The Most Important Message | Don’t Ignore |

my beloved child let us commence by

affirming the truth that I bring to you

today listen closely for I tell you

truly a light of unparalleled Brilliance

surpassing even the radiance of the sun

is descending upon the Earth this light

is none other than the divine presence

itself Illuminating the very depths of

every soul that inhabits this world with

this Divine Light comes a profound

transformation as a matrix is formed a

sacred framework that encompasses the

intricate tapestry of all events and

Encounters this Matrix possesses a

remarkable capability for it has the

power to shape and manifest realities

that are in their infancy yet to be

fully realized on the physical plane

within this Matrix lies the potential

for infinite possibilities where dreams

take shape and miracles come to pass it

is is a realm where the power of

intention and the alignment of hearts

with the Divine will can bring forth


manifestations through the light of the

divine presence you are invited to

participate in the co-creation of a

reality that is infused with love wisdom

and divine

grace be aware my cherished child that

this Matrix transcends the limitations

of the Physical Realm it invites you to

expand your Consciousness to tap into

the depth depths of your being and to

align yourself with the Divine flow of

creation Embrace this sacred opportunity

for within it lies the potential to

bring forth a reality that reflects the

beauty and Harmony of the divine plan

open your hearts to receive the light of

the divine presence that now Graces this

Earth Embrace The Matrix of creation

that unfolds before you for within it

lies the power to manifest realities

that are yet to be fully realized

trust in the sacred process of

co-creation and allow the light to guide

you towards a reality filled with love

abundance and Divine Purpose my child

today the influx of radiant light

energies Graces the Earth bringing with

it the potential to unveil countless

hidden potentials within each and every

soul it is through this Divine flow of

light that the veils of Illusion can be

lifted allowing for the revelation of

profound truths and The Awakening of


Consciousness do not be deceived into

believing that merely observing

religious Traditions is synonymous with

a truly spiritual life the path of

Spiritual Awakening goes far beyond the

external rituals and practices it

beckons you to Embark upon a journey of

self-realization to enter the sacred

Gates of awareness that are now opening

wide before you through these Gates of

awareness you can access the kingdom of

Truth wherein lies the profound

understanding of your own Essence the

purpose of your existence and the

interconnectedness of all beings it is

in this realm of heightened

Consciousness that you will discover the

profound wisdom that transcends the

limitations of religious dogma and

speaks directly to the depths of your

soul as you Traverse this sacred path

may you find Solace Clarity and a

profound sense of purpose that

illuminates every step of your journey

my child recognize that realization of

your true potential is Within Reach

embrace the flow of Divine Light

energies that Grace the Earth for they

offer the opportunity to awaken to

higher levels of

consciousness look within and you will

witness the resurrection of your

forgotten or postponed plans those

dreams and aspirations that for various

reasons were left

unrealized they are now brought back to

life pulsating with Renewed Energy and

purpose behold my child the resurrection

of relationships that were once cut

short without explanation or

understanding these connections once

left in the shadows of uncertainty now

have the opportunity to be revived to be

infused with the light of understanding


Reconciliation it is a time of healing

of bridges being mended and of Hearts

finding solace in the Embrace of

forgiveness and

compassion but it does not end there my

child this is the resurrection of your

true feelings the unveiling of the

depths of your emotions towards others

towards the world and most importantly


yourself it is a time to embrace

authenticity to let your heart speak its

truth and to honor the sacredness of

your own being this Resurrection extends

beyond the realm of relationships and

emotions it is a call to awaken from

spiritual hibernation to rise from the

Slumber of complacency and delve into

the the depths of your soul let go of

harmful thoughts that weigh you down

release the burden of burdensome

memories that no longer serve your

growth it is a time of liberation of

stepping into the light of

self-realization and spiritual

Freedom my child embrace the

resurrection that is unfolding before

you witness the Revival of your

forgotten plans the rekindling of

relationships and The Awakening of your


feelings embrace this moment of

transformation for it holds the power to

bring profound healing my beloved child

if you open your eyes and hearts to the

fullness of these Divine gifts you shall

come to know your true self through me

your God it is in this profound

realization that you shall discover the

purpose that has been woven into the

very fabric of your

existence my child the gates of divine

grace stand open wide inviting you to

step through and embrace the

transformative power that

awaits the energy that flows through

these Gates is stronger than ever before

a sacred force that can ignite the

Flames of Resurrection within your being

seize this moment my child and let it

serve as a catalyst for creating a

magnificent rebirth within your heart

embrace the power of Resurrection for it

has the potential to illuminate not only

your own life but also the lives of

those dear to you allow the light of

Divine truth to shine brightly within

you dissolving the shadows of doubt and

fear let it guide your thoughts words

and actions infusing them with love

compassion and

wisdom as you awaken to the Divine

energy flowing through these open Gates

let it inspire you to create a profound

transformation within yourself let it

Kindle the fire of Divine Purpose

igniting a passion that will guide your

path and Inspire others to seek their

own Resurrection

Embrace The Power Within you to manifest

a reality that is infused with love joy

and divine

Harmony my child seize the opportunities

that this day presents to you open your

hearts to the fullness of divine grace

for it is through this sacred energy

that the gates of transformation stand

open wide let the light of Resurrection

illuminate your life and the lives of

your loved ones for in embracing this

divine power you shall come to know your

true self and fulfill your purpose in

this Earthly

existence my beloved child it is a

message of love that flows from the

depths of my being to each and every

soul that Graces this Sacred Space love

the Eternal Essence that binds us all

transcends time and space Reaching

Across the Realms to touch the very core

of your being beloved I extend my love

to you for I am Jesus Christ a messenger

of divine love and

compassion it is through this love that

I guide you on your spiritual journey

offering Solace guidance and the

unwavering support that you seek know my

cherished ones that love is not a mere

sentiment or emotion but a force that

holds the power to transform lives and

heal wounds that seem

insurmountable it is the essence of your

true nature a reflection of the Divine

that dwells within you

Embrace this love for it is the key that

unlocks the door to your deepest

potential and

purpose as you bask in the radiance of

divine love let it permeate every aspect

of your being let it dissolve the

barriers that separate you from others

opening your heart to compassion

forgiveness and

unity allow this love to guide your

thoughts words and actions so that you

may walk the path of righteousness and

bring healing to a world that that

yearns for Love’s

Embrace my child I speak to you now with

utmost urgency and compassion for within

your grasp lies the opportunity to

reconcile with the spiritual realm and

Embark upon the path of Eternal

salvation reflect upon the brevity of

Life on this Earthly plane for it is but

a fleeting moment and for some It Is


short look beyond the threshold of life

and you shall behold the expanse of

Eternity that a Waits know my beloved

that within the realm of Eternity there

exists a choice to be made on One path

lies a beautiful eternity in the

presence of God where love joy and peace

abound it is a realm of divine communion

where your soul shall find Solace and

fulfillment beyond measure on the other

hand there is an eternity with the devil

a realm of endless torment and suffering

it is a place where the soul is consumed

by Darkness where pain and despair reign

supreme this is not a fate I wish upon

any of my children for my heart yearns

for your salvation and eternal

well-being therefore my child I implore

you to consider this Choice with utmost

seriousness and reverence seek the path

of righteousness of divine connection

and of unwavering Faith embrace the

teachings that guide you towards love

compassion and forgiveness

let the light of divine truth illuminate

your path for it is through this sacred

illumination that you shall find Eternal

salvation my beloved child know that the

choice before you is of Paramount

significance embrace the opportunity to

be reconciled with the spiritual realm

and to enter into the Embrace of Eternal

salvation choose the path that leads to

a beautiful eternity with God for it is

a realm of boundless love and

Joy reject the path of darkness and

endless torment open your heart to the

Divine guidance that is offered and may

you find Solace and everlasting peace in

the Embrace of eternal love amen

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