Step Closer, My Child | God Says

my beloved child today I address you not

from an exalted throne in the distant

Heavens but as your everpresent father

accompanying you at every step of your

journey I call you closer to me to draw

from the Wellspring of my grace abundant

in Salvation and steadfast love the

sheer Joy of your Eternal Redemption

stands as a testament to my deep love

for you in your everyday life allow this

profound truth to resonate deeply within

you for you are truly mine and our bond

is the source of an everlasting

spring as you awaken each day let your

heart fill with gratitude giving thanks

for the morning sun the air in your

lungs and the Myriad blessings I bestow

upon you when evening comes and the

stars appear let your last thoughts be

tinged with gratitude for I watch over

you even in your sleep


understand that the salvation I offer is

not solely for your comfort but also

serves as a beacon to

others you are filled with the Living

Water of my spirit which longs to spill

over into the lives of those you

encounter let this water be a savv for

the weary Comfort For The Grieving and

guidance for the Lost call upon my

spirit within you to radiate my love to


praying Holy Spirit think through me

live through me love through me observe

how I work through you to extend

compassion and Grace by allowing these

streams of Living Water to flow from you

you become an Earthly manifestation of

my presence the joy that arises when a

thirsty soul is refreshed a burdened

spirit uplifted or a lost Wanderer

guided is a Joy shared by both recipient

and Giver in this giving your own Joy is

completed Ponder the immense gift of

eternal life a promise so profound it

surpasses all understanding a treasure

unmatched a light in the darkest places

freely given from my immeasurable love

this knowledge should be your Constant

Comfort and strength no matter the

challenges you face remember you are

never alone

my spirit the Fountain of Life is always


you I encourage you to drink deeply from

the wells of Salvation letting each sip

reaffirm my unwavering commitment to


welfare as you embi this living water

remember it Springs from an

inexhaustible Source in moments of

distance or doubt return to the well

draw again from its depths and let its

refreshing truth remind REM you of my

unchanging nature I am the same

yesterday today and forever my promises

are as solid as the ground beneath your

feet and as enduring as the sky above

let your life reflect the joy found in

me share your story tell of the Miracles

I’ve performed in your heart each

testimony sends ripples far beyond what

you can see touching lives shaping

Destinies and glorifying my name live in

the Assurance of my love Relish in the

warmth of my grace and let your heart be

merry you are loved cherished and

forever in my Almighty

grasp Rejoice my dear one for your name

is inscribed in The Book of Life and

your place in my eternal kingdom is

secure Rejoice for the joy of your

salvation is a precious light for all to

see a Legacy of faith for others to

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