alert the one thing you don’t

know the Holy Spirit God’s message today

God helps my precious child I see your

pain and struggles I’ve been there in

your darkest moments when life felt too

heavy remember the times you cried until

you had no tears left I was holding you

giving you strength to keep going look

back at your journey no matter how many

times you’ve been knocked down you

always got back up stronger than before

you’ve left those past hurts behind you

know what needs to be done come to me

when you’re uncertain when the obstacles

seem insurmountable or you’re exhausted

remember my deep love for you your life

keeps moving forward powered by my

constant love my spirit gives you

strength and your life is full of

blessings even now after everything you

faced and accomplished you may feel

unsure weak or worried you might

question if I’m really watching over you

I want to remind you of my Limitless

love and tell you to release those

negative thoughts your life story is

written in my book I guarantee your

success I’m your heavenly father your

all powerful God giving you life and

strength I am your provider with amazing

plans for your future pay attention to

what I’m saying open your heart and be

filled with hope because I will always

bless you every day doubts and

discouragement will try to break you but

my grace and love will constantly

surround you give yourself complete

completely to me because I want to show

you incredible things you haven’t seen

yet I have so much to reveal and many

dreams to place in your heart I’m your

father your protector your deepest love

your faithful friend when you pray and

talk to me know that I I am near one day

I will wipe away all your tears and

remove all the pain you experienced I’m

saying these words so you’ll always

remember my promise to you and know how

much I care about your happiness

fulfillment and blessings trust me

completely and don’t let doubt fear or

thoughts of loss affect you if you keep

moving forward holding firmly to my

words the best things will come to you

quickly and abundantly I love you and

will always be here for you I’m watching

over you your family your finances and

your health I hear every prayer you pray

and I will answer each one according to

my plan plan and timing you’re going to

receive more than you ever dreamed of

I’m strengthening your faith and giving

you the courage to move forward with

confidence and certainty come to me with

hope and be filled with my pee

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