

plans and follow the path that leads to

to the safe place I have prepared for

you embrace the call and find solace in

the knowledge that you are cherished and

cared for Let My Words resonate with

unwavering conviction for I the Lord

Almighty God declare the unchangeable

nature of my

plans understand the steadfastness of my

intentions and the immutability of my

ways I who am Eternal and all knowing am

Resolute in the course I have set

forth yet it Grieves my heart to witness

how people blinded by their own desires

and distracted by the Allure of the

world fail to see the truth that lies

before them they forsake the longing for

Spiritual Enlightenment and instead

chase after foreign desires and

meaningless Pursuits these Temptations

like a siren’s call draw my people away

from the profound and enduring truth

that I offer but let it be known my

child that my truth stands firm and

unwavering it transcends the passing

fancies and fleeting pleasures of this

world my truth is the foundation upon

which all else must rest for it is the

very essence of existence itself in a

world filled with shifting Sands and

everchanging perspectives my truth

remains constant it is the anchor that

holds steadfast amidst the storms of

doubt and confusion embrace the weight

of its importance my beloved ones and

let it guide your every thought word and

action let the resounding Declaration of

my unchangeable plans Echo within your

souls reject the Temptations that seek

to lure you away from the Eternal truth


God embrace the longing for Spiritual

Enlightenment and prioritize The Pursuit

Of My Truth above all else for in doing

so you will find Solace Clarity and a

Stead fastness that can only be found in

the Embrace of divine wisdom let the

words of divine peace and Reconciliation

pierce the depths of your being for I

jesus offer you the opportunity to find

true peace with God my child feel the

outstretched hand that I myself extend

to you do not cast it aside in rejection

or indifference I implore you my

precious child to come before me in

Humble repentance and surrender

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