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my dear child receive my boundless love

and open your heart and soul to this

pure affection that surrounds you with

peace and

serenity it is a Divine strength that

heals all your wounds pains and

ailments let your emotions find their

calm and know that the Tranquility you

seek can only be found here beside me

when you come to me with your desires to

receive to feel to grow and to live it

is in my presence that you will discover

them breathe in deeply inhale the sweet

Aroma of my Holy Spirit and let time

pass as you immerse yourself in

it accept even more of the gifts and

love I long to give you this beautiful

love is yours and I urge you never to


it do not labor to earn the love of

those who may claim to cherish you but

disappoint and mistreat you do not

strive to please those who have not yet

learned the true meaning of love know

this I cherish you and my love for you


eternal my Covenant with you will endure

forever my plans are unwavering and my

purposes are

true embracing my love brings about a

transformation a new life filled with

complete happiness and unwavering

affection free from

disappointments my love is not just good

it is marvelous forgiving and above all

it belongs to you embrace it I willingly

gave my life on a cross and triumphed

over death on the third day so that you

too can rise and experience life in

abundance you may not fully grasp it now

but I am capable of far more than you

can desire or comprehend

I will touch your heart and I will

reveal it to

you you will feel a powerful conviction

that will Empower you to make


decisions the time has come to act and

appreciate the supernatural power that

fills your life no one should

underestimate you whether it’s because

of your age or your

past those who doubt you will be

astonished by the fruits you bear for

they will come to realize that my spirit

Spirit has been at work within you this

beautiful and holy love is available to

all the love offered by the world is

limited often conditional and it demands

something in

return ultimately it can lead to

betrayal falsehood pain and

loneliness I do not want you to endure


suffering instead I am here to heal your

wounds in my loving

Embrace release all your despair

it will be

forgotten I love you deeply and I long

to hear you say that you love me too

your time is approaching and no closed

door can thwart the blessings I have

destined for you speak it aloud affirm

your thoughts and write it down declare

your belief in me and your willingness

to accept this word of comfort and


encouragement if one door has closed do

not despair for another magnificent door

is about to open

bringing something even

better understand that a spiritual

battle rages in the Heavenly realms for

your life and your faith many

adversaries both seen and unseen seek to

hinder your growth attacking you from

the outside and inflicting wounds from

within even if they remain hidden I will

place individuals with Divine knowledge

on your path to assist you in overcoming

these challenges humble yourself and

accept their

guidance dedicate time to me in prayer

and I will reveal even more to

you you will emerge victorious in this

battle all the obstacles you face will

crumble before

you while I could deliver you instantly

I want you to recognize the value of

your faith your

talents and your gifts Victory is not

meat to be one

alone should you you cast aside my word

and renounce your faith the enemy will

seek to ins snar you and drag you into

the me of

Despair however I see great potential in

you you will achieve great things bless

many and your family will flourish in

wisdom and humility prospering in all

aspects of life but we must walk this

journey together extend your hand to me

for you are prepared to rise to a

spiritual level where Destinies are

shaped and lives are

transformed this day holds many

wonderful and beautiful things in store

for you even as you listen the

foundations for your future and that of

your family are being firmly

laid beyond your generation let them

come to know and serve me each endowed

with unique gifts talents professions

and a hunger for knowledge and

preparation Dare To Dream beyond the

boundaries of your current reality

beyond what you see imagine or even


today you and your family are not

destined to live in spiritual poverty

emotional confusion or the burden of

debt embrace my words and learn to dream

I will strengthen your faith and enable

you to receive and manage the blessings

that are on the

horizon despair has no place in your

life I am here to assist you even before

you utter a word for my ear is always

attentive to your

cries know that I love you deeply and

long to lift you from the challenges and

problems that weigh upon

you you come to me today because you

trust that I will extend my hand to help

you rise to heal your wounds to help you

forget the past and to restore the

blessings that were once yours

understand that I cherish and admire you

your resilience in the face of adversity

brings me great joy continue to believe

believe and trust that I your faithful

and omnipotent God am by your

side do not be troubled by those who may

mock you or attempt to steal your

joy they are not your true friends they

are individuals who have forsaken faith

and envy the path set before you they

recognize that you are loved and blessed

and this reality they cannot accept do

not waste your energy trying to convince

them for I will remove from your path

all who seek to harm you and will bring

into your life those who genuinely love

you release your Despair and do not

allow worry to take root in your mind or

let thoughts that steal your peace

invade your

soul clothe your mind with the helmet of

Faith to guard against

negativity let your heart be shielded by

the breastplate of righteousness and

take up the sword of my holy word to

face the battle battles that lie

ahead prepare yourself for a spiritual

warfare in which you shall always emerge

Victorious never

defeated even if you stumble and fall

know that I will lift you up once

more accept this Challenge and do not

allow anxiety to enslave your

future equip yourself to fight

wholeheartedly against discouragement


fear affirm your belief in me and your

Readiness to succeed

today today you and I shall

Converse I desire to free you from all

anxiety to relieve the burdens that

weigh heavily on your soul each day I

want your life to undergo a

transformation for your spirit to be

rejuvenated and for happiness to become

more than a distant memory I have come

to speak with you because I wish to see

your faith continue to grow

understand that what may seem difficult

and impossible to you is entirely within


capabilities you cannot change the past

it is essential to accept it as it

is your life is in the here and now and

it is only in this present moment that

you can find

happiness do not yield to those who

sought to distance you from me poisoning

your mind with falsehoods and lies

opposing your success and convincing you

of your worth

worthlessness forgive those who have

caused you harm and release the weight


grudges your true battle is not against

flesh and blood do not respond to anyone

with rudeness or

violence your real struggle takes place

in the realm of the supernatural where

spiritual battles are a stark

reality in that spiritual realm the

adversary seeks to steal your soul

laying traps to ens snare you when you

are most vulnerable it is my will that

you obey me grow stronger in your faith

and confront

evil find solace in our secret Refuge

clothe yourself in my word and let it be


Shield pray in silence draw strength

from me and put on the full armor I

provide to face whatever challenges may

arise cloak your thoughts in the

Assurance of my presence for I will be

your Defender against all who seek to

rob you of your peace and joy maintain

your steadfastness persevering in both

good times and bad today I unveil a

powerful secret to you you are my

Victorious Warrior deserving of my


love continue to move forward in faith

and I will work wondrous things in your

life and within your

family I know you comprehend this truth

now release your worries for the

troubles that plague you shall pass and

your anguish will

dissipate things will change and it is

my desire that you place your thoughts

and concerns in my

hands worry serves no purpose and only

clouds your mind hindering your ability

to stand

firm worry begets more fear and I

implore you to surrender your concerns

to me come to me with your worries and

allow me to provide solace

share with me the source of your fears

release the emotions that scratch at

your soul and cause you inner

turmoil your spirit yearns for me and

your heart longs for my presence this

yearning lies at the core of the

loneliness that burdens your

soul immerse yourself in me envelop

yourself in my word bask in my presence

and find

peace the words I share with you bring

healing and freedom to your life you

need not endure the shackles of fear any

longer for you have a life ahead of you

loved ones who cherish you and those who

depend on your strength fight for them

fight for yourself and always remember

me recall the commitment you made when

you beseeched me for the strength to

carry on and I granted it to you I am

aware that formidable challenges have

entered your life seeming in

surmountable yet this is the moment to

demonstrate that I am with you at all

times not just during days of joy and

happiness my power shines most brightly

in your moments of

weakness do not forsake the progress you

have already achieved nor squander the

numerous blessings I have bestowed upon

you even when those you love have caused

you pain do not cast them

aside extend to them another chance for

I will grant you the patience and wisdom

to discern the extent of your efforts be

prudent bear insults and attacks with

patience but retain your dignity and

hold your head

high I do not wish harm upon those who

have hurt you for I will personally

confront them and they shall have the

opportunity to

repent trust in the faith you feel

today and if there are days when you do

not feel that Faith do not

despair even when you approach me

feeling empty when sadness returns and

the ghosts of the past threaten to Cloud

your emotions come into my presence just

as you are I shall heal you I shall set

you free and I shall break the chains

that bind you come to me in the morning

at noon or whenever you require my

presence approach me with the Divine

love that surrounds you and I shall move

mountains on your behalf

approach with faith pray with unwavering

conviction and assurance and walk

forward with strength in your

heart there is no place for

discouragement or sadness any

longer I understand the heavy burden

that Family Matters can place on your

heart and

mind there are moments in life when you

long for Solitude a time to reflect and


Solace but in those Quiet Moments I want

you to know that you are not alone

my comforting embrace the holy spirit is

there with you bringing peace to your

soul you were not created to be

overwhelmed by Tears sorrow or the

weight of your mistakes and

disappointments I want you to remember

that even in your moments of suffering

and tears my love for you remains

unwavering there may be times when you

feel like you can’t go on when the

shadows of Despair seem too daunting but

I am here to lift you up to remind you

that you are not meant to live

defeated your heart is a beautiful and

pure creation and I want it to shine

brightly not hidden in

darkness step into the light let your

face radiate with joy and allow others

to witness your

smile let them rejoice in my name for

you are my beloved child a reflection of

my boundless love I have done done so

much for you and I will continue to

perform Miracles Beyond imagination so

you can truly grasp the depth of your

significance to

me I’ve been telling you time and time

again that there is no room for despair

or turning

back you are like a powerful force that

cuts through the challenges and paves

the way to the land of blessings I have

prepared just for

you I will open your spiritual

understanding so that you can see that

you are a parent of generations a source

of blessings for those who follow

you don’t be disheartened by the lack of

recognition today or by the trials you

face no matter how painful they may be

never Overlook the gifts and blessings I

bestow upon you everything has a purpose

I have complete control over everything

but remember your attitude matters your

faith and the way you believe will

Elevate you to higher levels when you

feel weak turn to my word for strength

kneel in prayer when you feel you can’t

go on and gaze up at the sky I am there

dwelling in your heart my blessings are

not distant they are right before

you your salvation is here and the

mountains of your problems will crumble

your adversaries will be defeated now I

ask you do you believe in me do you love

me as soon as I hear your response

I will work A great miracle within

you my love for you knows no bounds and

I will continue to remind you of it day

and night because it flows from the

depths of my

heart when I see your eyes open to the

light of a new day when I witness your

gratitude and the love in your heart it

brings me great joy starting today when

you awaken let these words born from my

inspiration fill your mind doubt will

fade hope will be rekindled Darkness

will recede and you will leave behind

sorrow and

despair now is the time to stand strong

to live fully and to embrace the new

path that awaits

you each day wake up with joy wearing

the armor of fight and holding the sword

of my word in your

hands your confidence in my miraculous

power will lead to healing and

Liberation for your captive soul I will

remove the burden of guilt and remorse

from your shoulders no one can condemn

you believe this with all your heart no

human judge can pass judgment upon you

and no deceitful tongue can harm you the

pointing fingers of accusation will be

consumed by the fire of my Divine

Justice though many enemies rise against

you cunning and malicious I will protect

you like an unyielding

Fortress I love

you I have granted you the power to

tread upon serpents and scorpions and

nothing and no one can harm

you many in the world cry out to me but

sometimes they feel distant from my

presence what I seek from you is simple

I desire your sincere Faith as small as

a seed planted in your

heart watch it grow into a mighty tree

for in your belief you will find


Blessings you are living in a pivotal

and unique time listen to the winds heed

the sound of the

trumpets my return is Drawing Near

surrender your entire being to me for it

is not a difficult task you can do it

give me your heart even when you are

weary and

breathless in those moments I will be

there assuring you of my boundless love

Here In My Embrace I will comfort you

restoring all that has been unjustly

taken from you multiplying your


manifold stand firm do not accept defeat

life has dealt you blows people have

betrayed you and they may wish to see


fall but I your almighty God am by your

side and will never forsake

you through my grace love and the

strength I Infuse into your heart you

will rise and stand as a courageous

Warrior those who seek to trouble you

those who aim to humiliate you those who

believe they will conquer you will be

astonished they will witness with eyes

wide open the wondrous Deeds I will

accomplish through you I will lead you

from the desert into fertile lands where


abound you have endured many hardships

but the day of your Prosperity has

arrived I will heal your ailments

release you from captivity and bestow

upon you glorious

Freedom treasure hope as a precious gem

and hold fast to my word for it is your

most valuable

possession do not allow the murmur of

Envy to divert your

focus disregard those who speak Idle

Words of jealousy when they witness the

Abundant Blessings I have showered upon

you I will provide you with meaningful

work sustenance Abundant Health

protection from Evil Faithful Friends

Harmony within your family inspiring

dreams and unending desires to live to

conquer to

persevere and remember your age is

inconsequential do not underestimate

yourself because of it do not use your

years as an excuse I will work Mighty

wonders through you because I love you

and it is my desire to do so nothing and

no one can thwart my plans you have my

unwavering support love and

faithfulness I seek your heart and your

loyalty prepare yourself for a life

filled with Supernatural

experiences my love for you is eternal I

am filled with joy to see you seeking

Solace and nourishment in my

words this warms my heart and I see the

change is already taking place within

you if anything still troubles you

remember I am here at times the burdens

of Life can feel overwhelming causing

your thoughts to run wild but always

remember that each morning you can come

to me in prayer mend your situation and

face life with happiness free from the

heavy burdens you no longer need to

carry focus on what truly matters my

child you do not have time to worry

about things that will never come to

pass especially when I am watching over

you so fear not you lack

nothing now put your faith into action

to lift your spirits come kneel down

whether in your chair on your bed or

anywhere you may be close your eyes and

with a heart full of gratitude express

your thanks for your family your job


health sometimes you do not even need to

ask but I Delight in it when








you do with unwavering

confidence your prayers reach my ears

and my angels are ready to

respond they were created to obey and

serve and they stand ready to fulfill

your needs remember you are my beloved

child and I I fill your life with grace

and mercy do not hesitate to ask for

there is no need to fear let me remind

you once more so you never feel guilty

when you come to me in need if you ever

feel that you no longer need me it is

because your faith has waned and pride

has clouded your life so ask and I will

provide you with the finest of blessings

sweeter than honey from The Rock I will

open the windows of heaven and pour out

holy blessings upon you until they

overflow use your faith for I have the

power to move mountains of Sorrow

obliterate obstacles of evil and shatter

the chains of sin Vice and destructive

habits ask for all that is good kind

sweet and uplifting even when it seems

impossible if it is for your Eternal

growth and Earthly well-being ask me in

my perfect timing filled with love I

will answer your

prayers know that your problems have

solutions for you have entrusted your

situation into my hands and I will care

for it I have never failed you in the

past and I will not fail you today so do

not be afraid you are never alone in

your battles facing adversity abandoned

or in

solitude stand firm in your faith there

will be times when you may not feel my

presence but have faith in my

promises remember that I have promised

to be with you day and night I do this

not because you are flawless but because

I love you deeply believe this truth and

do not flee when challenges arise if you

stand steadfast your enemies will

crumble before you and the threats

seeking to discourage you will fade away

none of them can overpower you be

patient walk with faith and

persist your life and your family are

secure in the best possible place in my

loving and protecting hands I care for

you provide for you and bring healing to

your life be wise be prudent and cherish

the blessings of health peace and love

that surround




give me your heart my beloved child and

fix your gaze upon the path I have laid

out for you do not turn away or look

back instead look ahead you will see me

arms open wide waiting for you I say

this With all sincerity I emphasize it

once more and I repeat it I love you you

once asked me Lord if you truly love me

show me here I am speaking to your

spirit once more caressing your soul

healing the wounds of your past planting

new dreams and joys within you for the

days to come I remind you of the Sacred

promises in my word that you can hold on

to even when everything seems to

crumble there will be situations that

threaten to discourage you but my

promises will provide you with reasons

to fight to overcome to Rejoice they

will fill you with courage energy and

the certainty that I am always by your

side you can rely on me in both good

times and bad

have faith in me I love you profoundly

and I want you to remember this always



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