alert this is why I chose you the Holy

Spirit God’s message

today God helps my beloved child I see

you I know you’ve been waiting a long

time for me to move in your life like

the man at the pool of Bethesda who

waited years for healing you’ve been

hoping praying and believing for your

breakthrough you faced obstacles

setbacks and opposition that have tried

to keep you from the destiny I have for

you but I want you to know that your

season of waiting is over your time has

come I am the god who sees I have seen

every tear you’ve cried every

disappointment you faced every time

you’ve been overlooked or rejected I

know the pain the struggles the defeats

but I am here to tell you that it’s time

to rise up it’s time to shake off the

shame the guilt the feelings of failure

it’s time to pick yourself up and walk

into the new thing I am doing the enemy

has tried to hold you back to keep you

trapped in cycles of lack sickness and

Brokenness he stolen from you stripped

you of what rightfully belongs to you

but no more I am bringing you into a

season of restoration and Redemption

what the enemy meant for harm I am

turning around for your good I am giving

you back everything he’s taken your joy

joy your peace your health your

relationships your finances it’s all

coming back to you pressed down shaking

together and running over this is your

moment your appointed time for favor and

blessing just like the man at the pool

your Miracle is going to happen suddenly

unexpectedly supernaturally One Touch

from me changes everything one word from

my mouth shifts the trajectory of your

life I am moving swiftly on your behalf

accelerating the dreams and Promises

I’ve placed within you what took years

to build will happen in a moment

overnight I am catapulting you to new

levels you are stepping into a season of

unprecedented increase and multip

application I am expanding your

boundaries enlarging your territory you

will be fruitful in every area of your

life your family your work your ministry

you will be a city on a hill a light

shining in the darkness the world around

you will see my goodness and Glory

manifested through you this is not a

time to shrink back in fear or unbelief

it’s a time to arise and shine to step

out in bold faith and obedience I am

doing a new thing thing making a way in

the wilderness and streams in the

Wasteland I am restoring the years the

locusts have eaten recompensing you for

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