THE EXAMPLE | Message From God | The Blessed Message

the example message from God the Blessed

message it was on a night when I was

surrounded by my beloved ones those who

walked with me those who shared the

burden and the joy of my Ministry

sitting at the table we shared a simple

meal Yet full of meaning before the

storm approached my dear disciples so

immersed in their own thoughts and

desires barely grasp the magnitude of

what was about to happen but I knew oh

how I knew so in a gesture that would

echo through the centuries I Rose from

the table took off my robe and like a

servant began to wash their feet Yes me

bowing before them demonstrating that

the greatest among you should be as the

least and the one who leads should be as

the one who serves can you imagine the

surprise the confusion that spread in

that room why was I the master doing

such a thing why was I the almighty

submitting myself to such a humble act

the answer my beloved lies in the action

itself in that simple Act of foot

washing I was showing you and all who

would come after the true meaning of

love humility and selfless service just

as I did that night I call upon you

today not only to hear my words but to

follow my example not only to speak of

love but to live out love in your daily

lives how many times my beloved ones

have you led opportunities to serve to

love to be my hands and feet in the this

world passed by how many times has pride

and selfishness obscured the call of my

love today in this moment of quiet

reflection I invite you to look back on

those moments when you could be as I was

on that night May Every Act of service

Every Act of humility be a reflection of

my love for you and for all my children

may your lives be a living testimony to

the transformative power of my love of

the service that can change hearts and

of the humility that uplifts s the soul

I call you to come back to me

wholeheartedly to surrender yourself

completely to serving others just as I

served you and all who came before you

remember the words I taught you love the

Lord your God with all your heart and

with all your soul and with all your

mind and with all your strength love

your neighbor as yourself this is the

greatest commandment I have given you

and through it you will find the

fullness of life and as you look at the

example I set for you on that Holy Night

see not just an isolated Act of service

but a call for your entire life a call

to love unconditionally to forgive

generously to serve humbly

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