Rise to Victory | God Message Today |


my beloved I desire to speak with you

and this holds great

significance the appointed times have

come to fruition and the moment for you

to rise in the heavens has

arrived Celestial trumpets ReSound and

all things align themselves each finding

its rightful place so your Victory may


fulfilled your earnest prayers your

Mighty blessings they will not be in

vain nor has your suffering been lost in


void your anguish is inscribed in the

book of my love alongside a record of

the reward that awaits you on your day


Liberation you’ve waited long for this

moment and now your eyes behold it in

the skies rumors of wars are heard and

the wicked tremble for they know the day

of their judgment

approaches those who took advantage of

you who smokee your cheeks scorn and

cast you aside those who believed I had

forsaken you they shall weep witness

your Triumph and

repent I am here and I am coming soon

bearing my reward with me keep your

composure though multitudes weep in fear

I hold you in my hands you who remain

faithful strong loyal and Resolute do

not follow the masses or seek to please

the foolish and The Reckless your your

character is robust and true serving you

steadfastly in your beliefs you will not

be deceived nor will you fall into the

snares of the wicked seek peace bow your

knees and await with faith for me to

defend you when your enemies surround

you with

Strife do not raise your voice offer the

other cheek if they seek to harm

you their attempts to injure you shall

Wither in the air before reaching you

and their desires to harm you shall turn

to dust and burn in the

fire those who rise against you I am

speaking to you I am Jesus your savior


Redeemer the day of your transformation

draws near tune your ear and listen to

my angels who sing heralding my

presence I love you and behold I am

coming soon very

soon your past does not define your


even though your world seems to be

falling apart you’ve believed in me

taken refuge in my arms and here you

shall always be

secure fill yourself with peace and joy

for you dwell in the shadow of your


God believe in the power of my blood to

cleanse and forgive you cling to this

truth with all your

heart open your eyes wide for I shall

soon work a mighty and awe inspiring

miracle in your life

profess your love for me believe in my

power and believe that I have indeed


you do not blame yourself or continue to

punish yourself for things of the past I

have cast all your sins into the abyss

and they shall not

return my blood has cleansed you your

heart is new and your mind is

renewed now fill yourself with my holy

word let words that please me flow from

your lips full of life and

encouragement contemplate my promises

and Commandments each day do not walk

back into the shadows of

death you no longer walk aimlessly and

your future does not depend on luck you

are in my hands under my

wings I Shield you and even when you are

attacked by the world your mind remains

strong firm and it shall strengthen

further if you fill it with what I am

speaking to you this distance yourself

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