THIS IS DANGEROUS | God Message Today |

my child the battles you have faced have been Fierce I heard your cries to be released

from the intensity of spiritual warfare to Simply live a normal life yet when I called you to obedience

you submitted knowing that following my will required vulnerability and

discomfort how your obedience gladdens my heart for it will cause you to enjoy

the fruits I have prepared for you there were times you questioned why the road seemed harder for for you as you labored

tirelessly While others appeared to progress easily but do not judge by

outward appearances for the path I choose for each of my children is specific to the calling I have placed on

their lives what I have called you to carry hold significance in the spiritual

Realms the weight of this Spiritual Authority and the destiny growing within you sets you apart for Holy purposes you

are not simply one among many but a precious child marked by my anointing

and Grace this is why you cannot turn back my very Spirit lives and breathes

within you guiding your every step the most recent attack against you was

strategic the enemy hoped to eliminate you yet when he witnessed your resilience when he saw you emerge still

holding ground he recognized you as an even greater threat your response to

every battle signals to both the forces of darkness and the Heavenly Realms that promotion is imminent

while the devil uses trials to distort your vision and discourage you I use them to strengthen your character and

equip you for greater responsibility just as job’s faithfulness through horrific losses

prepared him for a double portion blessing the stretching of your character through difficulties is meant

to prepare you for more with each new level the Enemy unleashes new

schemes but with every attack I Forge within you greater capacity to discern his tactics and withstand them child if

only you could see from my perspective the commitment and undying devotion that sets you apart as my beloved no other

can take your place in the great plan I have designed this next season I am preparing is Invitation Only and not

just anyone can access what I will reveal to you you are protected and guided no longer tossed about by the

workings of man or Devils I tell you their season of manipulation in your life has ended you are safely held

positioned securely under my Sheltering Wing do not despair over the adversity

you have faced for it is temporary I see your weariness your longing for Relief

take heart for the rains will give way to Sunshine and the night of weeping will fade with the joy of a new

dawn myself will turn your mourning into dancing the suffering you have endured

is but a fleeting precursor to blessings that will overflow your cup none of it

has been without purpose consider job whom I allowed the enemy to test even

his wife urged him to forsake me yet he refused anchored in the hope that a

double portion awaited his faithfulness similarly your season of testing has

qualified you for increase it has been neither comfortable nor easy but patient

endurance will reap a harvest of righteousness fear not my child for you are kept safe

The Witches warlocks and workers of magic who vowed your demise have failed

their season of activity in your life is through and you have overcome by the word of your testimony you are back

under the shelter of my wings protected and provided for what the enemy planned

for evil I am transforming to your good using for your refinement my precious child there are

riches waiting for you to uncover powerful blessings I have ordained specifically for you the enemy is uneasy

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