special moment of encounter with God

message from God the Blessed message son

I know you’re here listening to me now

because you sought my help and when my

powerful voice reaches you through the

words I’m speaking to you today the

storms will calm I will strengthen your

spirit stand firm on the Rock to

withstand life’s turbulence focus on me

now calm your heart close your eyes and

feel my presence for this message is

especially For You at this moment if you

love me seek me bend down and cling to

Faith although you face many trials my

strength is beside you and although

various challenges arise your faith in

me empowers you do not let yourself be

discouraged by the voices of the world

which often whisper doubts and feed

fears for here in this sacred moment you

are enveloped by the unconditional love

of the Creator who calls you by name and

extends a hand to guide you through the

Shadows towards the light

receive with humility and Faith the

words that flow from the heart of the

Divine in your moments of weakness

remember your inner strength you are a

child of the most high endowed with

gifts and potentials waiting to be

awakened do not underestimate your worth

for you are precious in my eyes more

than you can imagine rise up with

courage and determination for I Empower

you to overcome life storms and emerge

stronger than ever always remember where

there is faith there are Miracles it’s

true sometimes the burden seems

unbearable but I keep my promise to

lighten your load stand firm do not be

discouraged with today’s challenges I

give you extraordinary strength

preparing you for a Fearless tomorrow

even if some doubt hope question my

existence and underestimate the love I

offer a love that seeks healing and

restoration do not give up on the

blessings reserved for those who trust

Faithfully in me today stress and

worries are insignificant compared to

the joy that awaits you on the day when

your blessings manifest how many times

have you felt discouraged by the

criticisms of others how many times have

you allowed yourself to be swayed by the

negative words echoing around you

undermining your self-confidence and

faith in the future but today in this

moment of divine encounter I invite you

to look Beyond appearances and find

strength within yourself I know that

life’s journey is full of ups and downs

moments of joy and sadness victories and

defeats however as you face life’s

battles do not Forge

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