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stop worrying God message today God

message for you God implores you today

in the next minutes to open your heart

to the profound truth that the Divine

surrounds you a loving watchful presence

seeking to alleviate your

Sorrows listen closely for in these

moments of Revelation dear seeker of

light your past May cast Shadows of fear

and overwhelming memories yet know that

your transformation has been remarkable

you’ve marked on a journey away from

former wrongs shaping The Narrative of

your existence contemplate this

transformation without dread for it has

sculpted your unique story if you

resonate with these Divine words kindly

share them with those dearest to your

soul the loved ones it is I your guide

standing beside you attune to your

prayers your aspiration to Foster love

empathy and compassion touches my heart

a noble purpose indeed your actions

resonate deeply a beacon of blessing to

the world

rest assured your prayers have been

heard and the celestial Realms respond

by dispatching angels and Messengers to

inspire love empathy and kindness hearts

burdened with loneliness or anger finds

Solace hope and peace are kindled in

connection Bloom Unity with nature

flourishes however by the instrument of

change you hold a vital role extend

kindness a the needy Advocate Justice

respect life in all forms and spread joy

and gratitude together we can forge a

world renewed fear not for I am

steadfast my guidance protection and

support are your companions you are

cherished beyond measure trust and

embrace your purpose you are a force of

good and my pride in you knows no bounds

declare your belief with the the in the

Book of Matthew you are the radiant

light just as a city at top a hill

cannot be concealed let your Brilliance

shine before all Illuminating lives with

your virtuous Deeds witness this

Revelation to its culmination embracing

God’s blessings and protection for

divine truths healing unfolds you

resilience Burgin await with patience

God’s Grand Design unfolds a remarkable

Miracle nears astounding in its scope

trials reced God remedies afflictions

grasp affirm your conviction with a

resounding yes if you seek my guidance

share this prayer with those who share

your faith extend your faith with type

amen if you believe in God and share

this video with people who need it most

God declares today that the creation of

my beloved child takes time therefore

amidst the busy

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