Seek and You Shall Receive |


my dear child believe and affirm my teachings I will provide all you need

for a life filled with blessings I will realize your dreams and desires within your home bringing about

remarkable and beautiful transformations in you infusing your soul with joy and

your heart with happiness today I urge you to act upon what you’ve learned from my

teachings my child it’s vital to transform your thoughts so your words

will follow suit reject any negative speech let not your words hinder the

wonderful blessings I’ve planned for you banish negativity from your thoughts and

shut out disbelief from your heart avoid thoughts that diminish your faith and block Heaven’s riches from your life and

your families ignore distractions from the enemy don’t all for their

deceit distance yourself from those whose words harm and

Destroy refrain from unproductive behaviors that could obstruct your dreams and

desires let my teachings refresh your mind and continually strengthen your

faith speak and declare my words daily and you will harvest the fruits of your

speech a life of abundance and blessing remember if you have faith in me and ask

confidently your requests will materialize your life your family and

your future will Thrive for those who trust in me will never face

disappointment as your God and Father when you abide by my word your life is

under my care you need not worry for I am with you safeguarding your life in

perfect peace ready to assist and enable you to surmount any barrier through

faith you have the power to topple anything that obstructs your journey towards success and

prosperity dear child always remember my deepest desire is to reshape your life

through my teachings to guide you to vistas of new experiences where you can

bask in my peace joy and happiness it is my hope that you accomplish your

Ambitions and fulfill your plans just keep your faith robust

immerse yourself in the knowledge of my teachings Proclaim and declare them and

you will discover the necessary strength to surmount every Challenge and

hardship I will ensure you have all you need for a life filled with blessings enabling you to cherish harmonious and

United moments with your family believe in me my child for I am

perpetually with you even in moments when my presence seems elusive I am beside you in each Sunbeam

in every wind that gently brushes your face and in every smile from your loved

ones remember my love for you and that you are my most Splendid creation

crafted with a wonderful purpose brimming with potential and

Grace do not let negative assertions hinder you do not allow difficulties to

erode your confidence in me I have endowed you with the strength capability

and bravery needed to tackle any situation or problem regardless of its

magnitude if anything in your mind or heart hinders your growth and progress in faith cast it aside

now reject Notions that do not align with my teachings and limit your potential I have designed you for

greatness and have destined you for a life of blessings blessings that will surpass any current

challenges beloved child place your trust in me I will not let you down I will fulfill

all that I have promised today while you may not perceive or feel it immediately

I am actively working for your benefit and when the right time arrives when you are fully prepared I will unlock the

doors necessary for achieving your goals dreams and plans but for now I ask for your faith

and trust in me refresh your mind with my teachings immerse yourself in them

Proclaim and declare them over your life I assure you your life will be

transformed as you alter your thinking your living will change so do not lose heart continue to

press forward I will always be by your side to support you you are my beloved

Son my beloved daughter and it is my utmost wish for you to find joy and

prosper in all aspects please my child never forget

that faith is n ured by listening and listening comes from my teachings through faith you can

accomplish all your aims move forward do not cease in declaring my teachings but

rise with resolve and bravery speak now blessings not curses

for your words hold the power and authority to overcome every hindrance and negativity blocking your blessings

today declare with faith Health Prosperity over your life your children

and your descendants May every Endeavor you undertake be fruitful and may you

achieve all your objectives and plans just trust in me and I will make your

life shine like the morning sun growing brighter until the day is at its best in

me you will not be afflicted by need or scarcity for I will make your

aspirations and desires achievable I will enhance your financial situation

and nurture the growth of your family relationship ship please have faith in my words today for I am not one to offer

joy and then fail to provide it I am your father loving you since the dawn of

time I wish for you to welcome my love into your heart and accept the grace and favor I lay before you now is the moment

to place your trust in me completely with your mind heart and

soul release emotions that cause harm and lead to mistakes and cease clinging

to Earthly worries that hinder your life and inner peace though you have given much and

received pain in return with me you will endure no more

suffering I love you even if it seems difficult to

comprehend just believe and accept it for my profound love for you stems from

the fact that you are my most cherished treasure my child fashioned in my own

image you are worth my most precious sacrifice realize that my aim is to

guide you to the destiny I’ve planned for you a journey filled with favor and blessings where all is well securing a

thriving present and future also understand that following my

will brings Grace and joy to your life extending to each family member be

assured that you can wait on me with confidence for I will respond to your

prayers the gates to my heavenly realm are always open to you you are free to

come forth boldly securely and with Assurance for I never let down those who

put their trust in me when the adversary attempts to Rob your faith and Assurance

stand firm against it ignore his voice and his false charges do not be afraid

or dismayed remain strong and courageous and I will enrich you with blessings and Mercies

remember my grace and might will always support you I will be there guiding you

transforming your problems into blessings your sadness into joy and your crying into

happiness child I love you and will always take care of you my daughter my

son do not forget that I am thinking of you even at this moment please trust in

me and leave everything in my hands I will make sure that in me you find a path of well-being prosperity and much

happiness receive and believe it you have reached out to me in prayer and I

have listened this is why I am coming to your home today to transform your fate I

understand your suffering and your need for my assistance prepare yourself for I am

about to visit you as your almighty God the performer of Wonders today I bring

you the bravery and and strength necessary to conquer the challenge you face do not fear I am aware of your

feelings but now is the time to acknowledge your need for I see that you and your family are enduring a vast

desert where Solitude Withers hope and the harshness of this desert scorches

causing tears of Anguish I know it’s challenging to continue and believe that even in the

midst of this pain my hand is supporting you however you must realize that faith

is the key that unlocks the door to Miracles today I assure you that your current trials are merely a part of a

process like gold that only glows when refined by fire you too will emerge

shining and purified from the negative aspects still within you now is the moment to let go of anger

Pride fear doubt and lack of faith do not dwell on the past as nothing from

there can bring you closer to the joy and blessings I have in store for you my

dear one do not be overwhelmed by your current struggles or grow

impatient for throughout this process You are not alone I am with you

safeguarding you from adversaries who seek to harm you do not worry about

losing material possessions or grieve over them focus on what truly matters

love and pursue me wholeheartedly remember I am your God and provider ready with numerous

miracles for you my power remains unceasing for you I

desire to Grant you exactly what you need let me fill you with genuine blessings and open doors of

opportunity allow me to abundantly bestow blessings upon you I have the

power to turn negative circumstances in your favor so do not lose hope hope

behind every Challenge and frustration behind each barrier I am ready with

blessings and prosperity just be prepared to receive and wisely Steward them child seek me

wholeheartedly cherish my words and never cease praying for the Miracles I

have for you are far from over concentrate on what’s essential be

strong and Valiant on this journey of faith for if you do I will en Rich you and shower you with Supernatural

blessings and Miracles more precious than gold I will be with you in every

step guiding your path towards a future filled with hope and promise in me you will find the

resilience to face any adversity turning your struggles into stepping stones for growth and

success my child remember that in your weakest moments my strength is made

perfect your Journey may seem long and arduous but I am your steadfast

companion turning each obstacle into an opportunity for Triumph as you navigate through life’s

complexities know that I am molding and shaping you refining you like gold in

the fire every experience every challenge is

part of my grand design crafted to bring out the best in you to reveal the depth

of your character and the strength of your spirit in this process you will discover

abilities you never knew you had and you will develop a faith that can move

mountains Embrace this journey with courage and determination let your heart be filled

with unwavering faith and let your spirit soar with the knowledge that with me all things are

possible stand firm in your convictions and let your actions reflect the depth of your

faith as you do you will witness Miracles unfolding in your life Miracles

that will not only change you but also Inspire those around you in me you will

find not just a source of strength but also a Wellspring of wisdom and

understanding I will Enlighten your mind and guide your decisions leading you to choices that bring peace joy and

fulfillment trust in my timing for it is perfect

your dreams and aspirations are not forgotten they are being nurtured and cultivated ready to bloom at the

appointed time let go of any fears or doubts that may Cloud your

vision look to me and I will light your path Illuminating each step toward the

future filled with blessings and abundance your journey may have its

share of Trials but it is also filled with Incredible potential and Endless

Possibilities my beloved child as you continue to walk in faith keep your eyes

fixed on the horizon where the dawn of a new day awaits a day where your dreams and

aspirations will manifest in ways you never imagined trust in my love for it is

unfailing believe in my promises for they are true I am always with you

guiding supporting and loving you every step of the way in your journey with me

you will learn the power of perseverance and the beauty of enduring faith I call

upon you to be a Beacon of Hope and a vessel of my love spreading light in the

darkness that surrounds many you are destined not just for your own growth

but to be an instrument of change in the lives of others your trials and triumphs

will serve as a testament to my goodness and mercy as you walk with me your understanding

of my ways will deepen you will see how every challenge you face is intricately woven into a

larger tapestry a masterpiece that I am creating in your life your patience will

be rewarded and your faith will be fortified you will emerge from every

trial stronger and more resilient equipped with wisdom and compassion born

of experience in moments of Doubt or dis spare when the path seems unclear turn

to me in prayer I am your Guiding Light your unwavering source of strength I will

provide Clarity and Direction leading you through valleys and over mountains always toward a place of peace and

fulfillment you are never alone for my presence is a constant companion on your

journey As you move forward embrace the journey with a heart full of gratitude

each day is a gift an opportunity to grow closer to me and to embody the

virtues of kindness patience and love in your interactions with others

let your words and actions be guided by my teachings becoming a living example of my

grace in times of Triumph give thanks and in times of trial seek my face know

that I am shaping you into a vessel fit for my purpose molding your character to reflect my image

the challenges you face are not punishments but rather opportunities to develop a character that pleases me and

benefits those around you your life is a precious narrative

each chapter written with purpose and intention as you continue this journey

remember that your story is still being written there are chapters yet to unfold

filled with hope joy and the Fulfillment of promises yet to be

realized keep walking in faith trusting in my unfailing love and infinite

wisdom the road ahead is filled with promise and potential and I am with you

every step of the way as the end of the year approaches and the season of Christmas draws near

let this time be a reminder of the hope and renewal that I bring into your life Christmas is not just a celebration

of an event from the past but a living symbol of my presence and love that

continues to resonate in your life it’s a time to reflect on the blessings I

have bestowed upon you throughout the year and to look forward with anticipation to what the New Year

holds during this season let your heart be filled with joy and gratitude

remember the journey you’ve been on the trials you’ve overcome and the growth you’ve

experienced Christmas is a testament to the promise promise of new beginnings and the enduring nature of my love for

you it symbolizes the light I bring into the darkness of the world a light that

you too carry within you embrace the spirit of giving and

kindness that characterizes this season as you celebrate with family and

friends remember those who are less fortunate let the love you share with others be a reflection of my love for

you be generous not just with material gifts but with your time your attention

and your compassion the end of the year is also a time for

introspection reflect on the lessons learned and the wisdom gained it’s a time to set aside any past Grievances

and look forward to a future filled with hope and possibility as you celebrate Christmas

let it renew your faith and strengthen your resolve to walk in my ways

remember my child the true essence of Christmas is found in the love peace and

joy that emanate from a heart attuned to mind it’s a celebration of life of Hope

and of the promise of Salvation as you gather around the Christmas tree sing carols and share in

the festivities let these activities be expressions of the deeper joy and peace

that I provide as you step into the the New Year carry with you the lessons and

blessings of the past year embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie

ahead knowing that I Am with You guiding and supporting you in every

moment my precious child darling of my heart do not fear for you already

possess my blessing soon you will rise above the troubles that currently weigh

heavily on your mind remember I have promised to always

be by your side guiding and protecting you wrapping you in my Divine

love just as the sun emerges after a storm my light will illuminate your path

and guide you to a place of peace and Tranquility trust in my love and my power which are greater than any

challenge you may face I Am With You Always showering you with blessings and

fortifying your spirit I know you understand this well

but I also want you to demonstrate it by wiping away those tears from your face and having the confidence to come into

my presence wherever you may be simply close your eyes call out to me and I

will answer you whether your voice is loud with desperation or quiet with

Whispers I will listen Miracles begin when your faith is ignited search in my

word for the sacred promise where I clearly stated that if you believe in me and fill your

heart with my word greater Miracles you will see through your faith and prayers

turning them into reality so do not fear and never be

discouraged ask of me and I will give unto you place your hands upon the sick

and I will heal them rebuke the winds the financial troubles and the

storms banish from your home the disputes and animosities I ities speak my word with reverence and Faith for no

Miracle is beyond my reach I desire and am able to bless you to deepen your

understanding of my word and to fortify your heart do not fear when adversaries

threaten your family many consumed by their own wrongdoings and isolated in their Solitude roam like roaring Lions

seeking to divide and plunder innocent families but you and all in your

household stand firm Raise Your Hands In Praise and pray to my holy name for when I hear

your voic is raised in faith your enemies will flee and be vanquished tomorrow wake with a renewed

Spirit it is time to refresh your thoughts to dispel negativity and to

dedicate yourself to persistently seeking me regardless of the circumstances you will advance despite

your setbacks I assure you my child there is hope for you and your family it

is true that some may waver and Others May gradually lose their faith but I am

here ready to forgive everyone to purify their hearts and souls and to grant them the strength to

resist temptation should they falter again they will rise a new humble in spirit and

eager for repentance and transformation I will be here waiting for them

I understand you are human and the world you live in is fraught with

challenges it is tough to Traverse the mire and dirt without selling your white garments with faults and guilt but hear

this from me directly I am your loving father the companion who walks beside

you and in all matters of false failure sins and forgiveness I’m your staunch

Advocate and Defender what a blessed position you hold in the Heavenly Court your Victory

is certain for you have a loyal and sincere heart an advocate who defends you a judge who loves you and overlooks

your faults because you have sought refuge in the Redemption I secured for

you on that painful cross now tell me do you accept my

forgiveness do you joyfully receive my blessing will you stop dwelling on the

past you will no longer mourn over those who have hurt you what once seemed like

love turned into an obsession and they cleverly trapped you with their deceitful

ways but that is behind you now and there it will stay all the painful

memories will fade from your mind and when you wake tomorrow you will not focus on negative

thoughts rise and give thanks for your life and your family for the new mercies

I am preparing for you I am lifting you to a spiritual level where troubles

vanish when you close your eyes and call out to me I grant you freedom to fortify

yourself and prepare for the new opportunities that will soon bring great blessings for you and your family but

now I ask you to affirm with all your heart that you believe and that today

you joyfully accept my love and blessing I speak to you with all my

affection and love feel your anxiety fade away as you listen to my voice

take a moment to rest spend a few minutes In My Embrace here as I comfort your soul tell

me what I can do to restore your peace You Are by my side and I do not want you

to suffer I want you to enjoy the blessings I am giving you and to have a zest for Life learn to trust in my word

to be sure that I fulfill my promises and to recognize my voice when I speak

to you I desire for your relationship with me to be stronger closer and more

transparent soon you will begin to comprehend all the Wonders I plan to perform in your life but for that you

must kneel daily and sincerely seek me the moments you spend with me are

precious and I have shown you this by filling you with peace and love whenever you take even a few minutes to pray it

is time for you to witness miraculous and Supernatural

events open your eyes to the countless opportunities around you look in the

mirror and see beyond what the person before you can see you are the bearer of my blessing

and power you are an Invincible Warrior feared by your enemies steadfast in your

decisions and victorious in your conflicts my dear child what are you

waiting for Rise Up open your arms and receive all the blessings I am bestowing

upon you do not waste time again by thinking you do not deserve them because

it is not about your level of perfection I’ve already cleansed you with my BLU

and granted you my forgiveness listen to me my dear and accept my love do not

continue to doubt believe it with all your heart calm your heart ease your

mind stop worrying about those things you have entrusted to me today with faith believe in my love accept my peace

receive my comfort embrace my forgiveness I am in control I am helping

you and I will not let you be defeated I will not let anyone humiliate you lift

your head high for if you believe in my word walk with firm steps and do not

fear those who oppose you receive with faith what I am speaking to you be

filled with strength and you will not be overcome I know sometimes you may feel

weak but you need not worry even if your enemies appear formidable with your

faith in my power you can overcome be like Giants and anyone who dares to

challenge you will be defeated the days ahead will be filled with

joy stand firm and persist through the trials if things do not seem to go as

you planned it is because they are unfolding according to my will therefore

rejoice when you encounter conflicts smile and keep your peace when many

enemies confront you fear nothing for as challenges increase your blessings grow

greater and my grace upon you is poured out you are unique you have chosen to

believe to persist and to persevere you have cast aside fear and in the midst of

Trials your remarkable faith has allowed you to endure that is why today I increase your

blessings I will open the doors of Heaven for you your peace and strength

will grow even greater I grant you the gift of wisdom I am filling you with

hope so that you may continue to Embrace Life do not stop for anything keep

moving forward until you achieve your goals you will feel Supernatural Joy

when you see my promises come to life in you no longer hold back your tears your

heart is overflowing with so many turbulent emotions like waves cry my

child for I know there are many storms in your mind and your soul is weary you

do not need to hide your feelings from me you can speak to me honestly for I

value your sincerity your tears are precious to me and when you cry out you touch my heart cry out in your pain cry

out when you find yourself at a loss for words and unable to express your overwhelming

feelings cry out when you feel at the end of your strength when you confront

insurmountable obstacles and feel frustrated by your inability to move

forward you might feel like you have failed but it’s time to realize that only with my help can you overcome the

obstacles before you to today marks the day of your freedom you no longer need

to endure humiliation or contempt if you believe with faith that

the king of Heaven came to this earth to suffer for you to endure all possible

pain and torment if you believe in your heart that I gave my life on a cross so

that you might truly live then embrace the courage I am providing you today

feel it as your being is healed by my power I give you courage and strength today to

rise up and move away from the things that cause you so much distress and anguish go forward now with confidence

to face the day today I fill you with peace and strength no one can take this

Joy from you I am here by your side if you wish to speak with me to tell me how

things are going and if you want to return to my arms and cry come and cry

and I will welcome you embracing you with all my affection immerse yourself in me the journey is still long and

thousands of Joys await you keep fighting and protecting the dreams that are just beginning to

sprout grow and become great be happy but you must continue the fight filling

yourself with my spirit staying connected with me and I with you for in me you will always find strength in the

answers to your toughest questions close your ears to other other voices for when you speak to me I

respond and I will tell you what you need to know clearly I am your guide and

I want to guide you take you by the hand and lead you along your entire Journey

protecting you in sad moments with my hand on your shoulder so you know I am always with you in every

situation at all times ready to love you that is why fill yourself with me I

have many many many blessings to give you fill yourself with me live Rejoice

sing Let The Living Waters of my power flow through you if others hate you on

your path I love you if you are dead to others you live for me indeed deep

within my eternal heart from which I will never cast you out immerse yourself in the sea of trust and let my voice

guide you do not be swept away by the unstable currents that seek to throw you against the sharp rocks

they aim to steal your spirit demotivate you and kill your immense desire to

succeed when you aspire to sore High there will always be contrary winds

attempting to pull you into an abyss if you want to achieve true success you

will need a companion on your journey someone who truly understands you who does not judge you who always cares for

you and assists you and I am here to accompany you

fill yourself with me take my hand I have thousands of blessings to give you

I will not fail you I will not abandon you I will not despise you I will not leave you

alone in any moments of sadness or loneliness whatever you’re feeling right

now set aside those negative feelings and embrace this truth in your

soul I love you immensely this Divine affection I feel for you is boundless

vast beyond words there’s no way to fully describe it or explain it but you

will only truly experience it if you shut out all the voices that belittle you and undermine your worth I love you

let me say it again it’s not about understanding it intellectually if you want to survive and emerge Victorious

from this great challenge you must choose to believe in this situation

there’s not much you can do on your own you won’t Prevail through physical might

or armies but by the power of my Holy Spirit who descends like a white dove

and rests upon your shoulder responding to the call of your faith it’s impossible for you to reach my Throne by

your own merits and actions trying to please me is futle if you remain trapped

in disbelief I love you I know you have sinned and made mistakes I understand

the pain of failure and your desire not to to fail again you come before me

seeking another chance regardless of what happens don’t lose your faith be strong

and brave do not be afraid or discouraged for I am always with you wherever you go I will be by your side

dressing you in Royal garments sending my Army of angels to protect you and

arming you with my shield and sword I have witnessed I am witnessing

and I will continue to witness your faith don’t come to me with offerings of empty

wealth I don’t desire talents and abilities just because they earn human

admiration what I want first is your faith small simple and

sincere no one impresses me by boasting about their material wealth and false

power I will bless those with honest and faithful Souls with Humble Hearts I will

deliver the oppressed those who truly believe in this holy love to all who

wish to live under the shelter of the most high and the shadow of the

almighty I’ve set my eyes on you because I know who you are your faults don’t

scare me your secrets don’t push me away your weaknesses don’t anger me and your

poor decisions don’t make me reject you always remember I am not human I do not

lie I do not judge you I love you unconditionally and selflessly because I

want to love you forever nothing will change my mind my grace and mercy are

Everlasting but if you reject my word and join groups of disbelief if you reject this truth you are making a grave

mistake here with me you find love and affection emotions so profound and often

Beyond understanding but if you choose to drift away you’re left with only one

option to live forever in deception and end up broken in the pit of

despair I am your protector your guide and your friend I will always be by your

side to support you and help you find the right path don’t fear or be ashamed to ask for

my help when you need it even if the situation seems

insurmountable I assure you that with my divine intervention you can overcome anything in your way no matter how great

the adversity you face you can always count on me I am your

faithful companion your true Shepherd your protector when you feel All Is Lost and

you can’t go on remember that I am here to give you strength to lift you up when

you fall and to guide you towards my light together we can overcome anything

because I know that the love you have for me is stronger than all obstacles

my love for you is Limitless and boundless no matter your mistakes or sins my love will always be greater and

stronger so don’t lose faith and don’t let sadness overwhelm you do not

hesitate to ask for my help I am here to listen to your deepest needs to dry your

tears and to give you strength peace tranquility and

wisdom there is nothing I care about more than your physical emotional and spiritual well-being I am always ready

to take care of you and love you let happiness fill your life prepare your soul and seek me every

day never forget who blesses you and guards your heart I’m always here for

you my eternal love transcends crisis the threats of this world may mislead

you and make you feel trapped but I have come to breathe life into you to strengthen your faith to open your

spiritual eyes and to assure you that the value and love I offer will not

diminish because of your faults or the multitude of your problems I will rescue you from the pit

you’ve fallen into I’m reaching out my hand to you and I will raise you to a

place of spiritual strength you are incredibly valuable to me I need you to

know this in the morning as the sun rises think of me when my ray of light

shines through your window know that my Mercy is renewed and my spirit invites you to spend time in prayer tell me how

you feel share your plans with me and confide your fears in me and I will

reinforce my promise and answer your prayers the most important thing is that

with every minute you spend in sincere Faith you can feel in your heart how I

embrace you with immense love and provide the security you need to navigate your

days I have erased the pages where your tears were recorded in red ink I have

forgiven your sins I have permanently removed all the causes of your pain from your heart I have personally removed

those roots that kept reminding you of your despair you are free truly

free tell me you believe it write these words on a piece of paper you are free

forever because of this love not because you earned your Freedom or through your

Perfection I know very well that you cannot free yourself from Eternal punishment your freedom has been secured

and your debts are cleared your Victory is guaranteed my promises are steadfast

because they are sealed with immense profound and beautiful love I don’t want

you to ask me to explain this rather live it feel it embrace it this

wonderful love fills your heart you who are hesitant to believe in love

because people have let you down look who has come I the creator of the

universe have come to find you to tell you with the most unexpected methods how much I care you don’t need to travel to

distant places or climb mountains to hear my voice I want to touch your heart here

and now in this moment you can already feel the immense love I have for you and

even if you were reluctant to accept it I love you so much that I won’t let you stray away from me so Embrace this new

life free from loneliness and fear enveloped in my affection sailing on an

ocean of Happiness while my love guides your journey towards the harbor where

you’ll receive the crown of Victory there you will be blessed with eternal joy prosperity and sacred Treasures no

can rob you if you decide to transform your life you must cast aside all

disbelief the enemy tries to seow doubts in your mind because he does not want

you to know me to see for yourself how all my promises are

fulfilled I want your simple Faith humility in your heart not relying on

your own Prudence bring me your plans at the start of the day and allow me to be

your Shepherd guiding you to the Lush Green Pastures you so desire here my presence Reigns not your

emotions anxiety has no place your heart lives in peace neither bad news nor

hardships can shake you long for the day when you get to know me better when you receive my

forgiving love and accept it just as you are I love you unconditionally this

sweet affection will transform you your character will change you won’t wake up

fearful of what might happen you are not weak you are strong you are not cowardly

you are brave you are not enslaved by despair because I have given you a

spirit of love and power those unstable emotions will come under my

authority instead of anxiety and fear my strength will fill your

heart today you receive freedom and realize who you truly are you are my

child you radiate with my grace truth peace and blessings wherever you go they

will follow you you’re deserving of my love and you always will be don’t feel unworthy I want all doubts

and fears to leave your mind and for you to be truly happy every day at any

moment my love is available to you even if you make mistakes I will be here to

love and listen listen to you because only my love has the power

to transform you that’s why I’m always ready to show you the best path to

transform you into a person of kindness blessed and full of Virtues I’m here to

guide you to save your soul to cleanse you and fill you with wisdom so you

don’t make the same mistake again you know well that I’ll never deny you my

love I want to transform your life give you health and prosperity I will never abandon you I

will always be by your side to help you lead a life of great victories I’ve told you many times how

precious you are to me the more you persist in loving me obeying me and

walking with me the more I’ll bless you I’m here to extend my hand and pull

you out of the deep pit where life’s challenges have thrown you it’s time for you to stop suffering and leave behind

the path of pain today I fill you with my love I grant you the profound peace

you need to rise and continue forward I give you the strength to walk in faith

and make positive changes in your life hand over all your feelings of

guilt and shame let your heart be filled with my love and strength I forgive you

embrace me and join me in a new life I’m rescuing you right now I want you you to

feel worthy of my love my blessings and all the joy I am offering because you

are my child and you deserve a life filled with light wisdom and

abundance even in the midst of your toughest struggles when you face scarcities and persecutions I will be

with you and provide all that you need do not fear anything your life and

your family’s lives are in my hands today I offer for you the purest love

there is listen to this it is worth continuing to fight it is worth enduring

your prayers sleepless nights tears perseverance and pain will yield great

fruit and transform into a wonderful blessing the change in your family will

happen don’t doubt it don’t despair you will witness it with your own eyes do

not grow weary of sewing even if your hands are tired and your eyes are

tearful one day everyone will see how you return Victorious with the wonderful fruits of your struggles and pain you

may not understand it now but you know well that you cannot give up the future

ahead of you is in my hands I hold your life in my care but I also need your

steadfast faith that fervent and courageous way you believe the promises

you are hearing and embracing are the foundation of your blessing they are the basis for the many

blessings that will enter your life I hope you heed my advice and take time today to seek me to be filled with my

spirit to receive all that I have for you breathe in my peace calm down

organize all your thoughts and focus the strength I give you on aspects of your life your relationship with me your

family your dreams your desires the mission I’ve entrusted to

you let my my words echo in your mind and be inscribed on your soul engraved

in your heart know that my love for you is so immense that I will not let anyone harm

you or allow the blessings I have given you to be squandered you will never accept defeat if in the days ahead you

feel overwhelmed and think it’s not worth fighting or living remember your

battling emotions and feelings but I have the final say I I will take you by

the hand and not let you sink further I will rescue you I will lift you up I

love you deeply open your arms to the enormous blessings coming your way you

are under my protection and Care everything you receive is from my grace

and love recognize this and be grateful you will recover many things you cherished

and lost those family members who were angry and had drifted away will rethink

their actions and return realizing their mistakes it’s good that you also

recognized your errors and repented it’s wonderful that you’ve chosen to return

to the right path you were never meant to be with the Enemy even though they tried to ruin your life and take your

happiness and blessings I will reward your repentance with my grace and

kindness understand that you still have many years years ahead and you must live

them well strive to keep learning from me and strengthen your faith in my

promises in my word with me you will defeat armies that oppose you leap over

walls that try to stop you and perform Feats at just the right

moment when it seems like you’ve reached the end you will see my powerful hand

departing the sea making a way for you in the desert reigning Majestic blessings upon you you must come to me

and take refuge under my care when things get tough but please don’t try to

fight that cruel battle with your own strength I’ve made you Brave so that you can believe in my word so you can

advance confidently knowing that my hand protects you let others boast of their

power and skill that they don’t really possess but you trust and believe in me

and you will go further than others if you Faithfully keep my Commandments I understand very well that

there will be times when you will fail feel weak and tired lacking the desire

to continue fighting but for that very reason I came I died on a cross and

resurrected with power and glory to lift you up in your difficult moments to assist you at all

times I won’t be far away if you call me I’ll never ignore you when you need me I

won’t ignore you this is my promise and my Covenant it’s still valid and I

haven’t forgotten it call out to me and I will answer you showing you wonders and miracles beyond

your wildest dreams I am your Almighty forgiving and

merciful god start each day with me I’ll be waiting for you I Delight in showing

you how much I love you now let me ask you a question listen carefully and

answer without fear whatever your response I will still love you you have

my support in the good things you do I will continue to bless and protect

you it’s not a difficult question but some who claim to seek me remain silent

unsure of what to say or do perhaps at this moment you don’t fully understand

who you are and and what you can become before you respond hear this message

again engrave it write it down share it with many feel how these words lift

fears from your mind and strengthen your convictions and Faith this growing flame

within your spirit cannot be quenched my Holy Spirit has descended upon you and

from today forward expect to witness wonders and

miracles now please answer me in the face of the trials you encounter what

will you do will you march forward like a valiant Soldier or will you shrink

back in fear will you endure humiliations and let the wicked Prevail

over you or will you rise up in my holy name and seize the victory that I have

already secured for you tell me that you won’t fear anything

or anyone no matter how big strong rich or intelligent they may be even if your

enemy dresses in intimidating attire and their threats make cowards tremble you

won’t fear because the almighty God is with you who are those Wicked ones to

challenge you they seek only to instill fear in you understand this if you’re

going to take your faith seriously recognize all the authority I’m giving you I’m not granting you this Authority

so you can humiliate or harm your brothers and sisters or to boast about who you are to

others my power doesn’t work in your life without humility but in your

peaceful heart my presence dwells and with the right attitude you will conquer

Nations so remember even if you feel weak at times you are not always weak

even when the evil one Whispers In Your Ear during moments of vulnerability telling you that you’re unworthy

remember that you are worthy you are worthy of my embrace my love my

forgiveness of this home that awaits you with affection you have an inheritance that

you’re already receiving you’re my child and I will continue speaking to you

every day because I want to see you and your family Thrive I want to I can and I will bless

you more tell me that you believe it I have many good news to share with you

before before you stands the blessing you’ve been waiting for the days ahead will be joyful and happy for you and

your family I’m removing the discouragement That clouds your thoughts

I’ve taken away all the consequences and curses of your sins there will be no

obstacle to the many beautiful things I want to give you because I myself have

cancelled the bill of guilt and remorse that your enemy has come to collect

while the world is filled filled with fear and insecurity you have direct access to my heavenly Throne you are my

protected and loved child you have the legal right to cry out to me and be

heard while people seek refuge in their own resources fill yourself with

confidence because your hope is in me I will never abandon you you must believe

and trust be strong in this Grace unwavering in your loyalty

you can stand in the midst of Storms and command them to stop with a firm voice and those storms will obey you do not be

afraid try it and you will see when conflict tries to entangle you

with its tricks raise your arms in Victory as your heart cries out to me

the walls that hinder you will turn to dust and the armies that defy you will be paralyzed in the mud stand up and

walk take this good news to everyone who needs to hear it my power accompanies

you and when you speak and share these words Miracles will occur no Nation

leader or government can provide the security your soul requires they may promise you peace and

prosperity but you will not find them as the darkness enveloping Humanity deepens

with each passing hour do not depend on anyone else in this world do not ENT trust your life to

human beings who are also fallible do not be impressed or swayed by those who pretend to wield power not

everyone who calls me Lord Lord will enter my presence do not trust those who

offer miracles in exchange for your offerings who raise their voices to impress you with their

clamor trust only in me when I speak to you you will recognize my voice I am

your God your creator your savior I am the good news that fills your heart

While others are downtrodden you will rise with joy While others believe they cannot continue you filled with my love

and my Holy Spirit Will Rise each day dear one why does your heart tremble

with fear what causes you to gaze into the future with such unease and

apprehension I am your creator the one who sculpted you for a Divine Purpose

my design was not to abandon you but to cherish and remember you always in my

eyes you are a precious gem the very essence of my love and creation do not let the shadows of

sadness or the chains of discouragement ens snare you fear and worry Have No Dominion over you for my arms of Endless

Love are eternally outstretched towards you offering guidance and support

through every trial and tribulation you are beloved beyond measure a radiant

Jewel that brings joy to my heart the focus of my loving gaze my presence in

your life is a constant unwavering force in moments of Joy or sorrow health

or ailment I remain steadfastly by your side remember always you are my

cherished child I vigilantly watch over you protecting your dreams and lighting

your path with the Luminous Beacon of Hope and guidance therefore let go of your

worries and trust me with your burdens and needs do not bear these heavy loads

alone place your trust wholly in me and lay down your burdens at my feet seek

Refuge In My Embrace and allow me to lift the weight that troubles your mind and heart rest in the knowledge that you

are never alone for I am here to shoulder your burdens with you trust

trust in me beloved daughter trust in my word I do not want you to be anxious for

anything much less distressed thinking that you are alone in this hostile and

adversarial world for I your father shall ensure that you lack nothing

neither food nor drink nor clothing I am your God and provider and I shall make

available to you all means to attain your desires you shall shall never be

left in want for my word guarantees that my promises will be fulfilled bringing

sustenance and blessings into your life trust in me and your dreams and desires

shall come to fruition do not fear tomorrow for I shall be with you at all times I only

ask that you have faith in me and I assure you that nothing shall be lacking for everything you need I shall

provide I will open pathways before you and reveal opportunities you could not

have seen doors of blessings shall be opened for you to walk through and partake in all my promises remember that

I am your father the creator of the heavens and the stars I bestowed Beauty upon the nature

that surrounds you today in my love and provision I multiplied Loaves and Fishes gave drink

to the Thirsty in the desert demonstrating my power to those who had the

least so trust in me and heed my words for your time has come this is the

moment to rise up and move forward with confidence do not surrender or falter

for I am within you and my strength is your strength I shall be with you as you

Traverse this desert of Life quenching your thirst and guiding you to Fountains of Living Water where you shall never be

alone again come into my arms my daughter do not fear I am here for you all you need

to do is take a step of faith and believe that I will help you in this challenging moment entrust your fears

and anxieties to me and do not be consumed by the rush and worry of these

times do not let fear dictate your decisions listen to my voice whispering

to your heart reminding you that you are my beautiful and unique daughter capable

of facing whatever comes with courage and strength remember that I brought you into this

world for a unique and sacred purpose not to leave you alone or forgotten for

you are the most precious to me I shall never abandon you in Desolation I am your beloved father your

God and your creator release your burdens now and let my love unfold you

allow my blessings to flow over you in ways you could never have imagined it is time for you to trust in

me and place everything in my hands for I shall pour out upon you

great and wondrous blessings that will Mark a before and after in your life prepare yourself my daughter

prepare to receive blessings and be a Living testament to my power in your life do not fear the future for I hold

you in my hands walk with courage and hope knowing that I am your faithful God

your protector and eternal guide move forward beloved daughter with

determination and perseverance for the faith you have placed in me shall be rewarded and my love that surrounds you

today shall lead you to places of fulfillment joy and

peace in my hands I hold the miracle you await do not despair something great is

coming for you my son at this moment when your soul weeps and your heart

feels wounded and ailing allow me to envelop you with my words of love comfort and

hope do not think that you are alone or abandoned for you have never been and

even in the times when you may have felt lost in the darkness know that I have always been by your side cradling you in

my arms of love and compassion today my beloved Son I want

you to immerse yourself in my love and grace for in my hands I hold the miracle you have been waiting for in my hands I

possess a blessing so immense that it will make you strong healthy and

prosperous this is the miracle you have longed for and passionately yearned for in your

heart despite facing trials and tribulations you never wavered in your faith each tear you shed was not in vain

for not one of them escaped my notice every prayer every sigh and every Cry of

yours in the middle of the night has been heard that is why I am here to wipe

away your tears and heal your deepest wounds I shall wrap you in my words of

Love comfort and hope I do not want you to ever think

that you are alone or that I have abandoned you for I

have never left your side today my beloved Son I want you to

immerse yourself in my love and grace for in my hands I hold the miracle you have been waiting for in my hands

I possess a blessing so immense that it will make you strong healthy and

prosperous this is the miracle you have longed for and passionately yearned for in your heart despite facing trials and

tribulations you never wavered in your faith each tear you shed was not in vain

for not one of them escaped my notice every prayer every sigh and every Cry of

yours in the middle of the night has been heard that is why I am here to wipe away your

tears and heal your deepest wounds my dear child I understand that throughout

your life you have faced numerous challenges that have tested your spirit and left marks on your soul you have

endured illness suffering sorrow and

despair yet in the midst of these trials your faith has stood firm you have

consistently believed in my my ability to answer your prayers I want you to know that my love for you remains

unwavering even in times of hardship I am always by your side for you are my

precious child and it is my deepest wish to see you heal grow and flourish in

every aspect of your life do not lose heart my child do not yield to despair

or let the difficulties of Life sway you from my teachings I understand that

sometimes the burdens may feel too heavy as if the entire world is against you

and your strength is fading but remember in your darkest hours when you feel all hope is lost I

am there with you I’m closer than you think holding your hand guiding you through the Tempest life is filled with

challenges but each one is an opportunity for growth and learning in

my care your toughest experiences will be become valuable lessons strengthening

you from within hold on to faith and patience my beloved for often the greatest blessings

are hidden within the most challenging trials remember you have a significant

purpose in this life one that transcends any hardship or need on earth when you

are hurt and weak unable to see the bigger picture cling to me and Proclaim

my word through me you will gain a wider perspective as I am intricately weaving

every aspect of your life into a magnificent and unique design orchestrating everything for your

ultimate good do not fear the future dear one nor be troubled by human predictions in my

hands your future is secure and with me all things are possible you may not

understand my plan for you right now but rest assured it is a plan filled with

love and Hope I’m quietly working miracles in your life and in due time you will see the

evidence of my love and care trust in me and have faith that all your prayers

will be answered in my perfect timing always remember that you possess the

power of Faith within you faith is the Divine spark that

enables you to see beyond current circumstances beyond your reality your faith in me will inspire

confidence that something Grand is on its way your faith is the bridge between

your prayers and my responses through it a Great and Mighty Miracle will manifest

in your life keep the flame of Hope Alive in your heart maintain unwavering Faith within

you even as storms may rage around you do not allow them to extinguish your

inner light that light is my presence dwelling within you and it will shine even in the deepest Darkness never for

forget that you are loved my daughter my love for you transcends all measure my

love for you is unconditional and unshakable no matter how many mistakes

you may have made or how many times you have fallen my love for you will never change my arms will always be extended

with love and compassion toward you remember that I am here to listen to you

no matter what you are going through come to me in prayer do not forget that for me there is no detail too small or

burden too heavy that I cannot bear with me by your side you will overcome any

obstacle trust that the miracle you are waiting for is in my hands I will give

it to you place it in your hands just be patient it will come to you in the

perfect way and at the perfect time so do not give up or lose

heart keep faith in your heart for in my hands you have a future filled with

beautiful and wonderful blessings Rejoice for a great miracle is

coming into your life amen daughter do not be afraid of what

is to come and let not your heart be troubled in the face of the difficulties you are experiencing for behold I am

with you I will not leave you nor forsake you but I will deliver you from

all evil so that you may overcome this illness that burdens you so greatly

I ask you to be strong and courageous do not be defeated by this

challenging moment for the time of Miracles is not over it is still in effect you need only trust in me with

all your heart believe in my word and I will perform a mighty miracle in your life you may feel sad with a heavy heart

due to the constant stream of discouraging news tired of hearing pessimistic predictions that only

distress your soul you are weary of listening to what science or man has to say about you

nevertheless let me tell you that your story is not yet finished no matter how

dark and Bleak your situation may appear I can do something great and wonderful in your life I can heal you I can

deliver you from This calamity you need only trust in me and cling to my word

for it is medicine for your body and strength for your bones beloved daughter understand that

my will is to heal you to Grant you physical healing and restoration of your

soul my greatest desire is for you to have life in abundance so that you may

enjoy the fullness of my goodness and the benefits of my grace so dearly loved daughter rise up

cease your weeping do not be sorrowful any longer do not not suffer for I your

God will always be with you I do not want you to think otherwise for even a single

moment remember that I am a healing deity who listens attentively to the

cries of his children you only need to bring before me that which afflicts your

body then I shall take your ailments and heal your illnesses I shall bestow upon

you Divine Healing and the restoration that your soul requires so that you may

move forward once more I implore you place your trust in me with all your heart and

cling to my word let it be the balm that soothes your wounds and refreshes your soul let

it flow before you like a spring whose Waters never run dry allow me to be your sanctuary and I

assure you that no harm will befall you no plague or disease shall prosper

against you for I am your healer who mends all your afflictions who rescues your life from the pit and fills you

with favors and mercies believe in my words and endure this challenging

moment I shall not forsake you or leave you simply carry on and do not

relinquish your faith or abandon my path for there is nothing that I cannot

reclaim no problem concern or ailment compares to my greatness not even all

the challenges you currently face face will hinder me from performing an extraordinary Miracle Within you you

only need to believe and trust in my word then everything absolutely

everything shall be well do not fret about how things will transpire my

beloved daughter refrain from impatience and resist the urge to hasten the wonder

I’m preparing in your life Embrace Faith trust in my unwavering love for you and

allow me to fulfill my Divine Purpose in your life life open your heart to the Realms of

the extraordinary let me demonstrate my power when you place your full trust in me always be mindful that you are not

solitary in this world I am with you holding your hand guiding you towards

the manifestation of your miracle I will make feasible what seems

impossible to humanity and science all that is required of you is

to believe and have faith in my word and then without a doubt everything will

align for your good do not be consumed by worry about the unfolding of events

my precious daughter do not let fear or doubt obstruct your

path place your trust in me and I assure you a mighty Miracle will be wrought within you stand strong and courageous

do not succumb to fear or hesitation for I I will complete the work I have started in you I will enact

something magnificent and extraordinary in your life enabling you to accomplish

your goals and to bask in blessings that surpass your wildest dreams persist in

your trust in me my dear daughter maintain your faith steadfastly and

continue advancing towards the miracle you have prayed for remember in my realm nothing is

impossible and my promises are always fulfilled therefore proceed forward my

daughter and remember that the age of Miracles has not ceased I am still actively performing wonders transforming

The Impossible into powerful testimonies of my love and might heed my words for

they contain the power and direction to overcome the challenges you

face I your God and Father have bestowed upon you a unique and exceptional

strength strength a power that will lead you to triumph over every Challenge and guide you toward success in all aspects

of your life do not be swayed by those who underestimate you or see you as feeble or unsuccessful for they do not

comprehend the plan I have for you the world may suggest that success is attainable without me but I assure you

true success and a life of abundance can only be realized through my power let not the financial difficulties

you face erode your faith do not give undue importance to anything over my

place in your heart do not try to resolve your issues alone trust in me

and in my love for you rely on my wisdom and I promise by my side you can

surmount any challenge no matter how daunting place your complete hope in me

and you will experience an extraordinary peace a peace that transcends all

understanding and offers Security even amidst life’s tumult it is affirmed in my word that my

plan for your life [Music]





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