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amen my child I have crafted the universe with an affection that is vaster than the cosmos itself and in

every Starry corner of it my love resides immutable and

infinite this love the fabric of all existence stretches out far beyond the

bounds of what you can see or even imagine and within this Grand tapestry

your heart is cradled just as the sun does not cease to shine even when the clouds gather so

my faithfulness does not waver even when Shadows Fall upon your path know this my precious one as you

stand beneath the vastness of the sky whether it be draid in the HSE of down or the Dark Velvet of night that it is

but a mere shadow of my unwavering constancy my faithfulness is as

unfailing as the course of the constellations and with such knowledge should you not be moved to a reverence

that stirs the soul when you offer praise to me you become a mirror

reflecting my glory it is a profound truth that as you turn your face towards me in Earnest

adoration you begin to reflect my image more clearly to the world it is as if

you are a moon a glow reflecting the light of a sun unseen in the

night each word of worship each note of a hymn is like a hammer and chisel in

the hands of the Holy Spirit shaping you into my likeness this

transformation it’s not always painless but it is always always

purposeful remember the love that reaches to the heavens also descends gently upon you it Cascades over you

like a Cascade of purest Joy emanating from the Heavenly Realms when you lift your gaze to me you

will find me always with a smile that outshines the Dawn bestowing upon you a

love so profound that it transforms even the deepest sorrow into a distant

Echo this love is like an endless stream and you my beloved are invited to

immerse yourself in its Waters to let it wash over you to let it sustain and

renew you no matter the aridity of the desert you may find yourself

wandering you might feel at times that your circumstances are a tangled not too

complex to unravel but within this love there is no tangle that cannot be undone no night

that cannot be overcome by the day cling to this truth and let it be

the anchor for your soul a hope both sure and

steadfast and yes there will come a day when you will rise when you will Ascend beyond the blue and on that day my heart

will rejoice for There Is No Greater Joy for a father than to welcome his child home the glory

that awaits you is beyond words a tapestry of light life and love

interwoven awaiting your touch your presence as you walk this Earth remember

that I am ever beside you my presence is as real as the air

that fills your lungs as tangible as the ground Beneath Your Feet each step you take let it be in

communion with me talk with me as you would with a friend for there is no

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