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my child you will overcome and all will

witness that I am with you your blessing

is on its way and nothing shall hinder

it soon you shall receive the answer you

seek and your needs shall be met and

your health

restored the one you love will return to

your life I’m telling you this to fill

you with courage let your joy begin

today for people and loved ones will

come seeking you I want them to see your

joyful and rejuvenated face let your

smile in them and let them witness the

wonderful blessing I’m about to bestow

upon you my word has been given and

abundance is declared I do not lie and

what I promise I shall fulfill without

fail always remember this to keep

anxiety and worry at Bay I myself will

put an end to your suffering for your

time has come days of happiness and

delightful moments are on the horizon

and you must cherish them do not fear my

child do not cry and do not despair

believe in me for I am the god speaking

to you today believe it with all your

soul for I hear your please Feel the

beat of your humble heart and your

prayers resonate in my Throne the gates

of my grace open for you and I shall

pour my blessings and favor upon you my

presence dwells with those of simple

Faith with those of Humble Hearts and

with all who sincerely and earnestly

invoke my name always remember that you

can trust in my power and my faith Ness

I will never forsake you nor will I

forget you as the years pass when

enemies and troubles assail you or when

you feel weak needy and unwell I am with

you at all times I repeat this to you

always so that you do not forget I long

for you to seek me every day to remember

my words for I have the power to deliver

you when I say it every day it is

because I will truly do it and I want

you to have faith to go to sleep in

peace and to wake up in the morning with

a joyful Spirit and the confidence that

my promise is unbreakable I do not lie I

love you and I will always bless you so

it was so it is and so it shall be tell

me now that you believe I want to see in

your words your strength and happiness

you are on the verge of receiving that

long-awaited blessing and that’s why the

enemy has come with all their Fury

trying to pull you away from my side if

things are not going as you expected

it’s not a reason to become angry and

throw in the towel today I understand

how you feel look at me and we will sort

things out do not distance yourself from

me do not hide how could you ever think

that I am not real where did you get the

idea that I cannot love you why do you

underestimate yourself so much you’ve

made me weep with your thoughts I also

have a heart that

feels indeed I love you I don’t want you

to ever leave my side when you were were

sunk in depression and despair when you

thought your final day had come it

wasn’t you who sought me first I came to

where you were and took you in my arms

with so much affection cleanse your soul

and your heart for I have forgiven all

your faults I comforted you healed you

and stood you up you walked once more

you were reborn pay attention now for at

this moment you will understand that my

promise is firm

unbreakable no one can snatch you from

my hand my love is eternal if you are

filled with doubts it’s because you’re

believing in someone else but look let’s

forget about that come into my arms now

you’re making me cry too you move me so

much when I see you running towards me

life is like this struggles will come

doubts may persist but they are like

birds circling your head and if you’re

not careful they will enter and build

nests in your mind filling your thoughts

with confusion thus disconnecting you

from my love

do not allow these thoughts to enter

reject the ideas of death that the enemy

wants to plant let me remove those

doubts from your mind you will come out

of the sadness you feel right now I am

writing my name on your heart so you

will never forget or doubt that all my

love is yours I will not fail you I give

you my word even if the World Turns

against you and you look everywhere

without finding a helping hand no matter

what happens I will stay by your side I

will protect to your family I will

protect you and the blessings and gifts

I have sent you but tell me now what

will you do on your part will you trust

and hold fast to my word regardless of

what you see or feel I assure you and I

repeat I will not fail you I declare

this solemnly my promises are not in

vain so walk hand inhand with me with a

tranquil heart in peace and

confidence my Covenant with you will be

forever unbreakable do I know that the

business of life life sometimes leads

you to set me

aside that’s why I ask you that when the

silence comes and the noise Fades and

you find yourself free and available to

talk with me a minute in my presence is

better than a thousand hours in this

world of pain come for I will be there

to listen to your prayers encouragement

to leave thoughts and Reflections in the

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