This is My Last Appeal | God message today

my cherished child always remember that

in me you are more than a conqueror in

me you find fullness of joy and in me

there is Everlasting Hope just as the

sun rises relentlessly each morning

determined to banish the night so am I

determined to bring light to your

Darkness this light is not fleeting or

wavering it is Resolute and constant it

doesn’t just show the way it transforms

invigorates and gives life and remember

remember as you bask in my presence you

reflect my light becoming a beacon of

peace and love to those around you so

when you feel enveloped in darkness know

that you can shine with the radiance of

my love bringing hope to others let

these words be more than a passing

Comfort but a lasting Covenant between

us I am with you for you and I will

never leave you abide in me and you will

walk in the Everlasting way of peace my

dear child for you are mine and in that

truth there is no room for Darkness only

the endless unwavering light of my

presence this is not just a chapter in

your story it is the beginning of a new

volume in the anthology of your

existence the moment you trusted in me

you became a member of my eternal family

in that single transformative instant

you were plucked from the jaws of death

and cradle in the arms of everlasting

life this is your inheritance Untouched

by Time unmarred by sorrow and

unblemished by Decay treasured and

secure in the realm of Heaven I tell you

this not to dwell on the past but to

light a path for your future as a new

creation with my spirit residing in your

heart your journey is just unfolding Let

each day be an opportunity to grow

closer to the image I have fashioned for


an image of divine love and grace

Embrace this transformation for it is my

hand guiding you even in the shadows

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