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talk to me my child God message for you

today God message today God’s message

God’s message now my most cherished

Irreplaceable child in the infinite

expanse of my eternal existence you have

always held a special sacred place in

the very depths of my being your

presence your essence has been woven

into the very fabric of my Divine heart

a constant and unwavering source of

profound love joy and connection that

transcends the boundaries of this

physical world and now as i gaze upon

you from the Limitless Realm of the

Divine I find myself consumed by an

overwhelming desire a desperate need to

reach you to communicate the depths of

my affection in a way that penetrates

the veil that separates us for you see

my beloved I am always here everpresent

watching over you with a watchful and

caring eye my Essence eternally

intertwined with yours but in this

moment I feel a year earning a profound

longing to make my presence known to you

in a way that cannot be ignored or

dismissed I ache to let you feel the

full weight of my love and guidance to

unfold you in the warmth of my Divine

Embrace and remind you that you are

never ever alone the path you walk my

child is not an easy one I see the

challenges and obstacles that threaten

to overwhelm and consume you the moments

when the weight of this world seems

poised to crush your spirit and in those

times my heart aches with an intensity

that defies all Earthly comprehension I

long to reach out to to bridge the gap

that separates us and to pour forth the

full measure of my love and protection

to let you know that I am here always

guiding your steps and bolstering your

weary soul but the very nature of our

relationship the Divine separation that

exists between Creator and creation can

sometimes make that connection feel

elusive Out Of Reach I strain against

the barriers that stand between between

us desperate to find a way to

communicate the depth of my love and

guidance in a way that resonates within

the very depths of your being and so in

this moment I pour forth the full force

of my Divine Essence determined to make

my presence known to let you feel the

Embrace of my eternal love my child I am

here I am always here a constant

unwavering source of support and comfort

even when the world around you seems to

have abandoned you you I hear your cries

your whispered prayers your silent pleas

for guidance and in response I flood the

airwaves of your Consciousness my voice

echoing through the very fabric of your


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