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Dear Son cherished daughter in this

critical moment my voice transcends time

and space to reach your heart I implore

you with tears in my eyes do not dismiss

these words for the enemy lurks poised

to seize any

opportunity my fervent wish is to

witness your flourishing to see you live

abundantly and embrace the joy I alone


provide yet the adversary seeks the

opposite scheming to lead you astray in

Into Darkness to shroud you in Despair

and to rob you of the hope I hold for

you do not be deceived dear child for

the enemy is cunning well acquainted

with your vulnerabilities he will stop

at nothing to estrange you from my love

and purpose do not succumb to his WS

heed this warning for the enemy remains

Vigilant underestimate not his power of

Allure and deception for doing so grants

him an advantage with dire

consequences instead cling steadfastly

to my word to my truth therein lies the

armor to withstand his assaults engage

not in battle alone for the struggle is

real and your life the Battleground

neglect not the importance of vigilance

and Readiness against the enemy’s

onslaughts my heart aches at the

prospect of your indifference for I

cannot bear to witness the enemy’s grip

tightening around your life

extinguishing your joy plunging you into

darkness my love for you knows no bounds

compelling me to issue this plea Hear My

Call dear child resist the Allure of

danger stand firm in my love and the

truth I impart through my word find

therein the strength to resist the

wisdom to discern and the hope to endure

yield not to the enemy deny him the

satisfaction of your defeat instead lift

your head high walk boldly in my love

let me be your Refuge your strength your

guide amid the storm disregard not this

warning my beloved child underestimate

not the enemy’s power nor the love and

protection I extend to you

together we shall confront every

challenge overcome every obstacle if you

are ready to receive the Divine

blessings reserved for you today signify

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