Relief From Burdens, Ailments, and Past Sorrows | God’s Message For You

I as the Lord pledge to shower upon you

my beloved child All The Virtuous gifts

you desire through prayer come to me

with a heart filled with faith and

witness how I will transform your life

your family your daily sustenance and

every step you take I assure you that I

will alleviate the ailments that afflict

your body and ease your mind from the

torment of past Sorrows your burdens

will dissipate your debts will be

forgiven and you will be embraced in a

plentiful array of blessings

for your trust in me is

unwavering like a sturdy tree you shall

stand strong and green providing shade

and comfort to those in need do not

dread the challenges of life for you

will be a source of Solace and hope to

many your fruits of faith and love will

continue to flourish and bless all who

encounter you my favor and peace will be

your Everlasting inheritance with me

your endeavors will find fulfillment you

and your family will be shielded from

life storms surrounded by my Angelic

Guardians your heart will overflow with

joy and peace a testament to the Eternal

happiness I bestow upon those who walk

with me in moments of fear or distress

remember that I am always by your side

strengthening and upholding you with my

Victorious hand let your actions be pure

for they are offerings to me your

sincere efforts will not go unnoticed

they will be rewarded with a glorious

inheritance trust not only in your own

wisdom but also place your unwavering

faith in me acknowledge my presence in

all aspects of your life and observe as

I guide your path towards righteousness

and truth I am the resurrection and the

life should you stumble and fall fear

not for those who believe in me shall

rise again never to be ens snared by

death’s grip maintain humility cherish

your meekness be patient and refrain

from anger towards those who provoke you

respond not with harsh words or actions

for I have endowed you with a courageous

heart and wisdom yet if fear ever

darkens your doorstep seek my face

earnestly I will be your steadfast

protector guiding your steps and

guarding your home and Journeys always

at the Forefront of your heart and mind

know that I your God am constantly

present gently guiding you by the hand

speaking with a voice of calmness do not

allow fear to take root for I am always

with you ready to offer assistance my

love for you knows no bounds never feel

alone or neglected despite attempts by

others to remind you of past mistakes

seeking to shame you by dredging up your

sins ignore such voices refuse to let

bitterness and despair consume your life

even if others turn away know that I

remain steadfastly by your side I will

never abandon you regardless of the

world’s judgment in my eyes you are

eternally cherished a beautiful gentle

and honest Soul disregard the gossip of

those who Delight in maligning others

rather than tending to their own lives

their minds are clouded with nonsense

and falsehoods instead seek my presence

yearn for my words and find solace in

the shelter of My Embrace take comfort

beneath the canopy of my love everything

around you the vast oceans the expansive

Skies the Majestic mountains was created

with immense care and affection the

influence of the wicked is temporary but

your time is eternal I grant everyone

the profound freedom to choose life and

Truth your heart has reached out to me

in gratitude and in response I pledge to

abundantly bless you our bond is

Everlasting hold fast to your faith and

dispel any fears pay no heed to those

who waste their time accusing you of of

past mistakes I have already forgiven

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