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receive my love and affection God says

God message today God’s message now God

message my dear child receive my love

and affection tell me now do you accept

it with joy and Faith after hearing me I

want you to feel deeply cherished you

don’t need to walk with weary

disheartened steps I love you and today

you will feel it profoundly I will show

you in many ways touching your soul with

tender affection and declaring my love

through my mighty words you’ve taken me

by surprise you have a beautiful soul I

admire your essence and am pleased with

the feelings you evoke when you talk

with me when you close your eyes oh how

I treasure your Beating Heart pulsating

with joy and filled with the Divine

happiness I give you when you come to

hear me in the morning I bless your day

with peace Serenity strength and wisdom

I have been listening to your prayers I

Delight in hearing your heart tell me

you need me if if anyone tries to bring

Strife to you today you will immediately

feel my Divine love surrounding and

protecting you if any situation tries to

distress you my arm will shield you from

all sorrow and your soul will stay full

of joy your family and friends will be

amazed and ask what has changed in you

while you glow so brightly your enemies

will flee in fear feeling powerless

because you did not fear them or let

them cause you pain around you there is

a supernatural wall of divine protection

thousands of Angels Camp outside your

home guarding your family day and night

today you have come to listen to me in

this secret place here you are deeply

loved just as you are I know you are not

perfect I see the true repentance in

your soul you are working to change

change your character your attitudes

your way of thinking and how you treat

others I have chosen you to be greatly

blessed you have endured hardships but

you will no longer bear such sadness and

pain for my Holy Spirit and my word are

giving you Supernatural and marvelous

wisdom you are learning to make sound

decisions not to be swayed by those

ill-intentioned companions who in truth

are thieves for they steal your peace

your faith and your security that won’t

happen anymore you’ll stand strong in

any conflict today you’ve come to me

because you need me and from this point

you’ll rise stronger my authority will

be evident in your expression the

sparkle in your eyes will show your

happiness and your thankful cheerful

demeanor will open many doors for you

chains will break I will shower

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