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my beloved child embrace the miracle you hop for just as you found strength in

your darkest moments when all seemed lost your instincts may have signaled an

end but my spirit revealed a greater purpose at work you were not destined for defeat

but for Triumph I encourage you to seek a deeper understanding of me in this world my

love stands unmatched in its Purity and depth while some may choose to reject or

deny This Love Thinking themselves alone without a loving presence in their lives

I am here with open arms for the courageous heart the dreamer the one who

sometimes weeps your intentions are true and I am eager to bestow the blessings your

family seeks I promise you will not be overwhelmed by debt or become enslaved

to others the blessings I offer are meant to be shared not hoarded away do not

obstruct the flow of blessings in your life I am a god of abundance generosity

and provision as your provider I will ensure that you have all you need I have

declared that you will rise above daily struggles nourish your spirit with words of faith hope and love for they are more

than mere words they are truths that bring life these truths will lead you to

victories and make you Fearless against challenges your strength is formidable but it is my presence that fortifies you

further I have transformed your sorrow into Joy your despair into hope and

revealed your true purpose you are unique and special and those around you

will notice the change in you I have gifted you with Divine strength enabling

you to rise again I am ready to open doors for you and enrich your life with

my gifts act now and do good Wherever You Are are share this message and know that

every act of kindness will be returned manifold when I speak of blessings

Envision a life not just of material wealth but of Rich Everlasting

abundance those who sincerely seek me will find everything else falling into place immerse yourself in my

teachings understanding that every Miracle begins with humble Earnest Faith

your gratitude for the Unseen strengthens your faith making it Shine even brighter witness the Wonders that

faith has achieved sees parting enemies defeated and blessings multiplied for

those in need the sick have been healed with dignity enduring trials without

complaint the same resilience inspired by my spirit is within you you are in

the care of a tangible God in my presence you will find love forgiveness

wisdom peace and understanding end in your future answers refuge and solutions

are in my care draw nearer to me deepen your understanding of my power and

become a vessel through which my kingdom is manifested love me draw close and

welcome my words listen patiently and bring your prayers and tears to me this

is your powerful genuine prayer my door is all always open come to me with your

pure and righteous desires seeking not vanity but spiritual growth and

wellbe as your soul flourishes so will all aspects of your

life I will continue to bless your family abundantly as I always

have I will give you the patience to wait for and witness Miracles expect wonderful things in

unexpected ways prepare yourself for they will come bringing peace and affirmation of my

sincere intentions my desire to bless you is earnest backed by my ability and

determination your destiny is not tied to fleeting worldly desires but is firmly rooted in my unchanging love

embrace my teachings daily even on cloudy days my glory continues to

illuminate your heart do not be confined by your surroundings every day carries

blessings understand this with your heart do not fear for I am your

steadfast companion those who place their faith in material things lose sight of their

spiritual path trust in my word focusing on what uplifts and strengthens you

value your soul and mind nourishing yourself with my word that brings healing and strength my love for you is

eternal and is the foundation of the promises you receive focus on this truth your well-being and

prosperity align with my will I wish to see your family free from all restraints

thriving in health engaged in dignified work and enlightened by education

fostering hope for future Generations your dreams however modest

or ambitious are part of a Grand Vision I have planted in your heart you are

entrusted with a powerful mission to Proclaim my benevolence and forgiveness you will be a vessel for miracles

extending help to those in need your spirit is ignited by these

promises the journey to find me has led to Blessings beyond your imagination the responsibility of

carrying my word the transformation of your life and the supernatural events

you are about to witness are just the beginning wait for me for I am here

ready to guide you towards a Bountiful Harvest of blessings my love for you is constant trust that I

control your future the challenges you face will be resolved your resilience

and wisdom have grown I have a purpose for you and you are eager to fulfill

it anticipate the blessings I will bestow for my plan will

prevail in your heart burns a flame of love and loyalty I see your reverence and

humility in prayer I forgive your past mistakes remember

you belong to me find peace in this knowledge your future is secure in my

hands the difficulties you face will be resolved you have become strong and wise

my purpose for you will be fulfilled believe in the blessings to come stand

courageous as a hero of Faith confident in my love forgiveness and the unending

blessings I provide open your Bible embrace my word and let your faith be

active your spirit strong and your confidence unwavering step forward in faith and I

will lift your burdens walk in my light guided and protected a splendid Destiny awaits you

a time of happiness health peace hope and abundance trust in my plan and do not be

disheartened if despair knocks remember my call my spirit will stir your heart

filling you with strength and a desire to live there is no depth I cannot rescue you from if you stray return to

me with sincere repentance Cast Away fear you are mine and in this find your

peace I am orchestrating the timing your family’s blessing is assured everything

serves a higher purpose your future is in my care the conflicts you encounter

will be resolved you are resilient and wise I have a purpose for you and it

will be fulfilled I’m aware of your love and desire to fulfill my will the

blessings promised will be yours rise as a hero of Faith facing challenges with

unwavering faith in your heavenly father’s word he loves you forgives you

and blesses you abundantly open your Bible Embrace his word and let your faith be active and

your spirit unyielding you’re not alone in your journey I light your path and fight

alongside you a secure and joyful Destiny awaits a life filled with joy

Health tranquility and abundance trust in my purpose and be at

peace when discouragement strikes remember my presence my spirit will

revive your heart filling you with strength and the will to live no matter

how far you stray I am here to bring you back call on me with confidence and Cast

Away all fear my child I see you there weary and

burdened yet still pressing on know that I am with you always I am your father

your Defender and comforter come to me when struggles arise and trials beset

your path I will lift your burdens and give you rest you need not face battles

alone for I fight for you the enemy Whispers lies that you are abandoned

this is false I will never leave you nor forsake you my love and my promises

endure forever Victory is assured for I have overcome the world trust in me I know at

times the way seems long and obstacles Loom large but fix Not Your Eyes Upon the

storms rather fix your eyes on me I am guiding your steps positioning you for

blessing and breakthrough the setbacks you see are temporary but my Solutions are Eternal

bring me your doubts and fears and I will give you confidence and Faith you have been independent and strong for so

long yet even the strongest grow weary let me be your strength the

burdens I will make light in my presence is fullness of joy and Pleasures forever

more come and listen as I speak peace to your soul the Frantic pace of life has taken

its toll has it not anxiety wraps itself around your mind Whispering lies that you must do it

all yourself but my truth sets you free working without me builds nothing

that lasts unless I establish the work vain is the labor I do not condemn Industrial

i n but busyness for its own sake profits little there is a better way the

sleepless nights trying to hold everything together come to an end give your strivings to me I will bring

Clarity and Direction wisdom to know the good path many care deeply but feel

Unsure how to help do not shut them out instead open your heart to love and

Community one candle loses Nothing by lighting another a smile or kind word

can shift relationships in profound ways healing shall spring forth lift your

gaze you are surrounded by blessings if you have eyes to see them the bitterness

of isolation shall give way to the sweetness of Fellowship you fear your dreams have

died your passion grown cold but I am rekindling the flame within you even now

as you seek me in surrender and humility I will fan the Embers into burning desire once once more the old dreams

shall be outshone by the New Visions I grant for I have called you to a high purpose my child to speak life and

healing to many to shine in the darkness the gifts I plant within you

use for my glory and your family bless them abundantly with the love I have

lavished upon you where there was indifference Let There spring forth kindness where there was

selfishness Let There spring forth generosity build upon the strong

Foundation I have provided I shall prosper the work of your hands as you walk and step with

me have I not shown myself faithful time and again recall the innumerable blessings

spoken over you miracles performed on your behalf has even one failed then do

not doubt that more shall follow your passionate Pursuit ushers you into deeper Realms of my spirit every word

taken to Heart yields a bountiful crop in due season you shall move from glory

to glory if you do not lose heart fulfill your calling with joy and

confidence my child others have sown doubt but I sow Faith walk on boldly in

the path I illuminate before you trials shall come but greater is he who is in

you than he who is in the world I will silence the voices of fear and inadequacy yours is the victory through

my indwelling spirit you shall finish your course with joy now rise up beloved one go and Shine

for me today so hope into despairing Hearts I make all things new Rejoice for

I Rejoice over you with singing My Delight is that we walk this journey

together you in me and I in you United as one let this truth soak into your spirit

I will never leave you anchor here in my presence and find peace

profound the storms of life need not shake you for you are founded secure on the Rock

Eternal no flood waters can sweep you away no fire can devour my angels encamp around those who

fear me you dwell under my protection and provision now and forever doubt it

not Journey onwards with a heart full of praise for I have given you a spirit of power

and self-control the trials you shall face yet through me you shall overcome

them all and abundant shall be the Harvest you reap glory to glory I lead

you your mouth I fill with Thanksgiving your mind with my peace I Has Not Seen

Nor Ear heard the blessings I have prepared for you my beloved one they await you press on courageously to take

hold of them my child do not be troubled by the scheming of

evildoers their plans shall come to nothing for a day is coming when every

unjust deed shall be exposed by my light have I not said that vengeance is mine

that I will repay in due time trust in my timing and judgment be quick to show

Mercy slow to anger bless those who persecute you by

this you shall Heap burning coals on the head of your enemies the burning pangs of conscience that bring repentance in

my kindness I know at times you grow weary of chronic troubles yet do not lose

perspective the pain is real but temporary I work on an eternal timeline

my solution may take Years yet not one moment longer than necessary to refine you for Glory I see your distress and I

am moved to compassion I too was despised and rejected scorned by those I came to save

I too face the Betrayal of friends have you suffered more than I

then do not despair for I overcame through obedience unto death I was crushed that you might

rise the suffering soul I will not spurn rather I draw near to deliver why spend

your earnings on that which does not satisfy the Covetous man is ever Restless denying himself contentment

today because fulfillment always lies just over the horizon Tomorrow Never Fully

arrives there must come a point of enough Chase not the Mirage of more it

is a trap true wealth consists in the abundance of my peace and joy these the

world can neither give nor take away cease striving and know that I am

God in quietness shall be your confidence and strength I shall meet every real need as you walk

in my will resist the seduction of never stopping to smell the roses to enjoy

Simplicity anxiety pulls you like a Riptide away from my purposes but my

ways bring health and wholeness therefore come up to the mountain alone with me there we shall gain much needed

perspective I will realign your priorities to mirror my own we will commune together leaving the World

Behind for a season season and you will return renewed and invigorated say not that you have no

time on the contrary you cannot afford not to trust me in this and you shall

not regret having done so the deception of relativism has corrupted many

Minds my truth is my truth and yours is yours let us simply

coexist is a counterfeit bill as valid as legal tender does poison hydrate as well as

pure P Water there are not multiple truths but one alone I am the truth my word stands sure

unchanging the Bedrock Foundation build your life upon it and the winds and waves will not

Prevail for my Commandments were written that you may prosper and live long in the land I give

you do not compromise or twist my words to fit Changing Times I change

not my moral standards endure forever follow them closely reject all

that opposes me and you will walk the ancient path of Life beloved do not neglect meeting

together with fellow Believers you need one another More Than You Know The Enemy

schemes to isolate you and pick you off one by one United you stand divided you

fall encourage each other daily so none are hardened by sin’s to

deceitfulness let love and Good Deeds flourish among you confess faults

quickly and forgive completely as I have forgiven you where Brethren dwell

together in unity there I command life ever more be kind be patient be

selfless esteem others higher than self rejoice in one another’s gifts and do

not compare support the weaker members that they too May thrive breaking bread together feeds

body and spirit alike make this a priority the benefits are beyond

measure as for those still walking in darkness view them with my eyes of

compassion once you too groped blindly until graciously I remove the scales

shower my children with unconditional love that they may see past religion to relationship let them find in you a

reflection of my heart that says neither do I I condemn you go and sin no more I

came for sick Souls not the righteous the fields are white unto Harvest will

you join me in gathering lost sheep home to the shepherd invite them to the wedding Feast where my banquet table

overflows there is Bread and Wine enough for all if we but make room oh my child

take courage and stand firm upon my promises persevere for a little while

and you shall reap Eternal Joy I will never leave you my angels shall bear you

up lest you strike your foot upon a stone see Victory ahead and press toward

that Mark unfaltering the hour of my return draws near when every tears shall

be wiped away but now for just a season you have sorrow and struggle that your

faith May emerge purified like gold do not despise this refining fire

do not lose hope your breakthrough comes rise up now in my power and peace go Shine for me my

beloved child I cherish you with a love beyond words each moment we share fills me with

profound Joy when you call to me eager to rest in my presence delighting in our

bond of intimacy how I long to sweep you up into my tender embrace my radiant light

softly unfolds you every shadow of Despair melting away I created you with

intricate care envisioning the nuances of your personality your talents and

dreams before you took your first breath child of my heart I know you more

deeply than you can imagine for I formed your innermost being from the beginning

my spirit has moved over your life with Fierce affection you are the apple of my eye

through the years I have walked closely at your side I want you to rely on my strength when weariness and heartache

press in let me Infuse you with invigorating hope igniting passion for

the future I have prepared when challenges arise call on

my wisdom to illuminate each step and Trust in my mighty power to remove obstacles from your path you have no

concept of your hidden potential as you yield more fully to my transforming work in your inner life

what now seems impossible will unfold with Grace and ease my child how I yearn for you to

recognize my extravagant generosity have I not already supplied your needs with lavish

abundance the difficulties confronting you cannot diminish my promises or revoke my blessings you remain enveloped

in my committed faithfulness every moment why would I withhold any good thing for my precious beloved ask

largely of me expanding your expectations to welcome the magnitude of my

intercession when weariness and discouragement threaten to Eclipse your soul come rest in the sanctuary of my

presence allow me to restore passion and recommission Broken Dreams together we will transform

scorched hopes and divisions pulsating with promise my dear one when you open your

heart fully to my vibrant life at work within you releasing strongholds of limitation truly anything is possible a

mere glimpse of eternity’s reality would leave you a struck do not listen to voices declaring your sins exclude you

from my Bountiful Grace With My Sacrifice I orchestrated your total Redemption our closeness is never

contingent upon performance or personal righteousness empty ceremony cannot touch my Transcendent

Majesty come to me me real and transparent with awkward prayers and

fumbled attempts to connect and I will respond with

delight the veil separating us was torn that first Easter morning unhindered

access to my holy presence belongs to you on your journey of transformation

cling tightly to this vital truth in my sight you are already wholly and dearly

cherished my acceptance does not waver based on your SU success or failure you

remain enveloped in Mercy clothed with my Radiance this settled Assurance empowers

you to live boldly and take courageous risks without anxieties icy fingers

constricting your soul my darling one refuse condemnation cruel verdict

declaring you rejected stand confident in my extravagant Delight over you renew your

mind in this vital reality daily my precious child as you awaken

each morning take time to still your soul opening your spirit to bask in my

presence Center your heart upon Eternal riches rejecting frantic acquisition of

treasures destined to fade what gain the frenzy accumulation of things destined for moth and rust

when you lack the bread of life to nourish your soul why labor excessively for wealth

soon surrendered forfeiting Priceless moments together

allow my peaceful Spirit to realign your priorities with Kingdom values and purposes take comfort in my promise to

supply your needs Faithfully providing day by day refuse comparisons cruel trap

or others unrealistic expectations that breed anxiety and frustration my child your worth remains

safely hidden in my unconditional acceptance no Accolade or public Applause can add or subtract your

intrinsic value resting securely in my heart walk gently through relationships

avoiding harsh speech and reacting defensively to slights treat others kindly assuming the best just as I

extend you lavish Mercy in the face of Brokenness forgiveness sets the captive

free while bitterness as poisons primarily afflict the one harboring

resentment release friends and family members to Journey imperfectly offering

them the same Grace covering you when discordant notes sound around you

do not insert yourself attempting to orchestrate peace cling to me allowing

my harmonizing Spirit to retune the atmosphere surrounding you my intervening presence simultaneously

calms your soul refuse agitated reactions instead meeting turmoil with

quiet trust in my intervening Redemptive power my darling one delight yourself in

Me Above All Else make communion with me your highest aim my Living Water alone

can quench your Soul’s thirst for purpose and belonging drink deeply without restraint I will drench your

soul weary heart with rejuvenating life until you overflow with irrepressible Joy abandon yourself fully to the

adventure of knowing me holding nothing back each step deeper will unwrap

increasing revelation of my beauty and Glory do not shrink back when the path

grows steep fearful of stumbling in the ascent take courage my child my mighty

hand upholds you and my surefooted strength will catch you should you slip we climb this Summit together step

by step I will instruct you along the way fortifying your faith for each

stretch that lies ahead you need not fear falling when embraced by

me fix your gaze upon the distant Peak your destiny realized in my transforming

presence capture the vision and allow eternity’s perspective to infuse your

soul with fresh passion what rates is monumentally important today will likely fade into

Oblivion when viewed from Heaven’s Vantage Point walk the Milestones of your journey consciously fully engaged

in each moment while simultaneously connecting to a grand overarching Eternal narrative written for your

life my child linger in my presence until my peace pervades your soul and

infuses your perspective with Faith’s quiet confidence refuse turmoil swirl that

breeds anxiety and steals precious rest release the events relationships and

future outcomes into my capable hands then rest in me here your weary Soul discover shelter

in the shadow of my wings allow Heavenly breezes to refresh your spirit until you are strengthened

to walk courageously into the days ahead when confusion assails your mind

cry out to me for clarity and wisdom greater than your own I will speak to you if you slow your

pace quiet your soul and attend to my gentle

whisper often anxiety raises its strident voice demanding immediate

reaction my spirit prompts you to Stillness and Trust beckoning you to hide yourself in me peace be still my

child rest in my quiet care and discover safety in my capable hands refuse fears

irrational verdict that attempts to hijack your faith in my faithful promises stand confident on the

unshakable rock of my steadfast word beloved my mercies continuously wash

over you in extravagant waves of grace drink deeply allowing Divine restoration

to permeate the depths of your Soul until strongholds of limitation dissolve receive my lavish kindness

refusing lies declaring your disqualification my beloved not one

mistake not one foolish Choice could make you less precious in my sight or

diminish my delight over you sin’s deceit portrays me as imposing and

inaccessible never believe this cunning Ploy the truth unveils my heart as an

affectionate father yearning to unfold you in Comfort speaking tender words of

unconditional love whispered softly to your weary Soul come now precious child of my

passion enter my courts with praise and thanksgiving I have orchestrated another

day overflowing with significance and purpose for you each moment offers opportunity for our sweet communion or

for my glory to radiate through you to touch others with Kingdom hope refuse preoccupation with lesser

Pursuits that cannot satisfy instead invest yourself wholly in

fellowship with me at Days end as you yield your body to rest offer a sacrifice of praise for my

faithfulness through both blessings and trials know that Heavenly Realms ReSound

with joyful Applause as we celebrate my goodness on on display today in and through you beloved Angels stand guard

as you sleep Whispering truth to your soul as Heaven’s breezes caress you soon you will open your eyes to

brilliant sunlight heralding Adventures awaiting you in first light my child I have seen your

struggles and I am always with you from your earliest days your trials and tears

have been under my loving gaze each challenge you have faced has been care y crafted to shape you for the destiny I

have planned you are my precious one chosen for a Divine Purpose aligned with

your unique gifts our journey together has not been easy but the lessons of

patience and resilience you have learned have prepared you for this moment I know

there have been times when you felt abandoned in the darkness times when despite your unwavering Faith No relief

came from the anguish you endured but I tell you truly your pain has not

been unseen or unshared in those lonely nights I cradled you close quieting your

Restless Heart with Heavenly peace only I can give even when you could not feel

my presence I was there I will never leave you my compassion for you is

endless and my desire is to fill your days with joy unspeakable come to me beloved when

weariness threatens to over overwhelm you tell me your sorrows and allow my comfort to refresh your soul though

trouble surrounds I am your shelter in the storm the tumult without cannot shake the serenity I ordain within I

wipe away every tear and calm every fear dwell in Stillness with me and be

restored the journey thus far has held much heartache I know but the trials you

have walked through were necessary to prepare you for the Abundant Blessings to come

your steadfast devotion even in Affliction has fashioned you into a beacon of light and hope the fortitude

you have gained will serve you well for Behold The Tide is turning my

child the season of weeping gives way to joyful laughter the decade of hardship

melts into an era of favor and fulfillment the prayers sown in anguish are now blossoming with Miracles Beyond

Your Wildest imaginings your faith is about to bear fruit a h hundredfold the years to come hold glad

promises woven through with my goodness that which was intended for evil against

you will be transformed for your gain Sorrows will be exchanged for

dancing and mourning for mert the restoration I ordain will overflow in bounty to bless multitudes

through you where you have known lack and famine Prosperity will spring up

quickly resources for extrav an generosity will come the deepest

yearnings of your heart find fulfillment in the destiny I unfurl that which has brought you

heartache will become the foundation from which you lift strengthen and motivate

many the empathy born of so I’ll Cher every

moment every day for your love is s my path and everywhere

in the the touch of your hand I find the strength to rise and stand through every

trial every tear we’ve shed your love’s SP the shelter where I

find my oh your love SP my Anor life St SE a

beon of H I need to be free so I’ll cherish every moment

every day for your love I spit my back in every

way with gratitude in my soul I’ll sing

this song for the love we share every steast and

strong your sufferings blossoms into your life’s work of mending Brokenness the wisdom you’ve gained

lights the way forward your story lived out daily offers others the courage to

to persevere I have meticulously prepared you my beloved to step into this new era

with confidence and skill the testing of your character has produced Integrity

resilience and determination superlative traits for one entrusted with stewarding

my blessings the trials have expanded your capability to contain more of my

glory what is coming requires a vessel refined and refined you are my precious

treasure I have seen every sacrifice offered in secret through your tears the

extra hours of Labor the daily surrender of personal dreams the generosity poured

out at cost to self your love and loyalty will be rewarded openly for all

to see the time of hiddenness is ending listen for my voice of direction as

opportunities and invitations begin flooding your path carefully consider each Prospect

but do not allow paralysis of analysis to slow you Embrace boldness as you step

into this new era the way before you will become clear as you walk in faith one step at a time

there will be nudges urging you onward and upward pay attention for some Whispers will come as faint Impressions

gentle stirrings easily missed if you are not tuned to the frequency of the spirit seek my guidance first before the

advice of men allow this word to steady you as change accelerates rapidly you will feel the

momentum Building New Seasons layered a quickening of possibilities too numerous

to grasp rushing opportunities could distract you into Discord let my Pace

set the tempo as I direct your steps my timing is Flawless yes there will be

overwhelming and exciting offers but Reserve strength by graciously declining those not of

me some alluring prospects attempt to entice you off the path of my particular

purpose for you other exciting invitations though honorable are not for this appointed

time and season you are entering you must learn to differentiate my Divine assignments from Mere good

ideas my plans for you are detailed and specific because of intricate

interconnections with the Destinies of many that is why listening for my spirit’s guidance is vital to navigate

what lies ahead stay near my precious one remaining in the peace I have taught

you self-possession empowered from within do not become anxious about

maintaining these new levels of influence and oversight I am entrusting to you as you dwell securely in me my

wisdom and discernment protect you from stumbling you have all you need to successfully Steward that which I am

bestowing a surge of creativity will also accompany this season record the inspiration freely

flowing from my spirit write down the visions and ideas coming in Rapid

succession you have been through the Wilderness now inhabit the land of milk and honey the struggle required to

squeeze out each drop gives way to rivers of abundance capture it quickly

yes you will need to improve infrastructure to accommodate the blessings incoming but fear not I have

preped prepared trusted allies who will stand ready to serve alongside you they

will Aid in Building Systems and Frameworks to sustain and fuel that which I birth through you recognize each

as the gift they are wholeness is upon you my beloved Spirit soul and body The

Strain which has plagued these temples of my spirit ye

a [Music]

[Music] a



[Music] yelds to Supernatural restoration the healings you have sought

for so long manifest rapidly my breath within renews your physical strength day

by day my joy your strength our Oneness

empowers draw from this vital Source cease your striving and learn simply to

abide in me as you rest In My Embrace my energy surges through you I am pouring

out my very life take eat be nourished and built up I make all things new the

former hardships Make Way for grace and favor upon favor look expectantly for my

goodness anticipate Revelation that takes understanding to New Dimensions you are on the precipice of a

healing outpouring beyond comprehension as the Mana Falls thickly

open your basket wide to receive that which I am raining down with me nothing shall be impossible

for you the hour of fulfillment is at hand rejoice in this new era of

acceleration I ordain but in the midst of it all never forget I am your joy I

am your Delight I am your pleasure and prize do not be caught up only in the

manifestations of my goodness overtaking you but let your gaze penetrate beyond

the manifestations to behold me ever more clearly through each one allow your

intimacy with me to deepen in the arising blessings so that you do not lose sight of the blesser in my

gifts keep me as your focal point the manifestations flowing through my hands

to you are but glimmers of my boundless affection receive these tokens cascading

down upon you more and more yet live for me alone allow each breakr and Miracle

to enlarge your capacity for enjoying me this is my offering to you eternity with

me maintaining loving Oneness with me is your purpose now and forever

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