This Wednesday Open This Heavenly Message | Short message from God

this is a message for those with true

faith in God those who watch this video

Until the End will receive blessings and

experience Miracles that will change


lives God says my child I know you’re

facing difficulties in life but today

pause and observe what lies before you

it’s not an insurmountable obstacle or

an unconquerable

conflict I’ve bestowed upon you the

strength of the

Divine stand up and walk with courage

and the power I’m giving you you’ll

defeat any Mighty Army overcome every

wall tell me you’re truly strong and no

evil can overwhelm you the threats of

enemies won’t steal your joy I declare

that your emotions and the challenges

ahead will never defeat you that the

negativity others speak over you won’t

destroy you because I’ve brought you to

this point for you to heed my words and

to ensure you know I’m watching over you

and deeply care about everything that

may happen to you I see the challenges

and negative forces gathering around you

sensing you’re on the verge of receiving

a great

blessing it’s not by chance but because

you deserve to receive good things don’t

be threatened by those opposing you you

possess a greater strength than they can

comprehend they may seek to confuse you

but you’ll stand firm in peace

surprising them with your

patience I’ve given you the strength to

silence negative opinions and

confrontations from malicious schemes

against you you’re not alone and are

protected by me this is the time to

renew your mind and nurture your soul

intellect and spirit with my teachings

and love I’ve ENC encouraged you

continuously and I’ll keep accompanying

you be diligent and brave the enemies

challenging you with their attacks are

trying to determine who’s stronger no

matter how daunting the problems you see

before you they won’t harm you I am a

powerful deity and I am by your side you

live under my shadow and shelter I’ve

cleansed you with my blood and filled

you with my Holy Spirit I am your God

not only Mighty but also bearing


Blessings you are my child shaped in my

image and

likeness now tell me do you truly trust

me when you hear my voice type if

you believe in the Lord my

child I will embrace you with love

forget all worries by my side you’ll

always feel better I breathe peace into

your soul

let days pass with their ups and downs

yet your soul remains unchanged unafraid

of anything even when the sun scorches

your head or dark clouds cover you feel

and know in your heart that I’m with you

on this journey and even as the world

tries to take away your spiritual

strength and joy I’m here to protect you

from harshness and

darkness your Sorrows will vanish when

you hear my voice your beautiful heart

is filled with my image and praise when

you kneel down to pray this brings me

great joy and wherever you are in this

world I’ll be present with you be brave

in facing difficult

challenges know that I am there with you

call my name and I’ll respond by

showering you with endless waves of Love

holy and

divine every day I will reveal to you

the wonders of heaven and you will hear

hear the songs of

angels as my voice resonates in your

ears and touches your spirit your heart

will leap with joyful energy and

profound peace you understand that all

your battles challenges and fears are in


hands there’s no reason to fear or weep

for what’s passed as pain has been left

behind I command your thoughts no longer

to carry the weight of guilt fear or

pain that has wearied you you are reborn

in this moment and i gaze into your eyes

with love see me for I desire you to

live fully from now on always look

forward Envision the future I have

tenderly crafted for you breathe in the

cleansing scent of healing it refreshes

your spirit and renews your

dreams see the extent of blessings you

can attain and I’ll always be by your

side protecting you and your family

ensuring you’re always at peace type

to receive the blessings of the

Lord today never say that you’re

unworthy or

incapable such thoughts hurt me you can

try to please me through actions or

words of gratitude but what matters most

is the purity of your

thoughts love me with all your body soul


sincerity use all your psychological

strength to reject any thoughts that

diminish your

worth remember if you believe it’s

possible you’ll surely grasp it

extending your hands and ready to

receive diverse

Miracles I’m ready to infuse belief into

your life with all my heart remember for

I’ve repeatedly told you that nothing is

beyond my

reach however this requires your

commitment and focus on my work words to

dispel doubts that previously obscured

your path I am unlike humans who can

deceive you when I speak to you of my

endless unbreakable love for you it’s an


truth I know many around you have been

deceived by dark messages believing I’m

distant or indifferent that my love or

blessings aren’t for them they may think


unworthy so don’t be like them my child

look at all I’ve done to make you aware

and every way I communicate with you

listen and trust in me I’ll write this

in my

message I want your eyes to read and

your heart to know that I’ll cross

Heaven and Earth to assure you that my

love is entirely real I hope my words

today will Foster your growth make you

strong and always remind you of my love

I love you get used to hearing my love

has spoken to you and feel it in your

heart do it now and you’ll feel weakness

dissipate replaced by Newfound strength

and extraordinary like the champions of

Faith felt when they knew me throughout

history now I’m reaching out to you

inviting you into a life full of Wonders

and divine power you’ll hear my voice

feel my presence not just now but

constantly witnessing signs and miracles

confirming my reality and steadfastness

in your

life significant changes are coming not

just for you but for your loved ones too

they’ll begin to recognize and cherish

blessings they once

overlooked these changes are rewards for

your strong faith in me I envelop you in

the gentle Embrace of the Holy Spirit

bestowing blessings upon every aspect of

your life every day

step forward on your journey with a

heart full of peace and faith in my



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