The Prophetic Word of Wealth Transfer I God Message I GodlyMessagesToday

beloved child of God I know the

struggles you face each day to provide

for yourself and your loved ones the

cost of living weighs heavily on your

shoulders Financial pressures cause fear

and anxiety to rise within you but take

heart for I am Jehovah jir the God who

provides I see your need and I am moving

on your behalf in the pages of scripture

I revealed my nature as a generous

provider for my people I fed my children

in the wilderness with Mana from Heaven

out of the crumbs of two fish F and Five

Loaves I multiplied food to feed ,

even in Barren lands of famine and

drought I sustained my faithful ones the

Widow of zerath and Elijah so I declare

over you this same promise I will supply

all your needs according to my glorious

riches in Christ Jesus as you seek my

kingdom above all else I will ensure you

lack no good thing my hand is not too

short to provide for you my power not

diminished only believe and trust in my

faithful provision yes yes there will be

seasons of shortage and difficulty the

Locust may come and lay waste the storms

may decimate the Harvest but in the

midst of it all I will nourish you

revive you move Heaven and Earth on your

behalf I will pour out blessing and

prosperity so great you will not have

room to contain it all for nothing is

impossible for me says the Lord have I

not set in motion since the foundation

of the world my great Plan of Redemption

restoration and abundance for all my

children in my perfect time abundance

will burst forth like a mighty flood

after famine so take courage and stand

firm beloved keep your eyes fixed on me

not the circumstances around you I hold

eternity in my hands and I hold you safe

in my hands I am weaving a beautiful

story through your life moving all

things for your good and my glory trust

in my faithful provision each step of

the journey soon you will look back with

amazement and see my hand Supernatural

natur Ally moving at just the right time

you’ll say if God had not made a way

where there seemed no way how would I

have survived but I did not bring you

this far to let you sink or fail now my

Mana Rains Down fresh each morning until

then find joy and purpose in Simplicity

and gratitude bless others from your

need there is always someone worse off

share what I have given and watch How I

multiply it forgive debts release

bitterness let generosity and kindness

Mark your life as one who is found true

prosperity for Mighty is the one who

conquers greed and fear through radical

trust in me Mighty is the one whose

heart remains soft and caring when

everything around him is hard my

greatest treasures will come to those

who seek first my kingdom not Earthly

gain so lift up your head today beloved

child the sun is peaking through the

clouds bringing light and hope after a

dark night the famine will not last

forever better days are coming until

then keep keep following me one step at

a time trusting in my daily bread I will

sustain you I am Jehovah jira your

provider my precious child I know the

financial pressures weighing so heavily

upon you each day is consumed with worry

over provision how to pay the bills put

food on the table afford Health Care and

housing fear Whispers that there just

isn’t enough but take heart for I am the

unlimited God of more than enough the

enemy uses lack to try to steal your

peace and joy he hisses lies that I have

abandoned or forgotten you but do not

believe those lies I have promised to

supply all your needs according to my

glorious riches I open my hand and

satisfy the desires of every living

thing and I desire to bless and prosper

my beloved child so bring me the depths

of your need today empty your cup before

me and let me fill it to overflowing

tell me the deepest desires of your

heart those secret dreams you hid away

because they seem too big or impossible

hold nothing back from your

compassionate provider who longs to

Lavish you with good things for I am

moving on your behalf to open up new

streams of provision blessing and favor

I am unlocking unprecedented opportunity

before you even in famine and drought I

will nourish you and sustain you

supernaturally though the Fig Tree does

not bud and Fields yield no Harvest

still I will pour out more than enough

for you my precious one the wealth of

this world is fleeting but true riches

reside in me alone an inheritance that

does not fade or perish so seek first my

kingdom in all you do walk in

righteousness Purity generosity and

Faith then watch How I bless all your

hand undertakes prosperity of soul will

lead to prosperity in life as you honor

me first with your resources I will

multiply what you have left stretching

it impossibly far I turn a boys Five

Loaves and two fish into banquet for

thousands and I will do it again and

again on your behalf providing

sustainance when none seems possible

just bring me the little you have with a

grateful heart trust in me and leave the

rest to your provider if I clothe the

lies in splendor how much more will I

clothe you my precious child if I count

every hair on your head and see every

sparrow that falls how much more do I

see your need and desire to bless you

lift up your downcast eyes hope is

pouring Over the Horizon your generous

God is moving on your behalf I am

opening doors that no one can shut I am

bringing Divine connections and

contracts windfalls and rebates

promotions and raises income will come

through expected and unexpected means

new streams and Ventures Will Spring

forth in places you once saw only

parched ground but I am the water Brer

The Miracle Worker who turns deserts

into Springs of life-giving water the

adversity you’ve endured has prepared

you for such a time as this my child I

am turning your mess into into a message

your tests into testimonies you will

help multitudes by sharing how I

sustained you through the famine and

fulfilled every need let praise and

thanksgiving flow freely from your heart

even before you see my promises manifest

for the victory is assured those who put

their trust in me so fear not my little

one I know the burdens you carry the

sleepless nights and mounting anxiety

bring it all to me surrender every care

into my hands then take my yoke upon you

instead and learn from me for I am

gentle and humble of heart in me you

will find rest and refreshment for your

soul my peace I freely give you peace

that overflows and Spills out from you

as testimony of my presence and

provision even in life’s fiercest storms

soon many will ask what is the source of

your Supernatural Grace and tranquility

and you will Point them to me Jehovah

jir the unlimited God of more than

enough my beloved child as we close this

message today I want to assure you again

that I see your struggles and I am right

by your side I know the financial

burdens weighing you down the fears of

not having enough but I do not forget or

forsake my children as a loving father I

desire to provide good gifts for you my

treasured one so come to me daily with

open hands and heart release the

anxieties that consume you to my capable

hands then receive my peace and Trust in

my provision for I assure you again I

will supply all your needs according to

my riches in glory no good thing will I

withhold from you my precious child stay

rooted and grounded in this unshakable

truth I am Jehovah jira the unlimited

God of more than enough I spoke the

galaxies into existence with a word I

fed multitudes with morsels I see your

struggle and I am moving on your behalf

soon Financial strain will be an old

memory debt and lack will be washed away

away in a new tidal wave of my abundance

but until then find joy and purpose in

Simplicity and generosity seek first my

kingdom and Trust in my daily

sustainance There Is No Lack in me and

you are my beloved one walk in

expectation and thankfulness for what I

desire to do in your life boldly take

action as I guide you each step even

when the outcome seems unsure have

confidence that I go before you to open

the right doors at just the right time

miracles happen through courageous faith

and know that through it all through

every Valley and Peak I am with you

holding you safe in my hands no Enemy No

adversity no Misfortune can tear you

from My Embrace you are mine and I will

bless you provide for you and lead you

into the fullness of your destiny trust

in my promises today so lift your head

beloved child the Light Of Hope shines

brightly on the horizon together we will

get through this difficult season handin

hand my provision will overflow more

abundantly than you can ask or imagine

your generosity will multiply blessings

your testimony will offer others courage

stay in close communion with me through

prayer worship immersion in scripture

feel my peace filling and strengthening

you for each day I am always enough my

child and soon you will look back with

awe and say if God had not made a way in

the wilderness how could we have

survived but by his grace here we are

thriving to all who read this hold

firmly to your faith though times are

hard your God is good generous and kind

he hears your cries and is moving on

your behalf often in unseen ways trust

him he will make a way when you see no

way he is Jehovah jira the God who

provides you are not forgotten you are

deeply loved

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