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my beloved children as I gather before

you my heart weighs heavy with the

burden of witnessing your struggles and

the anguish you endure both inflicted

upon yourselves and upon one another the

tears I shed are not merely for the pain

you bear but also for the darkness that

has taken root within your

souls yet even amidst this despair you

remain cherished to me know that I

cannot forsake you for the love I hold

for each of you surpasses all else

despite the distance you may perceive

between us it is not I who have

withdrawn but rather a Chasm that has

grown within your own Hearts I who

formed you and breathed life into your

very being know you more intimately than

you dare to Fathom within you I discern

the glimmers of goodness Beauty and love

even when they elude your own sight your

potential IAL for growth for healing for

reconciliation it all lies within the

depths of your souls waiting to be

Unearthed my spirit resides within you a

constant presence no matter how far you


stray when you question what have I

become I answer that you have become my

emissaries my hands to cradle the broken

my feet to lead the lost my voice to

impart truth and wisdom to those ens

snared in desper as spiration you have

become the embodiment of my love capable

of extending grace even to the seemingly

unlovable with patience that knows no

bounds Embrace this calling though it

may seem too weighty for your shoulders

to bear for within it lies your true

purpose let not the shackles of the past

bind you for dwelling on regrets and

self-condemnation shall only serve to

distance you further from

me I discern the intentions of your your

heart whether they be misaligned or


instead turn your gaze to the present

moment see those who are in dire need of


compassion listen to the cries of the

oppressed and

forsaken let your own pain serve as a

bridge to understanding the suffering of

others who still tread a path of Despair

extend your hands not to inflict harm

but to administer healing this my dear


is the transformation that awaits you

one that only I can facilitate within

the depths of your souls so Rise From

the Ashes of your doubts and fears

embrace the light that flickers within

you for it is a Beacon of Hope amidst

the darkness that threatens to consume

you know that I am with you always

guiding you with unwavering love and

boundless Grace my cherished children in

the vast expanse of this world you will

will encounter the sharp edges of

Injustice and the bitter taste of


people even those you hold dear May

falter and leave you feeling abandoned

yet amidst the fickleness of human

hearts know that my love remains

steadfast and unwavering bring forth

your wounds let them be laid bare before

me for in my presence there is no need

for pretense or fear of condemnation my

understanding surpasses even the depths

of your own

self-awareness it is understandable that

you hesitate to reveal your

vulnerabilities fearing The Sting of

rejection but do not Shield your true

emotions from me for I see you in your

entirety and embrace you without

reservation just as you are not as the

facade you may present to the world

while human friendships May falter mine


unyieldingly I will walk alongside you

sharing the the weight of your burdens

so that you need not bear them

alone there is a nowing fear within you

a fear of disappointing others of

succumbing to weakness and self-interest


tested yet my dear ones it is in your

weakness that my strength finds its

fullest expression place your trust in

me and together we shall navigate the

turbulent Waters of uncertainty conflict

and loss look not to your own frailties

nor nor to the imperfections of your

fellow Mortals but rather fix your gaze

upon me in unity we shall Forge a path

towards Justice

reconciliation and peace do not

surrender to despair for the vision of a

Kingdom founded on love and

understanding that I hold for you shall

surely come to

fruition though the transformation of

human consciousness unfolds gradually


Generations each small Act of compassion

holds profound significance with every

choice of forgiveness humility and Faith

you shape the Collective Soul of

humanity that we

share within you lies the extraordinary

power to change the world through the

Simplicity of human

kindness a gentle word can quell anger

while tenderness and respect can reshape

perceptions Hearts find Solace when met

with a compassionate ear that listens

without judgment do not underestimate

the profound impact of seemingly small

gestures performed with love know this

my beloved ones I have never forsaken

you nor shall I

ever I impart these words to remind you

of your true

Essence as my cherished children

deserving of boundless love and

forgiveness you are the very light of my

heart the precious Jewel of My Affection

with the ardor of a devoted parent I

hold hold you in the deepest recesses of

my being cherishing you beyond measure

turn to me now my dear child and

remember the essence of Who You Are

release the burden of regret and

self-blame and allow my boundless love

to wash over you together we shall

Embark upon this journey hand in hand I

understand the instinct to withdraw in

moments of hurt or

frustration know that I patiently await

your return for when the trials of Life

overwhelm you and you momentarily forget

me I do not hold it against you instead

I gently beckon you back into my

Embrace when my divine presence feels

overwhelming in its mystery and power

causing fear to grip your heart do not

shrink back my beloved for it is my

perfect love that casts out all fear

approach me boldly lay be the contents

of your heart and entrust your doubt to

my Divine

wisdom there exist no thoughts too taboo

no emotions too forbidden to be brought

before me speak plainly and I shall meet

you there in the depths of your being do

not presume that my otherness prudes me

from understanding or having patience

with your

struggles though my thoughts May soar

higher than yours as the heavens surpass

the earth I have descended to dwell

among Mortals embracing you in all your

messy complexities where

misunderstandings arise from your

limited perspective I illuminate Minds

where tensions linger between us I

absorb them into myself bestowing upon

you a peace Beyond

understanding consider the boundless

compassion that fills my heart for you I

did not condemn the woman caught in

adultery but instead liberated her from

condemnation through

forgiveness doubting Thomas was not

struck down but invited to touch my

wounds that he might

believe Simon Peter’s betrayal did not

disqualify him from leadership rather I

restored him to tend to my flock never

have you offended me so deeply that I

would reject you my Mercy flows as

endlessly as my love do not covet the

seemingly easier lives of others for my

richest blessings often come wrapped in

adversity those who are poor in spirit

inherit the Kingdom those who mourn find

Solace and the humble are exalted in my

upside down economy your unique

experiences have equipped you to pour

yourself out on behalf of others it is

through your broken places that my light

shines most brilliantly are you perhaps

impatient with the seeming slowness of

my Redemption of the world know that

this perception arises from your limited

understanding from Heaven’s Vantage

Point Mysteries unfold perfectly my

timing is flawless even when the burden

feels unbearable trust that I work all

things together for the good of those

who love me as I cultivate the essence

of Christ within you know that none of

your suffering is without purpose or

meaning have you strayed so far from the

fold that you fear my call has ceased

hear me clearly there is no distance too

vast no pit too deep that my rescue

cannot reach you listen closely for even

now my spirit beckons to you quiet your

Restless Heart and understand that in me

you have already found your

home in moments of Doubt when you

question your worthiness as a vessel for

my Divine Purpose remember that I have

chosen vessels as flawed as you to carry

and share the gospel throughout

Generations it is not because of your

Perfection that I entrust you with this

supreme treasure but because I Delight

in revealing my strength through your


weakness despite your feelings of

inadequacy Embrace boldly the power I

provide that the Light of Christ May

shine through you in days when the

weight of Despair threatens to overwhelm

know that you were never meant to Bear

the burdens of the world alone do not

isolate yourself but seek solace in my

comforting presence pour out your

emotional turmoil before me without

reservation and I will ease the weight

of anxiety replacing it with vision

passion and Zeal for the journey ahead

when you witness hostility and division

tearing communities aunder remember that

I too have shed tears over cities

hardened against reconciliation do not

succumb to cynicism for my peace awaits

those who remain steadfast in their love

for me hope in my Redemptive power even

when the evidence seems Bleak and resist

despair’s paralyzing grip by interceding

for those who provoke your sadness or


bless those who persecute you and

overcome evil with

goodness in this way ordinary Saints

such as yourself participate in the

miraculous arise my beloved and embrace

boldly the calling and power I have

bestowed upon you the hour of recompense

approaches swiftly for those who scorned

your humble State Vindication rushes

forth on eagles wings and the mockers

and naysayers will soon honor you

humbled in their realization of their

error for my transformative power within

you will reveal their Folly and they

will seek to make amends with offerings

of honor and praise when that day

arrives kneel humbly as I Crown my

faithful child direct your praise solely

to me for only I am worthy of such

adoration even now I prepare a table

where you will Feast as my distinguished

guest a banquet of kingly fair purchased

by Scarlet streams on calvary’s Hill my

broken body and outpoured lifeblood

establish the Everlasting Covenant that

unites my wayward child with my eternal

Kingdom of righteousness peace and joy

my cherished friend as my indwelling

spirit beckons I ask only for your

willingness to heed the call a defining

moment stands before you ripe with

opportunity and Laden with implications

should you linger too long in IND de

ision each passing hour offers a new

chance to embrace Destiny and seal your

Eternal belonging through a sacred

Covenant with the Great I Am who formed

you from dust and ignited your soul with

Celestial fire do not squander fractured

moments chasing Phantoms to fill the

void meant only for

me my name is etched upon your heart the

Seal of our betral binding you to my

jealous love the course of your days

known to me from the beginning awaits

your consent to walk the ordained path

what a sacred privilege I extend in this

invitation to share my heart to partake

of my innermost counsel to understand my

mind through the scriptures engraved by

my spirit upon the tablet of your

surrendered heart what say you as the

door of Eternity stands open before you

where else can you turn for guidance but

to the one who ordained your path before

it was announced through Heaven’s

corridors approach my throne boldly and

receive the wisdom to navigate the

uncertain terrain ahead drink deeply

from The Fountains of Revelation

reserved for beloved friends do not

spurn this enduring Grace that sustains

you through life’s swirling storms

guiding you in moments of quiet

reflection when the clamor of the world

Fades to a whisper find solace in the

protection of a force greater than any a

fortress at top the Mountaintop Beyond

Harm’s reach

there in that Sanctuary you shall find

security and the Waters of renewal shall

quench your spirit’s thirst preparing

you for the journey

ahead as you bridge the Realms of the

present and the

Eternal take heart in the knowledge that

your path to Everlasting Haven draws

nearer with each step your journey

requires wisdom a deliberate Pace forged

Upon A Road smoothed by the trials and

triumphs of those who have walked for

you within the tapestry of existence you

are a vital thread woven into a lineage

of resilience your task is to persevere

even as the tumult of the world swirls

around you in the midst of chaos let

your light shine as a

beacon not only guiding your own path

but also Illuminating the way for others

lost in the darkness the rapid changes

sweeping us are Not Mere signs of

disorder but Whispers of a Divine

reunion a harmonious dance between the

celestial and the terrestrial as ancient

as time itself do not succumb to fear

for every aspect of your being is

intricately crafted by the master

Artisan each stitch in the fabric of

your existence is a testament to a

greater design when the foundations of

Your World appear to falter cling

steadfastly to the unshakable truths

that no force can

dismantle these truths are as enduring

as the Bedrock of cre creation from

which you were sculpted you are being

molded into a vessel of Grace amidst a

landscape scarred by neglect and Malice

like a river carving its course through

rugged terrain Relentless love Smooths

the jagged edges of your being preparing

you to touch others with kindness and

empathy the trials you endure carve deep

channels in your life transforming them

into Wellsprings of sustenance for those

parched by despair drink deep deeply

from these Fountains of fortitude

knowing that your portion is secured by

an unbreakable promise an inheritance

meant for you and you alone you have

been chosen set apart for a purpose that

transcends the fleeting nature of this

world amidst the cacophony of life’s

distractions maintain your focus on the

beacon of Eternal truth your very

existence Bears witness to a glory far

beyond the transient a light shining in

a world increasingly in snared by

Shadows you serve as a guide a beacon

for wandering Souls seeking the ancient

paths trotten by Saints of old honor the

legacy of those who sacrificed comfort

for a greater

cause you walk upon Hallowed Ground

enriched by the devotion of those who

came before you the Heritage you carry

is priceless bought at a cost beyond

measure enfolded into a royal lineage

you are embraced as a child of the

Eternal Kingdom secured by the Covenant

sealed on the hill of golgatha the

nobility of the Divine flows through you

a testament of Grace that confronts

adversity headon no longer a drift you

bear the Seal of belonging a symbol of

Hope etched upon your heart within the

depths of your being lies the full

inheritance of a child welcomed into the

Embrace of the

Divine as a cherished and esteemed

member of this Celestial family you are

invited to partake in the boundless

abundance of the Divine

Feast here amidst the Ethereal Grandeur

of the highest court you are beckoned to

partake of sustenance that penetrates

the depths of your soul in due time you

will grasp the fullness of this

communion for you are already fully

known from the very moment your essence

was interwoven into the cosmic tapestry

until the final Embrace of Eternity may

your steps upon rugged paths be

emboldened with unwavering confidence

upheld by the shepherd staff of Divine

Providence enveloped in the tender

shroud of mercy and elevated by The

Gentle currents of Grace to Vistas where

the Eternal Horizon unfurls in all its

Majesty know with unshakable certainty

that you are unfolded in a love that

transcends the boundaries of time and

space anchored securely beyond the grasp

of any Shadow awaiting the inexhaustible

joy that never

Fades this love is meticulously prepared

by hands that bear the sacred marks of


sacrifice rest assured beloved in the

unyielding promise of an unshakable

Kingdom cradled in the arms of the one

who never waivers nor falters my

cherished child heed this truth you are

never alone I have ordained this moment

to reassure you to remind you of your

inherent worth and Divine Purpose my

bless shall unfailingly find their way

to you Guided by the uniring compass of

my unfathomable love you are chosen

named and claimed by me and I shall

never abandon nor forsake you even in

the depths of your perceived

distance recall the times when my

presence brought you Solace amidst

life’s tempests I have been your

steadfast Rock in times of both turmoil

and calm though the vast ocean of

uncertainty may seem to engulf you you

know this I am the unwavering anchor of

your soul steadfast and sure amid the

tumultuous seas in moments of doubt and

despair turn your gaze Inward and listen

for the still Small Voice Within the

voice of divine comfort and guidance

offering Solace amidst life

storms trust in the inner knowing that I

have planted within you for it serves as

a radiant Beacon leading you back to the

path of righteousness

stand Resolute amidst the clamor of the

world and the doubts that assail your

mind rooted in the unwavering knowledge

of your identity a beloved child of the

most high adorned with wisdom strength

and Grace beyond measure you are my

masterpiece meticulously crafted and

destined for greatness Beyond

Comprehension embrace the unfolding

Journey with courage and conviction for

I am with you every step of the way even

in the darkest of nights the radiant

light of my love shines within you

Illuminating the path ahead rise up my

beloved and let your light shine

brightly for all to see become a Beacon

of Hope in a world veiled by despair a

vessel overflowing with love in a world

plagued by hatred in your light others

will find their way and in your love

they will discover their peace know this

my dear child

I Am With You Always guiding you

protecting you and loving you more

deeply than you can

fathom place your trust in me and

together we shall overcome every

obstacle Ascend Every Mountain and

emerge triumphant in the end if you want

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