Stay Strong in Tough Times and Keep Believing |God Message Today | God Message for You Today

my dear child in the midst of your busy

days and limited time I ask you to stop

and accept the comfort in these words a

promise that fills my heart with great

joy because of you your essence has

deeply touched me stay strong in tough

times and keep believing and I’ll give

you and your family lots of good things

today keep moving forward without being

scared Aiming High when you’re tired

take a moment to sit and talk to me open

your heart share your plans and tell me

what you want look for not just Earthly

stuff but also the pure Comfort my words

bring to your soul I give comfort that

makes you feel better and more confident

let my peaceful gesture into your heart

for I’ll always be there for you as a

sign of Hope when you’re feeling unsure

and hopeless don’t rely on people

because their love might not last

instead hold on to my love that’s always

there for you strong and steady keep

your heart safe safe from those who

might leave you knowing that my love

never leaves the peace you’re looking

for is close by so find it where you

need it most remember that I’m watching

over you even when things on Earth are

falling apart trust me as your loving

Creator and talk to me freely I’m here

as your friend ready to listen talking

to me brings Comfort heals your spirit

and calms your mind share your feelings

speak your mind and show your faith in

me today you can open up to me and hear

my gentle words of love I wait eagerly

each morning for your attention and

praise my presence takes care of your

life your family and your own remember

the challenges because I’m here to help

you with good things when you’re

faithful in small matters your thanks

and hard times will be repaid more than

you expect my love and peace are better

than anything in the world I’ve given

you strength bravery and the ability to

over come obstacles keep going trusting

serving and loving a real and Powerful

God share your feelings say what’s on

your mind and declare your faith in me

get up now Embrace Life with joy and let

these words guide you type amen if you


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