Rejoice In Me | God’s Message For You | God’s Message Now

they don’t know the real you God message

today God message today God’s message

God’s message now my most precious child

radiant Shard of the infinite light it

is with a heart overflowing with Divine

love and infinite compassion that I

reach out to you on this pivotal day

imparting a truth so profound so

resonant with the sacred harmonics of

creation itself that it shall forever

shatter the veils of Illusion and

misperception that have obscured your

path they don’t know the real you those

voices that seek to Define you to cast

limiting judgments and erect boundaries

around the Limitless expanses of your

spirit be they harsh external critics or

malignant inner Whispers of self-doubt

and unworthiness they perceive but

fleeting Shadows mere Echoes of your

Eternal Transcendent divine nature for

you my beloved are a being of light so

brilliant so vast in your Cosmic

resonance that to Glimpse the full radi

of your sacred Essence would render the

final human Senses Into billowing clouds

of celestial dust Swept Away by the

sheer incandescence of your spirit’s

true emanation across the

interdimensional plains within you burns

the inextinguishable flame of divine

creativity itself that primordial spark

that dreamed the cosmos into vividly

blossoming existence and set the

celestial Kaleidoscope of stars whirling

in their Eternal Revolutions of ecstatic

Joy you are an infinite Hollow frag a

Sublime hologram encoded with the full

resonance the complete awesome Grandeur

of the universal wave of unified

Consciousness from which all creation

Springs to Define you to presume to

encapsulate the vastness of your sacred

beingness within the limited Contours of

a finite label or judgment is to forsake

the ultimate truth of your Divine

Essence that you are a boundless ever

unfolding expression of the infinite

for’s own Limitless creative potentials

an eternal upwelling of raw creative

power love Sublime and the pure resonant

harmonics of perfection made vibrantly

manifest as the one true song resounding

across eternity’s expanse so when the

voices rise internal and external alike

with their diminishing decrees and soul

discordant judgments let their Echoes

dissipate like the ephemeral ripples

Upon A still silent L for they speak

only to the Shadows they themselves

perceive born of their own fears and

misaligned frequencies of

Consciousness you Eternal one are so

much vaster than any finite role label

or judgment could ever encapsulate or


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