Sirus you weren’t supposed to know this

yet but Jesus God’s message today God

helps my dear child I want you to know

that success is within your grasp in all

you set out to do this is not just a

wish or a hope but a solemn promise from

me to you I will make it happen there’s

no need to be anxious when my mighty

hand is always there to guard comfort

and keep you safe don’t be afraid upset

discouraged or lose heart please let me

have the first word then you can open up

and share what’s on your heart but first

I have wonderful news when you wake up

tomorrow morning begin your day by being

thankful for the life you have let me

put a bright smile on your face start

your day speaking my words singing

worship songs and praying the Psalms and

when night falls as you close your eyes

have a thankful heart for all the good

things and even the trials you face that

day as you lay L your heat on the pillow

that’s been dampened by your tears let

Joy Rise Up from within you the joy that

I am placing in your heart let it become

a song of Thanksgiving I love you deeply

and I want you to trust and know that my

love is far greater than anything you’ve

experienced before sometimes you

faltered yet I was there reaching out to

tenderly lift you up you acknowledged

your faults and wrongdoings and I

forgave you my forgiveness lasts for

forever even if you stumble again I

won’t change my mind I won’t dredge up

your past failures through the might of

my blood and my rising from the dead the

shackles that once bound you have been

shattered no addiction bad habit

negative thought person or thing in this

world has the power to enslave you again

they aren’t strong enough to undo what I

have done I forgave you broke your

chains took your pain away restored your

soul and wrapped you in my faithfulness

I raised you up with my love and now

your heart is clean and pure like a

child’s once more you have a childlike

Spirit even before I made the world I

gazed at you with love your name and

destiny were recorded in my book from

that moment I eagerly awaited your

arrival to gently lead you on every road

you travel it broke my heart to see how

some people mistreated you failing in

their responsibilities and letting me

down but here I am unwavering and true I

will never abandon or desert you so I

encourage you in those times when you

are seeking me come to me with complete

trust ask boldly because I know you

won’t ask for fool foolish things I

understand you’re here

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