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my beloved child the tough times you’re going through now don’t come close to the amazing wonderful blessings I’m

about to give you I’m going to put an end to these hard days

soon you’ve been through a lot faced many challenges and cried a lot but my

love has kept you going when you hear or read my words remember it’s not just a

coincidence I have a plan for your life that’s solid and true even when you’re

sad or worried it’s possible to find your way out because my comfort and

kindness give you hope and my love calms your heart you are alive and I want you

to live a life full of triumphs and victories that’s what I want for you I’m

encouraging you to get up leave the past behind and move forward walk through

every door I open for you the blessings I bring to your life will not cause you

trouble or burden you with debts the prosperity and abundance I grant you

will not be a source of sadness look ahead and focus on what’s in front of you stay true to your path ignore

distractions and don’t listen to those who try to lead you astray with negativity don’t let the naysayers shake

your faith with their gloomy predictions my promises to you are

unwavering remember them always doubting my words could bring you

down but you must trust with all your heart that my love for you is

steadfast I’m always here to strengthen and support you even when life storms

rage around you the worries clouding your mind will soon

dissipate you’ll see for yourself how deep my love for you is I understand

your heart and I know your faith is strong should doubts ever creep in just

kneel and reach out to me declare your trust and know that help is already on

its way I have promised to provide for your needs there is no reason for you to

fear or despair align yourself with me it is simple speak to me confidently

amidst your difficulties bring me all your concerns and I will fill you with

peace doubt not even on those cloudy days when everything appears gray and

you are surrounded by Myriad problems don’t ignore what I’m telling you don’t

look for comfort from those who don’t know you nobody else in this world controls your future or has the ability

to help you in your current struggles and guide you towards what’s ahead if you’re feeling exhausted and

overwhelmed don’t turn to anyone else just come directly to me I’m the only one who can give you the kind of peace

that will let you truly rest you might not be able to see me with

your physical eyes but through your faith and your heart you can sense my

presence remember me first thing when you wake up if you want your day to be filled with

blessings this is the ideal way to begin your day so you don’t start off feeling

confused lost or overwhelmed by negative thoughts you’ve been through a lot and

have stayed strong keeping in mind everything I’ve promised you so don’t give in now don’t let the enemy trick

you you are my child and I won’t let you stumble I’m aware that many challenges

are trying to rob you of your peace your adversaries want to crush your faith and

ridicule your confidence in me they claim that I don’t exist trying to convince you that you’re

all alone and beyond help but remember I am filled with joy

when I see you clinging to the truth you’ve embraced I notice how you nurture

my promises and ignore the enemy’s deceit believe this also your reward is

coming soon I always help those who trust in me lifting them from the pit of

despair as they dare to advance without fear of what they may face walk

confidently knowing how much I love and protect you my Celestial child you are among the chosen and you

know how much I love you how I will not fail you or forsake you especially now

when I know how much you need me you’re deeply loved I’m with you and this you

shall never doubt when all your fears try to overwhelm you when all seems lost and

you think the Sea of problems before you will not part remember I’m with you I

watch over you you will not fail you will not sink when you feel down and

everything seems to stop you when you’re tired and lost remember I’m right there

with you eager to protect you I’ll open paths and clear hurdles so you can move

forward when you’re hurting and your tears are your only words know that I’m

there wiping away each tear transforming it into a new

blessing I know your heart better than anyone I see your wishes your dreams

your true self I look beyond what others see your looks your status your limits I

see the real you the more you lean on me and embrace my plan the more wisdom and

strength you’ll find you’re my child and you fill me with pride you’ve got my traits

determination creativity intelligence and courage nothing can stand in your way

always remember you’re my child but also remember you’re human you put in so much

effort sometimes too much and you get tired and upset in those tough times I’m

here for you I want to show you the best way forward I don’t want you to get caught up in minor things or get down

because of a single setback you will achieve the good things you have set in your heart if you allow

me to help you and lift you to a higher level I’m the only one capable of turning the impossible into great

miracle Les all you need to know is that I watch over you every day and everything you

ask for in your prayers I will bring to you in the form of blessings I desire

that you and I become friends let us be companions on this journey working

together as a team your task is to believe and trust mine is to respond and

bless to protect and nurture to strengthen and redeem know that I love you and will

never forsake you as you read these words may you feel my presence

enveloping you since my love as it fills you perceive the Embrace I offer which

will imbue you with strength sweetness and a supernatural peace you need no

longer worry or torment yourself there are matters within my

control and I shall attend to them I want you to relax trust me and believe

in me like a child believes without any doubts you don’t need to worry about the

big changes coming your way I’m here to turn your life around to take away the

feeling of being alone to heal your inner hurts and to wipe away the pain

That’s Heavy on your heart the hurts that used to make you bleed and blind you to the good things I have for you

will be healed once and for all you’ve lost people and things you cared deeply

about and it’s important you know that it’s not your fault stop thinking about what

could have been or what you could have done differently I’m telling you again it’s not your fault don’t be hard on

yourself you’ve asked me many questions and I promise there will come a time

when I will answer them but now is not that time there’s a lot you still need

to do many challenges to face mountains to climb and hurdles to get over

all these challenges are here to help you grow to make you stronger and to help you be a blessing to those around

you who truly care and want the best for you entrust all your pain to me do not

carry such a heavy burden upon your shoulders for it is not one I have bestowed upon you place your past at my

feet surrender to me all the memories that torment you dedicate each day a

period of time a moment of silence away from the clamor of noise during

this Solitude I will reveal to you in a supernatural manner the depth of my love

and my Perpetual Presence by your side your life is changing everything will be

different you shall no longer shed tears due uh to the scorn and attacks of

authors as you read these words as you feel my love treasure it as the most

precious gem in your heart the the curses of your enemies will not touch you the pit they dug for you will be the

Trap into which they fall I Safeguard your comings and goings your sleep and

your waking beloved my heavenly forces surround you holding blazing swords to

keep you safe and sound I give you strength to walk fearlessly among dangers you shall not be harmed these

threats will hold no sway over you always turn to my teachings spend time in prayer and humbly come before me each

day this way you’ll be wrapped In My safeguarding Embrace hear my guiding

voice and receive my blessings those who oppose you will recognize their wrongs

feel remorse and not dare to trouble you again they will come to understand that

disrespecting my sacred name is serious and playing with faith is no

game they will see that your belief in me brings strength respect dignity

and truthfulness you and many around you will start to view your spiritual

journey with the gravity it deserves walk proudly looking up to the skies not

backward at those who tried to shame you you are in my care I will keep you steady and prevent you from tripping

over the obstacles they place in your way stand strong and do not fear their

taunts or jeers for giving in to fear could crack open the door or to more worries show no

fear in your gaze lest they think you weak and try to overpower you their attempts to undermine you will fail they

cannot touch you if they try they’ll meet me and soon realize their Frailty

when their mean-spirited plans are illuminated by my glorious light have

faith remain honest and true for victory is already yours now you may rest and

live in peace confident that nothing no one no evil can approach you or your

family live your life in complete peace and think no more of those who sought to harm

you cling to my love and evil shall never reach you live this day with joy

casting all your worries into my hands my Army of angels of light

accompanies you wherever you go and I shall never Tire of showing you and telling you that I love you

a time of abundance approaches for your life the day is coming when the fruit of

all you have sown the tears you have shed the prayers you have offered On Bended Knee will be

harvested this is the year of reaping of gathering handfuls of

blessings of safeguarding and cherishing them with wisdom and patience of not

squandering the beautiful gifts you will receive from this day forth behold the

world around you see how richly you are blessed realize that your circumstances

are more favorable than those of many others the gift of life itself is your

greatest blessing I offer you the chance to step into my presence daily to grow closer to

me to absorb my teachings and to be nurtured by them grasp the fact that my

design for this life I’ve bestowed upon you encompasses the joy of being forgiven the invaluable Treasure of

Salvation you are alive and so you have the capacity to follow my decrees heed

my teachings and be liberated from Every curse and all that

aims to harm or Rob your joy what a splendid favor it is to be alive to

inhale to cherish to observe to weep to

experience even your tears whether of Joy or sorrow are are a testament to

Your vitality as long as you live you have the chance to approach me and seize

the opportunities you need to Triumph to conquer to cast aside your burdens visit

me daily I’ll be awaiting you share your tears with me I will empathize and mourn alongside

you for I too am touched by your feelings I love you deeply and I dislike

seeing you immersed in despair despite having life and so many beautiful things

it pains me greatly that you cannot perceive my immense love amidst your profound

sorrow however today I wish to console you I come not to accuse but to offer

Solace trust in me for I am your forgiveness darling eternal life healing and Redemption feel the Divine Breeze

the fragrance of beautiful flowers the essence of spring sense this tender presence

enveloping you on this morning wherever you are my beloved child I want you to know

with certainty that a time of great blessings is on the horizon for you your

home will overflow with my care and a wonderful period of renewal is coming for you and your loved

ones tell me you trust in This Promise your difficult days are behind you a

season of Plenty and happiness is near Embrace these words with faith and stand

up for their there is much for you to achieve it fills my heart with joy to

see you active starting each day knowing I am with you your thankfulness touches

me deeply and I am moved when I see you kneel in humility your gentle heart your

commitment to following my path and the Trust In Your Eyes touch me

profoundly you have the spirit of a mighty warrior inside you are peaceful and composed osed you approach everyone

with kindness and honor many will look up to you for the choices you make the

successes you reach the victories you earn and the incredible blessings you receive and share with those who stand

by you those in need and those seeking Solace my spirit fills you with power

you wield the sword of truth your heart is courageous and your words break every

bondage remember your strength doesn’t come from yourself I Am The Giver of

your blessings and your guide to victory in every challenge guard against Pride I

don’t bestow Earthly honors or fame my Faithful Servants who spread my word and

dedicated their lives in times past were not motivated by self-seeking desires or

the chase for a claim that’s why I could work powerfully through them I desire to accomplish

great things through through you in your life and in your family but clothe your

heart in humility and trust you need not seek popularity or boast of human titles

that feain Authority I will use your hands to perform Miracles unseen by human eyes

until now The Healing Rain for your land is already pouring rivers of Living

Waters flow through your Fields your desires are revitalizing the seeds you’ve swn are

flourishing be courageous my dear because you’re going to see it with your very own eyes you’ll witness Heaven’s

doors and windows swing wide open for you I know you get what I’m saying take

this message to heart and remember it deeply I cherish you and you love me

back I take joy in hearing you say it and your heart is glad every time you do

this message is for my Fighters pay close attention all the way through if

you feel in your heart that you’re one of these Warriors know that I’ve assured you of this many times don’t brush aside

what I’m telling you because of your age health or Money Matters for all my

Warriors ready to trust in my promise I’ll make their paths clear and open

doors for them in ways they can’t imagine you’re my child I’ve picked you

out and I’m getting you ready to win when you start to doubt Hold On Tight to

the hope you find in my promises believe with all your heart because I will make

my plan happen in your life and you’ll see many good things

unfold now is the time to see yourself full of strength solid in your beliefs

and very courageous don’t be scared of any money troubles health issues or family

challenges I can clear your path of troubles and show you the way forward if you follow my teachings

when I firmly tell you not to quit to keep going and to move ahead with

boldness you’ll be able to cross great divides walk on water and not fall in

nor will any storm wash away what you’re meant to be my warrior child of my heart

your happiness and blessings rest in my hands I want you to grow stronger every day as you walk may you face the enemy

with solid and unshakable faith always secure in the knowledge that even

amidst terrible conflicts and great need I will arrive at the perfect time

to rescue you your enemies will flee when they see your resilience when their shouts no

longer intimidate you nor their threats make you surrender today I place in your hands a

holy sword the power of my word will be be on your lips your obedience and Faith go

ahead and my power backs you when you confront your fears my dear fighter you

are very precious to me now hold hands with your loved ones your children your

family and step through the door to your blessings with Faith and Hope you’re

meant to thrive I want everything you receive to grow and be filled with blessings trust in this don’t have any

doubts and don’t let your path mistakes or flaws hold you back if you’re going to believe in me

fully then believe in my ability to forgive you too if you want to enjoy

every blessing ignore those who accuse and criticize you and turn a deaf ear to

any slander don’t let the envious words of others occupy your mind and threaten

your bright future rather than being overwhelmed by fear or worry feel my

comforting touch on your heart fill yourself with joy peace hope faith

and courage I will bring joy into your life and give you reasons to praise your

life will change blessings will come from Heaven Prosperity will come to your

home freeing you from the chains of debt and past errors that affect your

finances even if you face lean times listen to my guidance and view your

circumstances with faith be ready for for New Opportunities and treat everyone you meet with great respect and

kindness I will introduce significant people into your life to lend you a hand

just as I do show friendliness and warmth as this honors the path I have

set for you amid adversity you shall rise shining brightly amidst Darkness a

testament to my omnipotent Grace let me share a secret with you one that I

impart upon on many of my children yet not all heed some remain

skeptical others reject the blessings and Promises I offer swayed by the Allure of misery and

sin however know that my love for you is unwavering believe in me lest you

squander precious time in doubt denying the blessings I extend to you you are

different uniquely attuned to my divine presence I have witnessed your wavering

Faith time and again know that I cherish you dearly embrace my blessings for a

season of abundance awaits you the fruits of your labor the tears shed and prayers uttered

shall yield a Bountiful Harvest exercise wisdom in preserving and cherishing the

blessings bestowed upon you recognizing the abundance surrounding you indeed you

are blessed fairing better than many adversaries your greatest blessing is

life at affording you the opportunity to commune with me daily to delve deeper into my

Divine wisdom and Grace understand that through this gift of life you can find Solace and

forgiveness the invaluable gift of Salvation as long as you draw breath

there exists the opportunity for Triumph to overcome adversity and relinquish

that which burdens you shed tears if need be for they serve as a reminder of

life’s Vitality as long as you live you may seek solace in my Divine Embrace finding

the strength needed to overcome life’s trials I understand your pain and offer

Solace I come not to accuse but to console for I am your forgiveness your

eternal life healing and Redemption feel the Divine Breeze the fragrance of

blossoms the essence of spring know that a season of divine provision

and restoration awaits your household believe in the promise of abundance my

child trust in my unwavering love for each day brings forth the opportunity

for improvement Feel My Embrace my guiding hands blessing your thoughts and guiding your

steps I shall shower you with blessings and delightful surprises but I implore

you to remain steadfast in your devotion here’s a simplified and direct

interpretation of the message as if it were coming from the Christian God using easily understandable

language you don’t have to say anything just close your eyes and feel the love

I’m sending you enjoy these comforting words and let the Deep Emotions fill

your heart I want you to be happy to live in peace to leave behind all

troubles and to step into a life full of blessings for you and your loved

ones even if you think you’re just an ordinary person remember you have a

special gift you can sense things in the spiritual world that others can’t we

have a special bond that goes beyond time and situations I’m here to help you

to open new opportunities for you and to lead you on the right path don’t be

jealous of what others have your real treasure is our relationship walk boldly without fear

because you’re precious to me you’re always welcome here listen to with care

and surrounded by pure strong love my dear child I love you so much

pay attention to these words and stay focused Until the End don’t get distracted or upset this is a moment to

show your patience I want to see that you can listen accept cherish and

Faithfully follow these sacred instructions I’m giving you every morning when you you wake up come and

listen to me I know you’re going through many trials sometimes you don’t even have the

energy to think but you must strive in this and be courageous a word of faith

can heal encourage uplift and prosper you immediately it is possible it is true

make the decision today to believe with all your heart that I can change you with my love tenderness patience

Commandments and advice I can transform this time of tribulation into a new day

of happiness and blessing you mean so much to me and to many others even if

some don’t value your love or seem ungrateful I notice all that you do your

willingness to Give Love Without expecting anything back is something I truly

admire I take note of all your acts of kindness in my record remember you’re

never on your own I’m right here with you plus you’ve got a huge backing from both Heaven and Earth cheering you

on my warrior angels are always set to defend you clear your way and advocate

for you your name comes up in my presence every single day I sacrificed myself so you could be

saved be free and find peace even when times are tough I’m about to show you

just how powerful My Sacrifice was in bringing blessings to you and your loved

ones I’m eager to to assist you and I’m encouraged by your willingness and Earnest effort to better yourself it

warms my heart to see you pushing toward success commit to trusting my words

promise to listen to me every morning pay attention and slowly you’ll start noticing wonderful changes around you

it’s time you truly understood who I am and approached me wholeheartedly I love you deeply I’m

reaching out to you trust in me I’m going to transform your life I’m the unique Divine solution to your problems

I’m your God your healer the one who opens doors and makes your journey

smoother my love envelopes you and your family you’re sensing my presence now

more tangibly and powerfully than ever you’ve been

[Music] long


a [Music]

a [Music]

longing to hear from me and here you are with a heart ready and thankful eager to

heed My Voice receive those words and treasure them all that attention you

used to suffer for yesterday walk confidently and with faith even if you

cannot see me with your natural eyes you can feel me believe in me you can

firmly trust in the Miracles and wonders I can perform in your life and

your family’s life give me your hand so that I may guide you patiently and gently along a holy path of love where

my will Reigns the storms become silent and the Seas calm when they hear my

voice you walk covered by a mantle of protection your peace and sec security

are so great that the noises of the night do not frighten you do not let the confusions of this world make you lose

your way never let go of my hand or divert your attention each day is

valuable for continuing the fight leave behind the problems Falls discouragement

and complaints of the past do not carry a burden that makes it impossible for you to renew your way of

thinking do not hurt yourself with your words do do not so defeat in your own

land let wise words come from your lips words that promote growth and

edification do not let the enemy convince you that you cannot change that your future is full of defeat and

problems that your destiny is depression and Oblivion for me there are no

impossibilities hold on to this truth no matter what happens your life your future your character your finances your

marital situation your family conflict even if they seem difficult I can change them if you ask

me I can start today I’m not saying it will be easy but I promise you have my

help my support and my power I love you and I always want you

to be well I want to perform the miracle you need I can do it believe me walk

with the cross on your back it had a purpose suffering the most cruel torment

on a cross was not in vain I knew that one day you would be born and walk a

path of lashes and contempt you’ve been hurt a lot by others but today I’m going

to take away all the feelings of being down and upset from your heart I went

through pain gave up my life and came back to life for you so that you can

have the chance to live a full free and joyful life

forever trust in what I say so your mind can really change and your thoughts can

become clear and positive replacing any confusion happiness will take the place

of sadness and a strong will to live will push away any feelings of

depression it’s important to love and forgive yourself I’ve already let go of

your mistakes a long time ago give me your heart my child so you can see the way I’ve laid out for you you’ll have




[Music] e is and you’ll make your mark in this

world where you’re just passing through but my blessing is what you’re meant for

I’m asking you seriously today to give me your heart and I’ll make you feel happy I’ll take away the pain that’s

been making you sad and give you the power to finally beat those things that have been

bothering you since you were young you know what I’m talking about I’ve Loved

You Just As You Are but I chose you for victory to get past the hard stuff so

you can lead others on their path to their Destiny this way many will see how

my plans work out in someone like you who has a simple heart it might be hard for you to believe you can have such

spiritual wealth what I’m offering you isn’t just empty

promises accept it with humility and be brave because I’m going to bring lots of

changes in your life I I am your life give me a chance to show you that I

can completely transform you so much that people might not even recognize you

they’ll be surprised by how strong and happy you are take up my offer give me

your heart today and let’s start a big change you and your family will find Harmony peace and

blessings [Music]

amen [Music]

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