The Lord is My Shepherd and I Will Fear No Evil | God Says | God Message Today | Gods Message Now

the Lord is my shepherd and I will fear

no evil God says God message today God’s

message now my dear child I am your

Shepherd and I will always be with you

in Lush Fields I will give you rest and

lead you beside Peaceful Waters to

refresh your soul I will guide you on

Paths of righteousness for the sake of

my name even when you walk through dark

and deep valleys do not fear any evil or

my rod and staff will comfort and

reassure you I will surround you with

blessings confused your enemies and fill

your heart with wisdom your table will

be abundant and my goodness and mercy

will follow you all the days of your

life you will live in my house

experiencing my love and peace

abundantly do not be afraid for I am

right beside you to support you in

everything I hold you in my mighty hand

wrapping you in my protection and

covering you with my holy cloak of love

I earnestly desire for you to seek me to

listen lovingly to these words I speak

to you to let this message from my heart

sink into your soul let me write upon

the walls of your mind the wonders of my

love so you may feel secure and stop

wondering whether you deserve the

beautiful gifts I want to give you

accept these messages I send with faith

for I’m speaking directly to you dare to

believe in me let go of that anxiety

fear and sadness please do not keep

holding on to them in your heart lay

them down at my feet once again and give

me your trust a new I have many

wonderful things planned for you but

first I need your faith and loyalty your

future is in my hands and when you rest

in my arms without doubt or mistrust all

my blessings will reach you give me your

fears your worries that sadness stirring

within you it is my my desire for you to

live a stable life to feel better I tell

you this with all my affection because I

want you to stand up strong and continue

your journey I am preparing you to

overcome and Triumph in every challenge

you know well that I am with you at

night I am a lamp to your feet by day I

am your Shield protecting you from the

arrows your enemies launch against you

allow my Holy Spirit the chance to shape

your character for I wanted teach you to

speak only words that are spiritual

Supernatural and uplifting come to my

written word and learn that I am humble

of heart always using my words to bring

healing forgiveness and blessing my dear

child miracles happen like this when you

use my my promises your faith and your

words to bless those around you I

promise the

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