SERIOUS ALERT!- “YOU’RE A TARGET” – THE HOLY SPIRIT | God’s Message Today | God Helps

serious alert you’re a Target the Holy

Spirit God’s message today God helps my

beloved child you are not the same as

you were before today you stand ready

poised to make choices with a new found

shest pay no heed to those mired in

negativity seeking to drag you back

their approval is not needed many

secretly wish to see you fail when you

share your plans they will try to sway

you to make you Retreat to your former

State broken and defeated but this will

not not be your fate for I am right here

with you you will Forge ah head

Unstoppable and when the time is right

your faith will be the key that unlocks

the doors and I will walk through them

with you news of your struggles will

spread but I will place incredible

blessings within your reach handle them

with care letting them multiply and pave

the way for even greater

things in time you and your loved ones

will work towards a future and home

filled with hope encourage your children

teach them many things the leaders of

the future are growing up under your

roof but this can only happen if you

honor me at home letting your children

see it let your life speak volumes about

what you believe don’t just accept a

short temper like it’s some fixed part

of you to me anything can be changed the

coldest Hearts can be made soft those

who once spoke in Rage will soon laugh

and smile like little children on the

lips that once spoke against me I will

put a cleansing fire and only kind words

will come out words sweet like sugar

that’s how much I can transform you so

your family knows my power is the real

deal even when the world comes after

them for their beliefs even when they

say I’m not real and can’t do a thing

for you trust me my glory is about to

show up in your home like never before

your neighbors will see my light shining

at night with angels glowing on every

part of your house an incredible

Spiritual Awakening is starting with

your family these are the final days and

plenty of people talk about them wanting

to uncover the secrets of my return but

deep down they aren’t really looking for

me I’ll only show my love to those who

truly honestly believe in me who aren’t

scared to hand their whole soul over to

me those who carry my message and give

up their lives for it out of pure love

for others this is the strong word I’m

planting deep inside you take not of

where you’re hearing this and remember

this exact moment stand tall and look

way out into the distance a spiritual

Revival is Spa

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