Thriving Male Tiger Cub Born: A New Adventure Begins

Exciting News from ZSL London Zoo: Male Tiger Cub Born and Thriving

ZSL London Zoo, the world’s oldest scientific zoo located in Regent’s Park, London, joyfully welcomed the arrival of a male tiger cub on December 12th. The zoo enthusiastically shared the news on its weЬѕіte, announcing, “It’s a boy!” Keepers at ZSL London Zoo have confirmed that our adorable tiger cub, born on December 12th, is indeed a male!

With each passing day, the cub is growing stronger and more independent, exhibiting his natural instincts as a curious explorer. He fearlessly climbs anything within reach, showcasing his аdⱱeпtᴜгoᴜѕ spirit. Already, he possesses a powerful voice, confidently expressing his desires to his mother, Gaysha, whether it’s for a meal or a little attention. The cub’s journey in the zoo promises to be an enchanting one as he continues to thrive and captivate visitors with his irresistible charm.

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