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God says save yourself from my wrath God

motivation God says God message today

music My Child cast aside your worries

they are a heavy burden and I do not

wish for you to carry them alone instead

turn to me in prayer let your voice rise

filled with your needs and desires share

your anxieties and hopes for I am always

listening music don’t don’t hesitate to

tell me what burdens your heart be it

physical healing Financial Security or

simply guidance on your path know that I

am here pour out your requests big or

small for I care deeply about your

well-being music but remember prayer is

not a one-sided conversation it’s a

communion of Hearts as you express your

needs take a moment to Express gratitude

as well reflect on the blessings already

present in your life on the love that

surrounds you and on the strength You

music possess like this video And

subscribe if you trust God music now let

me address the specific concerns you

hold my child the healing you need is

coming whether it’s a physical ailment

an emotional wound or a spiritual

yearning know that wholeness is on its

way sometimes healing is Swift a sudden

blossoming of Health other times it’s a

gradual process a journey of

self-discovery and inner

transformation trust that I am working

in your life bringing about restoration

and perfect music timing my child the

money you need is coming Financial

worries can cast a long Shadow but

release them to me I am the ultimate

provider just as I clothe the lies and

feed the birds

I will care for you seek opportunities

to work with diligence and integrity and

know that I will guide you towards

abundance it may come through unexpected

channels or through a blossoming of your

current Endeavors have faith for your

needs will be met like this video and

affirm your faith by typing my child I

will make a way for you there will be

times when the path ahead seems

impassible when obstacles Loom large and

doubts Cloud your vision but fear not

for I am the way maker I will open doors

you didn’t see remove roadblocks that

seemed insurmountable and guide you

through detours that ultimately lead you

closer to your dreams trust my

Providence even when the way appears

unclear my child trust my perfect timing

my child I see the entirety of your

life’s tapestry the intricate threads of

exper experiences that weave together to

create your

destiny what may seem like delays are



preparations building the foundation for


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