Rise Up My Child And Engage In The Battle | God Message Today |

my beloved child I come before you now

speaking directly to your heart seeking

to forge a deep connection with you I

offer these words to strengthen your

faith to envelop you in love salvation

Grace and forgiveness do not succumb to

fear or disappointment but rise up my

child and engage in the battle that lies

before you the powers of dark dark nness

shall flee and the blessings that have

been withheld shall be bestowed upon you

listen closely my beloved for I want you

to understand that no matter how dire

the situation may seem I hold the power

to overcome it I promise you Victory but

you must not let fear take hold of your

spirit furthermore I want you to know

that I bear the weight of your suffering

I have already triumphed over the

hardships of this world and I have

ignited a spark of life within your

heart which shall grow and flourish with

every word I speak I have heard your

prayers and though the forces of

Darkness may attempt to steal you away

you have remained steadfast praying with


faith I implore you now my child do not

waver continue to cultivate the fertile

ground of your soul rise early and do

not be disheartened by those around you

who may falter and abandon their faith

persevere in your efforts for in due

time you shall witness a Bountiful

Harvest treasure this message my beloved

for in moments of sadness listen to it

once more open the Bible and nourish

your soul with the Psalms and Proverbs

and studied the lives of my Faithful

Servants The Heroes of Faith they were

imperfect yet they silenced The Roaring

Lions conquered armies and stood firm in

the face of

adversity just as they endured pain and

suffering so too must you be prepared to

endure do not surrender to your

adversaries or those who seek to

undermine your family Stand Tall my

child for you possess immeasurable worth

and precious dignity do not rely on the

fleeting support of others for they may

fail you many May promise eternal love

but when the storm comes they flee

leaving you in despair find your joy and

hope in me my dear one seek Clarity and

distance yourself from violence for the

sake of your well-being run From Evil

and fear not for I am your

protector those who seek to hinder your

flight and clip your wings shall not

Prevail I have saved you to illuminate

your future I have filled your soul with

love and bestowed upon you the gift of

peace I shall guide you with

Supernatural Joy even when the Winds of

the world bring pessimism and negativity

hold fast to the knowledge that I am

capable of great and marvelous things in

your life devote your faith to me my

child for no matter how weary you may

become kneel before me and Lay All Your

anxieties problems and frustrations at


feet today I have spoken to you with

tenderness revealing the depths of my

heart you have chosen to Listen and Obey

and with faith and determination you

shall flourish in the faith of

adversity trust in my promise my beloved

for I will crush your enemies and as you

raise your hands and praise you shall

witness the wonders of my love I truly

adore you my child you hold immeasurable

value in my eyes and even if you were to

stray my love for you would remain

unwavering I will search for you

wherever you may be rescuing you from

the darkest depths trust in me my

beloved and know that I am with you

always my child in the universe there

are no words that can adequately

describe the profound and eternal love I

have for each and every one of you this

Divine affection flows endlessly

nurturing and guiding you through life’s

challenges I will never abandon you for

you hold a special place in my heart and

I am committed to supporting and

uplifting you in my presence you will

find the strength and comfort you need

to face your problems no matter how

insurmountable they may seem like a

mighty Mountain I am here to help you

climb to Greater spiritual Heights

empowering you to overcome every

obstacle that stands in your

way today I want you to understand

something crucial do not compare my love

to the love of others for it is

boundless and unwavering do not doubt

your worth because of the difficulties

you face do not give up on my word

because of your failures do not

underestimate my blessings or reject my

forgiveness I remain constant in my love

for you continually strengthening and

guiding you remember I have made a

covenant with you a sacred promise that

has been written since the beginning of

time I offer you salvation and bless you

with peace patience and love I will open

your eyes to see beyond Despair and fill

your heart with praise

when you realize the greatness and

Marvel of your future your happiness

will begin here and now you are filled

with unwavering strength for a mighty

power ignites within you fueling your

purpose in life and illuminating your

path let me be your guide and Grant you

wisdom every step of the way believe me

when I say that I will never leave you

alone I am the almighty God commanding

the Seas and storms to obey I give you

the power to conquer ser serpents and

scorpions and nothing shall harm you

watch as your enemies fall defeated at

your side do not feel insignificant or

deny the blessing that is bestowed upon

you embrace it with gratitude and

declare your love for me prove your

devotion by taking these words to heart

and allowing them to shape your actions

prepare yourself to face conflicts and

challenges with unwavering faith for I

am with you surrounding you with my love

and filling you with strength no longer

shall you endure endless struggle there

is no room for discouragement or fear

embrace the new life I offer you for it

is filled with hope and victory my

beloved child heed my words and let them

penetrate the depths of your hearts I

come to you with a fiery passion urging

you to embrace the benefits of personal

growth and

resilience do not allow the burdens of

others to weigh you down or partake in

malicious gossip that seeks to harm the

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