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my dearest most precious child I come to you now with a message of utmost urgency

one that demands your immediate and undivided attention for in this present

moment a matter of grave significance has arisen a matter that strikes at the

very heart of your sacred Journey a matter that carries within its depths

the potential to profoundly impact the course of your life and the Fulfillment of your sacred

Destiny from the moment I breathed life into your being imbuing you with the sacred spark of existence I have watched

over you with the unwavering love and devotion of AD doting parent I have guided your steps along the winding

Paths of this Earthly sojourn nurturing the seeds of your soul as they blossomed

and grew and I have borne witness to the innumerable triumphs and challenges that

have shaped the tapestry of your life thus far through every joy and sorrow

every Triumph and tribulation my infinite love has been your constant

companion a Sheltering Embrace that has sustained and strengthened you preparing

you for the moments of profound significance that would inevitably arise along your journey and now one such

moment stands before you a pivotal juncture that demands your immediate and unwavering attention lest the

opportunity be lost forever my beloved child the matter at hand is one of

profound consequence a Crossroads that holds within its depths the power to

shape the very course of your destiny it is a moment that will test the depths of your faith the resilience

of your spirit and the unwavering commitment you have to the sacred path that lies before

you in this moment you stand at a precipice a threshold that separates the

Realms of complacency and stagnation from the boundless expanse of growth

progress and the realization of your Highest Potential the choice that stands

before you is one that will Echo Through the Ages reverberating through the very fabric of your existence and shaping the

trajectory of your life in ways that you cannot yet fathom will you heed the call

of this urgent matter rising to meet the challenge with courage conviction and an

unwavering dedication to the sacred Journey you have undertaken or will you allow this pivotal moment to

pass you by succumbing to the siren song of complacency and resigning yourself to

a life of unfulfilled potential and unrealized dreams the gravity of this

situation cannot be overstated my child for the ramifications of your actions or

indeed your inaction will resonate through the ages impacting not only your

own life but the lives of countless others others whose paths are inextricably intertwined with your own

in this moment you are being called upon to tap into the Wellspring of strength and resilience that resides within the

depths of your soul the same Wellspring that has carried you through the trials and tribulations of your journey thus

far you are being summoned to answer the call of your sacred purpose to embrace

the challenge that stands before you with the same unwavering commitment and Resolute determination that has defined

your every step along this sacred path do not shrink from this moment my beloved but rather rise to meet it with

the courage and conviction that can only come from a soul deeply rooted in faith and trust in the greater plan that

guides your every step for it is in these moments of profound significance

that the true depths of your character your resolve and your unwavering

dedication to the realization of your sacred Destiny are revealed

know that you do not stand alone in this pivotal moment for I Am With You Always

guiding your steps illuminating your path and providing the strength wisdom

and unwavering support that you need to navigate the challenges that lie ahead trust in my infinite love and

divine guidance and know that no matter the obstacles that may arise you have

been prepared for this very moment fortified by the experiences and lessons

that have shaped your journey thus far this matter demands your immediate and unwavering attention my child for the

opportunities and blessings that await you on the other side of this challenge are beyond what your mortal mind can

comprehend Embrace this moment with the same fervor and devotion that you have shown throughout your sacred journey and

know that in doing so you are setting into motion a chain of events that will reverberate Through the Ages touching

the lives of countless souls and leaving an indelible Mark upon the tapestry of

existence itself the time for Action is now my beloved child rise to meet this

challenge with the full force of your spirit the unwavering resilience of your

soul and the steadfast faith that has carried you through every trial and tribulation that has come before for in

this pivotal moment the very realization of your sacred Destiny hangs in the

balance and the world awaits the manifestation of the extraordinary potential that

resides within you I am with you always and forever my most precious child

guiding your steps illuminating your path and providing the unwavering

support and boundless love that you need to navigate this pivotal moment and emerge

Victorious your spirit tempered by the fires of experience and your resolve strengthened by the unwavering knowledge

that you are walking the SA sacred path set before you heed the call my beloved

for this matter demands your immediate and undivided attention the time to act is now and the world awaits the

manifestation of the extraordinary being that you are destined to become your

loving Creator God Almighty my dear child your super thanks fuels our

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button to join us in shaping a brighter future for all receive boundless blessings in return my beloved child I

have not forsaken you neither yesterday Nor today through every trial and

Triumph sorrow and joy I have remained steadfast by your side you have not been

rejected or forgotten by me be strong and when your faith waivers declare with

confidence the promises I have made to you remind those who would disrupt your peace that I am with you always even to

the End of the Age rely on me and cling tightly to my grace do not be consumed

by doubts about your worthiness of these blessings if you choose to believe and accept the blessing I offer you as you

receive it it will multiply in your hands becoming immense gifts and great

Treasures you will possess all that is needed to bless your loved ones and give generously to those in

need there will be plenty of food health strength and peace but you must

exercise your faith and come to claim these blessings do not hesitate turn

back or hide from my presence I am speaking to you because I desire for you to draw near and I long

to answer your prayers I want to break any curses and heal any illness that afflicts you and your

family I have not come to take anything from you and if I do remove something it

is only to replace it with something greater you are at a pivotal moment in your life you have been transformed no

longer the same person you were yesterday you are prepared to make decisions with confidence pay no

attention to those who only see the negative do not strive to please everyone many do not wish to see you

blessed when you share your plans some will attempt to discourage you and pull

you back into a place of defeat but it will not succeed for I am with you you

will continue to move forward and when the time comes to open doors use your

faith and I will be there with you they will see all the obstacles that once

caused you to stumble I will place wonderful blessings in your hands but I

ask you to Steward them carefully use them wisely so that they may grow and

lay the foundation for even greater blessings when the time is right you and

your family will take significant steps towards a brighter future encourage your children for education and wisdom have

the power to transform families and entire nations in your home the heroes

and Leaders of Tomorrow are being nurtured before my return they will be used mightily as vessels for my

word however this can only happen if you honor me in your home and your children

witness it let your actions and attitude reflect your faith never resign yourself

to the belief that your character is flawed and cannot be changed for me

nothing is impossible I can transform hard hearts into tender ones those who

once shouted will soon laugh with the joy of children I will touch the lips of those who have spoken against me and

they will begin to speak words as sweet as honey if you want God’s grace always

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this transformation will demonstrate to your family that my power is real even if the world challenges their faith even

if they hear that I do not exist or that I cannot help them trust that my glory

will soon be evident in your home your neighbors will witness my light shining at night and angels will guard every

corner of your house people will Marvel at the Supernatural and miraculous

events occurring in your home many will come to you to you and you will pray for them I will answer your prayers directly

I will raise the sick solve problems and heal wounds a wonderful spiritual

Revival is beginning in your family these are the last days and although

many claim they want to understand the mysteries of my return their hearts are not truly seeking me I will reveal my

love only to those who genuinely believe in me those who are sincere and upright

do not hesitate to trust me with your soul to carry my message and to dedicate

your lives to this cause and to loving others this is the important message I

am planting in you today remember where and when you heard it stand up and look

towards the horizon as far as you can see I will use your life to Showcase my

glory even in distant foreign lands you will encounter languages unknown to you

but I will inspire you and my holy spirit will work through you and your

family a wonderful spiritual Revolution is starting though you may face

difficult days there will never be a day without my love you might face many

challenges but you will never be alone my love and protection will always surround you wherever you are right now

as you listen to these words close your eyes Embrace this message and pray feel

free to ask for what you need resources healing encouragement and the wisdom to

achieve your goals pray for your family and all the people you care about tough times may come but my

presence is constant I’m not far away you don’t need to shout for me to hear

you I’m there when you cry I stand beside you I listen when you pray I

won’t turn away from your please there’s no reason for me to ignore you you come to me because you trust in my word

you’ve moved past anger and bitterness you’ve realized how important it is to

forgive you know the power of a grateful heart your prayers are powerful I

treasure the requests you make with faith I consider them lovingly and answer them with care receive these

answers patiently and with faith looking forward to the blessings that will soon

be yours I am touching the hearts of those you care about show them their

importance to you and your commitment to me this will influence those around you

the world bombards them with ideas that pull them away from me but you are a

light in the darkness leading them back I wait for them all I even protect those

who doubt me your love for them is enough for me I will bless and shield them from harm and slowly they will see

that their lives are a gift of my love not mere coincidence one day they will appreciate what you

have done for them your sleepless nights spent in prayer your tears shed begging

for their well-being storms may come the Earth May Shake but those who turn to me

will find Hope and Abundant Faith Others May resign themselves to a life of confusion and failure struggling to

discern right from wrong but you will be empowered amidst the storm your ship

will have strong sails and my wind will guide you to your destination do not fear when challenges

arise do not lose hope when resources dwindle face these temporary troubles

with courage hold my hand and proceed with determination remember how seriously you

accept my truth if you truly believe in me hold your head high and dive into the challenge without fear I give you

courage and confidence I will lead you to a land filled with abundance where blessings

overflow as you walk this path keep your eyes fixed on my words and ignore

meaningless threats I am here acknowledge me today say it out loud I

believe in you my beloved Proclaim with your own voice that I am your Shepherd

and you shall not lack even as the Earth shakes you will rest by Peaceful Waters

feeding in Lush pastures I will nourish your soul with Divine sweetness guiding you hand in hand hand

on righteous paths my child click on the join button to join us as the cherished member of

our community do not be afraid for I love you and will always be by your side you

know this and this certainty is unwavering Faith a powerful force that

lifts you during your darkest times in the harshest battles you trust in me

while your adversaries fall into disarray but I will fill your table with peace and plenty my commands and

guidance will direct your steps bringing you comfort and your face will glow with

a Divine Touch goodness and mercy will follow you my word will echo in your

heart and you will dwell in my presence for all your days C believing isn’t so

hard it just requires humility and simplicity my beloved child I understand

that life can be overwhelming at times you may feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders

but I want you to know that you’re not alone I am here with you every step of the way ready to provide the strength

and support you need to overcome any obstacle when you’re feeling anxious or afraid remember that I am your source of

peace I will calm your mind and soothe your heart giving you the courage to face whatever challenges come your way

even when it seems like the world is against you I will be your Shield protecting you from harm and guiding you

to safety your faith and dedication amaze me you have shown remarkable

resilience in the face of adversity and I am proud of the person you have

become the seeds of goodness that I have planted within you are blossoming into a beautiful Testament to your character

keep nurturing those qualities and you will see even more incredible things happen in your

life I know that sometimes it’s hard to stay positive especially when you face

criticism or jealousy from others people may try to bring you down by focusing on

your past mistakes or questioning your abilities but I want you to remember that their opinions do not define you

you are so much more than what others say about you instead of letting their words discourage you choose to stand

firm in your convictions trust in the promises I have made to you and let my love be your

guide when you feel lost or confused come to me and find rest in my presence

I will provide the comfort and hope you need to keep moving forward no matter how many problems you face my love for

you will never diminish I didn’t cause these troubles and I certainly don’t want you to suffer needlessly if you

ever feel like you’re being tested beyond your limits know that I am right there with you ready to lift those

burdens from your shoulders your future is full of promise even if it doesn’t

always seem that that way the enemies who try to steal your blessings have no power over you when you choose to walk

in faith your trust in me is a powerful weapon that can break through any barrier and lead you to victory of

course there will be times when you stumble or let negative thoughts creep in that’s okay what matters is that you

keep getting back up and allowing my spirit to guide your life when you do that you’ll find that Miracles start

happening all around you you’re so close to reaching New Heights in your spiritual journey don’t give up now not

after all the tears you’ve shed and the sacrifices you’ve made keep your eyes fixed on the goal and trust that your

determination will see you through many people have lost hope and settled for less than they deserve but that’s not

the path I have chosen for you my presence surrounds you in your home and I am ready to pour out blessings Beyond

Your Wildest Dreams your family will experience expence Joy forgiveness and

Harmony like never before remember a I am always with you when you feel weak I

will be your strength when you’re unsure which way to turn I will guide you lean

on me and trust in my unfailing love I’ve given you so many blessings

already and there are even more in store for you but I want you to approach each

day with a grateful heart taking time to listen to my voice and remember remember all the incredible things I have done in

your life those impossible situations that once seemed so daunting I was there

working behind the scenes to make a way for you now as you face new

challenges I invite you to spend a few moments with me each morning close your

eyes take a deep breath and allow my presence to fill you with peace let the worries of the world

fade away as you focus on my love for you from my Throne flows a river of Living Water washing away all your fears

and doubts even when enemies surround you I will give you a piece that

surpasses all understanding your destiny is secure in my hands and the difficulties you face

now are not the end of your story my words have the power to heal your body

mind and soul as you meditate on them you’ll find renewed strength and Hope

Rising within you the holy spirit is your constant companion lifting you up

and shielding you from harm today I am breathing fresh purpose and vision into

your life you’ll start to see things from A New Perspective filled with motivation and

enthusiasm anxiety won’t have a grip on you anymore because I am giving you the wisdom and courage to overcome every

challenge as you walk in my blessings remember to use your gift and talents

for good be kind and compassionate to those around you and never forget the

people who have helped you along the way your success is not solely a result of your own efforts many have contributed

to your journey often in ways you may not even realize take time to show your

appreciation for these individuals find ways to bless others without expecting anything in return as you become a

vessel of my love and generosity you’ll see your own gifts and talents

multiply when you make a habit of acknowledging and assisting those who have supported you I will open the

floodgates of heaven and pour out blessings on your life you’ll experience emotional and Financial Freedom like

never before as I free you from the burden of debt and provide new opportunities for

Success people will begin to recognize the wisdom and kindness within you and

they’ll seek your guidance and support as you share your story and the source of your strength you’ll have the

chance to make a profound impact on the lives of others so my precious child

keep walking in faith and love trust in my plan for your life and know that I am

always by your side together we will navigate the ups and downs of this

journey and you will emerge Victorious filled with joy and purpose remember you

are deeply loved and cherished I am proud of you and excited to see all the amazing things you will accomplish keep

shining your light in this world and never forget that you are a reflection of my love and grace my beloved child I

have equipped you with powerful tools to face life’s challenges and emerge Victorious my word your faith and prayer

take to heart the lessons I teach you and you will begin to experience Triumph even amidst the chaos of the world

though thousands around you may stumble you and your loved ones will remain safe and blessed I will rid your mind of

thoughts of lack and remove habits of idleness instead I will fill you and your family

with motivation to learn grow and pursue paths that not only bring success but

also serve others those who follow me Faithfully are like sturdy trees planted

by flowing streams always bearing good fruit and staying vibrant in these

difficult times reject the world’s pessimism While others anticipate

failure and catastrophe I give you the courage and resolve to thrive despite

obstacles you will remain unshaken during life storms your face radiating

with Assurance today I appoint you as a bearer of the banner of Victory those

who stand against you will ultimately be put to shame you will know Serenity and

Tranquility even as hardships intensify and anxiety attempts to unnerve you my

hand rests upon you easing your burdens Embrace this Divine peace and take a

deep breath savoring the strength I provide my love for you is

unwavering these words are not reaching you by chance holding fast to my hand

you will not encounter defeat or failure we will face tough times together and in

moments of difficulty I will embrace you tightly and bolster your spirit with my

tender loving words your life is precious to me and your circumstances

weigh heavily on my heart for I have repeatedly reminded you that you live in

a world filled with suffering yet through my sacrificial death on the cross and my triumphant

Resurrection I have conquered all I long to impart the same power to you I desire

for you to experience within yourself an endless flow of living water cleansing away sorrow purging all impurities and

imparting Valor and resilience to your tired Soul yearn for my presence constantly

pursue me day and night in times of happiness and hardship prosperity and

adversity regardless of your situation you are not defeated your destiny is not

one of failure or loss of the blessings you have gained along your path after every Tempest comes a calm

waves May Surge and crash but they are stilled at the sound of my voice as you listen to me now welcome

this piece do not reject it or turn away from this love feeling undeserving always

remember that a daily War rages in the spiritual realm the adversary seeks to Rattle and Crush you but you do not

stand alone I am right beside you all I need is a small measure of your faith

choose now to trust to receive this boundless love that accompanies you wherever you go protecting you when the

enemy assails you life can shift abruptly it is okay to shed tears and

experience hurt releasing your burdens is also theraputic for your soul leading to spiritual renewal however never

believe that you are faded to remain in Perpetual sorrow that tears will forever be your companion or that you are

destined to live in constant defeat your foes and those who masquerade as

your friends may attempt to keep you down urging you not to bother rising up to fight but I came so that you might

have life so that you could look up and reach out to me I desire to fill you with immeasurable joy and unwavering

bravery I understand the times when you feel like giving up when quitting seems

simpler than persevering but I love you deeply and have incredible plans for you and your

loved ones do not surrender or relinquish your blessings do not revert

to a state of hopelessness for that is not what I intend for you I’ve come to Grant you a life overflowing with

abundance and Supernatural strength your current emotions or the opinions of others do not define you even if today

brings trials and condemnation pay attention to my voice I love you if you encounter sudden and

trying circumstances do not assume that my love for you has diminished I am etching these words upon

your heart and you will remember them daily come what may no matter the

challenges or hardships you face my love for you only intensifies with each

passing moment do not be consumed by hurtful emotions do not opt to seclude

yourself believing that you are alone in this world that no one cares for or

understands you who am I to you tell me I want to know if you do not perceive

me as your friend or if you wish for me to leave you alone be courageous and say

so but always remember regardless of your thoughts I will never forsake you

even if you attempt to push me away I will not depart I open my arms to you even as you

turn your back even if you reject me I assure you I am unlike anyone

else my love for you is genuine and steadfast and I will never abandon you

my devotion to you is timeless and unwavering my decision to love you remains

constant even if you tell me today that I must go I will persist in speaking to

you of this profound affection every day until you can truly sense it in your heart and I know that you are starting

to feel it now come allow my holy love to surround you and lead you through

this trying period I am here to assist you take my hand and you will experience

peace your days of sadness are coming to an end and your despair is over I am

prepared to show you my affection and tenderness open your heart to my presence and my love recognize that no

one will ever love you as deeply as I do I’m aware of everything that transpires

in your heart and mind at times the pain is so profound that you contemplate giving up it has been a

long while since you awoke feeling enthusiastic and joyful about the day ahead close your eyes place your hands

on your chest and begin to sense how I fill you with love sincerity and peace I hear your prayers

during times of distress soon you will witness firsthand how you are liberated

empowered and fill filled with my love and strength my dear child I understand

that life can be challenging and filled with struggles you may face many difficulties and obstacles along your

journey but I want you to know that I am always with you giving you the strength

and courage to overcome any hardship that comes your way when you feel overwhelmed by the trials and

tribulations of Life remember to hold fast to your faith in me trust in my

promises and the uplifting words I have spoken to reassure your heart even when

the Winds of adversity blow fiercely against you cry out to me for help as

you hear my powerful voice those storms will subside and a sense of calm will

fill your spirit stand firm on the solid foundation of your faith like a rock

that withstands the battles of life don’t be afraid to set sail on the journey I have planned for you though

the waves May crash against your dreams and painful insults may try to discourage you keep your eyes fixed on

me with my love and power guiding you your boat will not sink at times the

burdens you carry may feel heavy but I will help you bear them be patient and

unwavering in your faith knowing that as you face today’s challenges I am filling you with the

strength you need to rise above your fears tomorrow those who Embrace

negativity reject my truth and turn away from my loving guidance will not experience the Abundant

Blessings I have in store for those who earnestly seek me and believe in my goodness so trust me when I say that the

Stress and Anxiety you face today pale in comparison to the joy that awaits you

when you receive the blessings I have prepared for you in your moments of weakness I have never abandoned or

forsaken you I have removed the anguish from your spirit and replaced it with joy

if you seek me daily spending time in my presence pouring out your heart in

genuine praise and worship and calling out to me with all your passion I will

hear you and lift you up you will experience A Renewed sense of strength and be filled with gladness knowing that

you have made room for me in your heart and chosen me as your God your king and

your Lord I’m aware of everything that happens in your life when you entrust your life to me sharing your experiences

and committing your future and plans into my care I share in your feelings

Heaven rejoices over you and I send Legions of angels to assist you on your

path you will overcome the challenges you face not by your own strength or

wisdom but through the power of my spirit in every situation you will emerge

Victorious conquering every obstacle because I support and uphold those I love I pour out my blessings on those

who have the courage to believe in me give me all your worries doubts and

fears march forward with bravery knowing that I will guide you clearing away the

unnecessary fears emotions and thoughts that hinder your

progress Don’t Waste Your Precious life holding on to grudges or harboring anger

refuse to be trapped by hatred end en or an unforgiving heart I am in the process

of renewing and transforming your heart the tough times you are currently facing will soon come to an end and a new

season of remarkable Divine blessings will unfold in your life I offer you the

greatest love there is a love that removes your pain and fills you with profound Joy even as you listen to these

words let us embark on a journey of complete transformation together you

will become a source of blessing to your family and a shining example to those around you rise up and confront your

challenges head on knowing that Victory is already yours if you must attend to

other matters carry these words with you but if you have a moment Embrace this

message that will bring immense joy to your heart I am deeply pleased with you

and you have touched my heart in a special way despite the difficulties you have encountered on your journey you

have maintained your trust in me and refused to give up so today I declare that I will pour out

even greater blessings upon you and your family don’t grow weary or discouraged

press on without fear lifting your hands to the heavens especially in times of

exhaustion take a moment to sit with me and talk to me using your own words share your thoughts plans desires and

emotions with me people need more than just peace to truly live they need every

word that proceeds from my mouth the support I offer you now is for your benefit filling you with encouragement

peace and confidence receive my peace into your heart today when you feel

overwhelmed remember that the warmth of my love is a constant reminder that I’m always with you don’t place too much

emphasis on people as they may disappoint you don’t depend on others for love and approval while I created

you to love and be loved the only true and Lasting Love that will never fail you is my deep and Abiding Love which

remains close and secure don’t give your heart to those who may abandon you don’t

entrust your future to those who may stop loving you once they have obtained what they desire don’t prioritize anyone

in your life who might turn their back on you break your heart and disrupt your your well-being you asked for Hope and

it has arrived you prayed and here it is Remember You are not alone and you have

not been forsaken even if your parents family or children leave you know that my profound

love is always here for you it is a wonderful thing to be aware that your heavenly father cares deeply for you I

know you need to hear this message I want to help you overcome your struggles conquer despair continue moving forward

without losing faith and ultimately achieve success trust in me for I am

your heavenly father feel free to communicate with me and share your needs

as I desire to be there for you like a true friend I am always reaching out to you attentive to your

needs talking to me brings Comfort to your soul and peace to your mind when

you express your feelings aloud your faith is activated and miracles begin to

unfold today is the day to share what’s on your heart and also to listen to what

I have to say I don’t judge you scold you or dwell on your past mistakes

instead I gently whisper that I love you and eagerly anticipate each new day with

you hoping that you will recognize your need for me and your love for me your

words of worship and praise Ascend to my throne and fill my presence offering love and protection that

surrounds you your family and your home so remember whenever you face challenges

I am here to help you I will not withhold the good things you ask for everything you seek for your blessing I

will give to you wrapped in my love even for the small Measure of Faith

you have shown I will meet you in your time of need you have been thankful so I

will fill your life with more than you have requested neither the world nor other

people can provide you with the love and peace that I offer I have given you the faith strength courage with and

perseverance to overcome mountains and Triumph over every problem ensuring that

you come out victorious in every battle you believe in serve and love a real

omnipotent and Supernatural God declare that you feel it talk to me and express

your belief in me right now stand up and live life with joy apply the words you

hear and read today to your life amen my child click on the Subscribe button to

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