Stop Suffering My Child | God Message Today


my beloved child listen closely and

receive my teachings with a logical and

coherent understanding it is my desire

for you to find joy and fulfillment in

every single day of your life from the

moment you wake up in the morning to the

time you rest your heads at night you

should embrace the beauty of each moment

and find Delight in your work your

relationships and the world around you

yet I have witnessed to many who merely

trudge through life devoid of enthusiasm

and trapped in a cycle of

discontentment they face their daily

routines with weariness lacking joy and

purpose but this does not bring glory to

me it is important for you to rise each

morning and declare as King David did

this is the day the Lord has made and I

will rejoice in it my beloved child you

must shift your focus from what is wrong

to what is right from what you lack to

what you have been blessed with it is

within your power to find enjoyment in

every day if you possess the desire and

determination to do so troubles and

challenges are inevitable in life they

are like chapters and scenes in the

story of your

existence however my child misery is not

a requirement misery is a choice you

have the ability to choose joy and

happiness in the face of adversity no

one possesses the power to make you

unhappy or control your life unless you

grant them that Authority through the

choices you make you need not wait for

external circumstances or people to

bring you happiness you can choose to be

happy because I am with you supporting

you through the trials and tribulations

of life even when faced with problems

and difficulties you must learn to

surrender them to me your God trusting

in my control and my promise to turn

them around for your

benefit my child let go of the old

patterns of negativity and defeat stop

dreading the days ahead or feeling down

because certain plans did not come to

fruition instead focus on the blessings

you have been bestowed rather than

fixating on what you lack choose

gratitude over Despair and you will

discover A Renewed sense of joy and

purpose in your journey

beloved child some may say give your

very best to this day for tomorrow may

not come in other words it is time to

shift your attitude and wear a smile

upon your face you may think it is easy

to say to be joyful and happy all the

time but let me assure you all people

face the same challenges as you do there

are mornings when you wake up and do not

feel like being in a good mood or

wearing a smile however you make a

conscious choice you tell yourself you

can either go through this day with a

positive outlook enjoying it with

happiness or you can dwell on your

problems and be negative and sour you

have to learn intentionally embrace the

joy of life my child if guilt and

condemnation plague your heart you

cannot truly enjoy life if you Harbor

dislike for yourself or carry a guilty

conscience you cannot experience the

fullness of joy

understand that I am not referring to

Grand celebrations vacations paydays or

new outfits I am speaking of finding

Delight in the ordinary mundane moments

of Life can you find joy in doing

laundry going grocery shopping or

cleaning up after the weekend can you

wake up on a Monday and embrace the day

with a smile and do the same on

Tuesday this is about living out the

ordinary aspects of life with a calm and

contented heart

knowing to whom you belong and having

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