The Presence of My Holy Spirit Surrounds You || Watching You || God’s Message Today

my dear child the era of extraordinary

events is still ongoing my words retain

their potency and vitality my divine

presence envelops you providing constant

nourishment I understand that you are in

a difficult situation and are in great

need of me do not be afraid or

distressed for I Am by your side even

when it seems impossible your loved ones

may doubt the possibility of a miracle

but I will honor your faith and

dedication your unwavering trust and

patient anticipation will be rewarded

with a forthcoming Miracle the blessing

you have longed for will come and when

it does embrace and cherish it for it

will exceed your expectations I am eager

to bestow blessings upon you my dear

child here is what I ask of you be

courageous and steadfast like the

faithful ones who followed me in the

past you too have the ability to perform

wonders to heal the sick and to command

nature but above all it is the love that

fills you Shields you and transforms

your life in extraordinary ways that

matters most if it is a miracle you seek

then a miracle you shall receive you are

walking the path of belief shaping the

future with hope in your heart through

my sacred words the invisible becomes

visible and my promises are fulfilled

the seemingly unattainable will be with

in your reach embrace the mindset of a

Victor bold steadfast hardworking

patient humble and pure in thought I am

with those who possess simple Faith who

do not pursue their own gain but strive

to overcome their struggles dedicate

your life to me and follow my guidance

through you I will manifest Wonders that

surpass your imagination wait patiently

for this process is preparing you to

receive wisdom and strength you will

perceive and feel it in your heart when

the moment arrives and on the day you

receive your blessing humbly kneel down

and remove your shoes for the ground you

stand on is sacred I will communicate

with you further about what lies ahead

and the tasks you will undertake do not

lose hope for your time of Triumph is

near trust in me and walk beside me even

when the storm rages find Solace In My

Embrace Your Faith May waver amidst the

gusts but remember that I am your God

and Confidant your moments of Despair

will not lead to my judgment it is

crucial that you understand that I am

the one who can assist you when threats

Loom Pledge Your unwavering loyalty to

no one but me entr trust your spirit

only to me for you belong to me you are

my beloved child and my love for you

remains steadfast even in the face of

Storms and adversity I comprehend hand

Agony The Sting of betrayal and the

wounds inflicted by enemies I understand

when your heart is pierced with Spite

and your spirit is tormented without

Mercy I know the depths of love giving

your all even when met with disregard I

see you and empathize with your

struggles remember that you are

important to me when you are overwhelmed

with sorrow and worry know that I am

here watching over you and caring for

you you are significant in my eyes

believe this and let go of negative

thoughts Your Existence is precious to

me I will bring into your life those who

will cherish respect uplift and guide

you Kindred Spirits who will support you

you are valuable to me I deeply care for

you you are esteemed and loved by me

bring your troubles to me lay down your

fears in moments of reflection recall

how I have stood by you during tough

times and sorrows I have been there

through every challenge holding your

hand and guiding you safely your prayers

today will not go unheard I remain

unchanging the guardian of your

well-being keenly attentive to your

needs continue to believe and immerse

yourself in my teachings remember my

promises that strengthen your spirit

approach me with the same trust as

before understand that my love for you

is unwavering I hear your concerns even

when you feel distant you are facing

difficult times but I am right here with

you just as I have been during your

moments of Joy do not be disheartened by

occasional doubts or believe that your

mistakes have made me deaf to you I am

delighted to hear your sincere heart

when my spirit reveals your sins to you

and you acknowledge them immediately and

come to me with a contrite spirit what I

am telling you is true there is

rejoicing in heaven when you genuinely

repent of every error sin and wrongdoing

the challenges you are currently facing

are not punishments I do not expend my

energy seeking to tear down my children

each time they stumble love embodies me

I am your creator your parent I

recognize your flaws and I have horse

sin I will not tolerate it I am ready to

forgive you but do not sin again avoid

arrogance malice Andy apologize if my

previous response seemed over helming or

tooo intense while I cannot guarantee or

predict the specific Miracles that may

happen in your life I can offer some

guidance and encouragement in

challenging times it’s important to

maintain hope stay positive and take

proactive steps to improve your

situation seek support from loved ones

explore different options and keep an

open mind Miracles can manifest in

various ways including unexpected

opportun unities fortunate coincidences

or remarkable turnarounds they can also

emerge through personal growth inner

strength and resilience by cultivating a

positive mindset focusing on gratitude

and aligning your actions with your

goals you can increase the likelihood of

positive outcomes remember that you have

the power to create change in your life

while external circumstances may be

beyond your control you can choose how

you respond to them by taking

responsibility for your actions seeking

personal development and embracing a

mindset of possibility you can create a

foundation for positive change

ultimately the belief in Miracles and

their occurrence is subjective and

deeply personal it’s important to find

what resonates with you and brings you

comfort whether you find solace in faith

spirituality or other belief systems it

can provide a sense of hope and support

during challenging times I am actively

influencing your emotions to ensure you

feel empowered and confident and

conquering every challenge Beyond just

your emotions I am nurturing your soul

spirit and mind bestowing upon you

divine wisdom to navigate and succeed in

your endeavors your success will bring

Pride to your loved ones release your

worries as I am revealing to you the

incredible potential I have embedded

within you believe in yourself more and

maintain your faith in me there is no

need to fear life’s hurdles for I am

always by your side orchestrating events

beyond your imagination my love for you

knows no bounds and I rejoice when you

dedicate time to me praying daily and

involving me in every aspect of your

life make me a priority and your faith

will not go unnoticed in return I

promise to provide you with the support

protection and encouragement you need at

the right time I will light your path

ahead opening doors that must be opened

continue praying and keeping your faith

strong holding on to my hand tightly for

with me by your side no enemy can harm

you I am granting you Victory after

Victory because you are important to me

I am Expediting things so you can

receive your blessings sooner and have

them within your grasp the changes I am

making in your life are all for your

benefit prepare your heart and mind

opening your home fully to me believe

that your life will trans transform I

know what you need even before you do

but I want you to clearly think about

your wishes and prayers understanding

your true desires and where you aim to

go achieving success requires real Faith

consistent prayer dedicated effort and

personal sacrifices I will grant you

success that blesses you and your family

without causing sadness or driving you

away from me I do not want your family

to suffer from your absence win in this

world and and be a source of light

leaving Darkness for your adversaries

remember your family always avoid stress

and take care of your health I always

desire the best for you true peace and

sincere Faith to live a tranquil life

not fretting over material things the

material possessions of this world are

fleeting you brought nothing into this

world and you will take nothing when you

depart however the love and affection

you seow in those who love you the faith

you share and the help you offer to

those in need along with your unwavering

faith and loyalty these are the things

that will bring you true spiritual

rewards I myself will say to you come

beloved daughter beloved Son you have

been faithful in the little I have

entrusted to you you are a great

blessing and one day you shall receive a

crown upon your head which I shall place

there with my own hands I have the power

to sh shift the flow of time change the

seasons touch and renew Hearts I am

arranging everything perfectly so you

can Revel in my gifts and overcome your

hardships I am knocking gently inviting

you to let me in I yearn to be a part of

your Home Filling each of your loved

ones with an extraordinary sense of

Peace brace yourself for a season

brimming with prosperity the moment is

near when you will witness the rewards

of your efforts and Faith blooming

before your eyes the tears you have shed

and the heartfelt prayers you have

whispered in humility this is your year

to reap bountifully to gather and Savor

the fruits of your devotion with wisdom

and Care ensuring that the precious

gifts I bestow upon you are treasured

and preserved look around and see how

blessed you are better off than many who

wish you ill remember the finest

blessing you possess is your life I

offer you the chance to come closer to

me each day

to deepen your understanding embrace my

teachings and be enriched by my words I

want you to grasp something truly

wonderful this life I have blessed you

with is an opportunity to experience Joy

like no other especially the joy that

comes from knowing your mistakes are

forgiven and that you are saved being

alive means you can live out my

teachings follow my guidance and break

free from anything that tries to steal

your joy or harm you think about how

amazing it is just to be here to breathe

to love to feel Joy and even sorrow yes

there may be times when happiness brings

tears to your eyes or sadness Makes You

Weep but these tears are a reminder that

you are very much alive as long as life

flows through you you can reach out to

me I am here to give you the chance to

win your battles rise above your

struggles and let go of your burdens

come to me every day I am waiting for

you share your tears with me and I will

be right there crying with you feeling

every bit of the emotion my love for you

is boundless and it pains me to see you

so down despite the gift of life and the

beauty around you it is difficult for me

to see you in pain but I am here to

offer Comfort guidance and strength

remember that you are not alone in your

struggles reach out to others for

support lean on your loved ones and seek

professional help if needed take care of

yourself physically emotionally and

mentally engage in activities that bring

you joy and peace practice self-care and

self-compassion remember that setbacks

and challenges are a natural part of

life and they do not Define your worth

or potential you are capable of

overcoming obstacles and finding

Solutions trust in your abilities and

have faith in yourself

know that I believe in you and will

support you every step of the way if you

seek me I assure you that I will bless


abundantly I’m always watching over you

while you sleep ensuring your safety

strength and spiritual refreshment

remember you are never alone there is no

need to feel lost or believe that you

must handle everything on your own

listen closely for the miracle you have

been waiting for will occur not because

of your actions but through through the

power of my spirit when this miracle

arrives you will feel my presence so

strongly that your heart will be filled

with faith and gratitude so continue to

communicate with me and always keep

searching for me your morning prayers

are potent they create special moments

between us the closer you draw near to

me the closer you will be to your

breakthrough being with me does not mean

you will be free from challenges or

difficult times but it does mean mean

that you will always emerge victorious

in these confusing and chaotic times

wrap yourself in my grace and let your

heart be guided by the spirit of love

you will witness changes within yourself

you will become more patient courageous

and confident as you navigate through

life without fear of troubles or the

lies of the enemy move forward boldly

for I am the one guiding you do not

listen to the one who accuses and

attempts to bring you down making you

feel insignificant due to your past or

flaws remember that I sacrificed

everything because I love you you are

incredibly valuable to me the enemy is

afraid of you because he knows that with

me by your side your family will

experience amazing and Powerful

Transformations I will bring healing and

a fresh start not only for your loved

ones but also for those around you hold

on to the words I am giving you today

come back to me tomorrow and spend some

time with me you will experience a peace

that is beyond comprehension you will be

joyful secure and enveloped in my love

Step Into My Embrace and allow me to

touch your heart and calm your spirit as

you begin your day I aim to dispel the

darkness of the night and fill you with

happiness as the dawn breaks you have

spent too many hours awake worrying

about things beyond your control let me

assist you give me a chance to

strengthen your faith in me and deepen

our bond so that our friendship can

flourish I appreciate the respect you

show when you approach me and it brings

me joy however I ask you to trust me

more and see me as your Confidant speak

your heart out and share with me

everything you desire to express I am

here to listen and your words will

remain confidential I will forgive your

mistakes and cast them into the depths

of the ocean I have told you before I

will not remember remember your past

errors nor do I intend to remind you of

what is already behind you therefore

take a few minutes each day to converse

with me I will listen to your words

attend to your requests and begin

preparing the answers for you you only

need to believe wait and be patient for

the Fulfillment of my promise will not

be delayed the things you have asked for

will come to you very soon find

Tranquility In This Moment and prepare

yourself for the wonderful blessings

that are on their way provision peace

health spiritual wealth incredible

abundance family Harmony reconciliation

of relationships at home forgiveness and

love for you and those dear to you start

each day with vibrant Joy grateful for

the opportunity and blessing to

invigorate your spirit and revel in the

abundance of Life remember that there

are others out there who are suffering

and in need of of my help I will guide

you to them so you can share my love and

reveal my grand loving plan watch as

your happiness grows and your strength

Soares when you choose a path of

gratitude and praise my desire is for

your joy Trust In My Truth for I speak

no falsehoods your true Joy will

flourish when you give me my rightful

place in your life by listening to me

and earnestly seeking me I take pleasure

in showering you with blessings and

enveloping you in in my love my

cherished one I urge you to calm your

mind and break free from the endless

cycle of worry UST your troubles to me

do not drown in distress In My Embrace I

offer you peace now open your eyes and

look ahead see the path laid out before

you do not worry do not be afraid what I

have planned will undoubtedly come to

pass your blessings are secure with me

they they cannot be taken away no one

has the power to remove the good things

I bestow upon you no one can divert you

from the path I have chosen for you

today I see your sadness which is why

you have sought me out now use your

faith and trust in everything I say my

promises are true and they are within

your reach read them believe in them

deeply and you will witness your sadness

and worry dissipate those who wish you

harm will fail I know some challenges

may seem insurmountable but I am here to

give you the strength to overcome them

you no longer have to endure Sleepless

worry filled nights hold on to these

words and embrace life with all the

faith you possess today is the day you

bring your prayers to me and I myself

respond to you I Empower you to walk on

water to navigate through storms with

your head held high you will not sink my

child even when the winds push against

you and the waves rage beneath your feet

in those moments remember how much you

love me recall your faith and all the

times you have called out to me and I

have answered rescuing you from

countless hardships I deliver you from

adversaries time and time again reflect

on that and let your heart be at peace

knowing how deeply I love you and that I

am always with you my dear child never

doubt my love or think that I am not

listening just because I may be quiet at

times some things require patience and

waiting I promise that the outcome will

exceed your wildest dreams I am filling

your heart with peace and Tranquility

taking control of all the worries you

carry I am sorting everything out take a

moment to close your eyes and feel my

love envelop you let it Embrace hug and

kiss you whenever you feel like crying

simply talk to me I am here by side and

I will never leave you or distance

myself from you I want you to utilize

this time to grow stronger in my

teachings so that when things improve

you will make wiser choices in selecting

friends who genuinely value you for who

you are remember I am always with you

ensuring that you don’t face more than

you can handle keep an eye out for my

guidance and stay connected with me to

grasp everything I am doing for you rise

up and embrace this day with happiness

relishing the blessings I shower upon

you each day my heart is a source of

Endless Love Like refreshing water that

will never leave you feeling empty or

alone I am looking after you your work

your loved ones and everything that

matters to you I understand your needs

even before you ask trust that I am

taking care of everything aligning them

perfectly in my timing relax my precious

one set aside your anxieties and use

this opportunity to seek and praise me I

am eager to share in your happiness and

thankfulness when you realize how much I

love you tell me my son my daughter how

much you love me I want to hear you

shout my name with joy as you come to me

today you have done well so tell me how

you feel wherever you are speak to me

silently from your heart and continue

talking to me

I hear you clearly if you want to know

what will happen if you emerge

Victorious from this situation and how

you will overcome it pour out your heart

to me here you will find understanding

don’t be ashamed to tell me about your

discouragement and frustration come as

you are you don’t have to hide your

feelings because I already know

everything you are experiencing And the

emotions that are overwhelming you but I

want you to tell me and let it come from

your own lips I desire for for your

faith to ignite remember that I am the

only one who truly loves you and

understands you some have been judging

you because it appears that many things

haven’t turned out well for you they say

you have made numerous mistakes and that

your spirit is so weak that it can no

longer sustain you they are waiting for

you to stumble throw in the towel deny

your knowledge of me and abandon your

faith but today you have come to seek me

and you will leave all those emotions

here instead of despairing you will

trust in what I tell you and in all my

promises once again you will believe

those who wish to see you fall will be

ashamed those who set traps for you will

fall into their own pits those who try

to speak ill of you will realize how

much I love you and will have to face me

from this moment on I don’t want you to

torment yourself anymore with emotions

of confusion and frustration your mind

is now free in my holy and Powerful name

and every work of evil from the enemy is

destroyed your health is restored your

strength is renewed and Clarity in your

thoughts will return to you I am your

almighty God and I have the power to

change your heart and fill your entire

being with my spirit you will feel it at

this moment and throughout the day my

peace floods you and your faith is

ignited you are filled with joy go and

share the message I have shared with you

with your entire family you are deeply

cherished get ready for the miracle I am

bringing into your life a significant

blessing is on its way do you sense that

something wonderful is about to happen

do you feel at peace I urge you to

nourish your heart with my teachings and

not let doubt shake your faith stand

strong for I have the ultimate say in

your life I will heal you completely

rise up bravely and every negative thing

every debt every hurtful memory will

disappear your freedom is near today

marks the end of your chains and

abundant joy and happiness will fill

your life I will perform an

extraordinary Miracle Within you your

words will be full of gratitude and your

heart will overflow with happiness if I

have declared it it will happen I have

promised it and you will see it with

your own eyes you will receive

everything you need and even more to

share with others and help those in need

pray passionately and allow me to touch

and heal all aspects of your being

erasing all your sorrows and lifting

your spirits open your heart wide to me

and let my peace fill you you have

fought hard remain steadfast and ignored

the discouraging words of others the

time has come for you to win to receive

my provisions and to prosper trust your

plans to me and I will support you in

everything amen


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