this is going to happen today pay

attention to this God says today my

beloved child today I have a message for

you if you are questioning whether I’m

listening to your prayers because you

haven’t seen answers yet it’s a sign

that your faith needs strengthening

consider the story of Peter walking on

water towards Jesus despite seeing Jesus

Peter faltered when distracted by the

storm around him similarly you might

find your attention pulled away by

life’s challenges causing your faith to

waver remember just as Peter was

distracted you too might focus on your

immediate troubles and lose sight of my

presence there are times when things

don’t happen as quickly as you wish and

it feels like I’m not responding to your

prayers or aware of your hardships but I

want you to know that I am always with

you guiding you through each challenge

for reason my delays are not deniles

they are part of a greater plan to

prepare you for future blessings and to

strengthen you for what you are praying

for according to my will I am listening

to every prayer and I see every

circumstance if I don’t resolve your

issues immediately or if it seems I’m

not responding it’s because I am working

on something greater for you there is a

time for everything maintain your faith

in me like this video if you follow

through in Jesus in the Bible versus

Psalm to always says why my soul are you

downcast why so Disturbed inside me to

your hope in God for I will yet reward

him my savior and my God the God Jesus

are keeping watch in everything you do I

am right there with you even in the

tasks that seeing trivial I am fully

tuned into your life curin about every

little aspect there isn’t a detail that

goes unnoticed by may not even the hairs

on your head yet sometimes you lose

sight of my constant presence which

makes your life feel as if it’s breaking

apart when you manag to keep me in your

thoughts your world feels secure and


on the other hand when you let your

focus narrow down to the problems or

Minor Details you start feeling Hollow

and incomplete it’s important to

maintain a steady focus on me through

all the varying moments and situations

of your life even though the world

around you may seem uncertain and

everchanging you can find stability and

the uninterrupted awareness of my

presence focus on the Unseen even while

the visible World continues to unfold

before you yes yesterday we explored how

seriously Paul took his d

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