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listen my dear and open your heart to these words as we share this Serene moment let my message Captivate your

attention completely I deeply crave to see you at peace to alleviate the

burdens Weighing on your shoulders and to Break Free the chains of restless nights and sorrow’s grip May despair

never Cloud your path again my love for you knows no bounds evident in countless

gestures yet I yearn for you to not only perceive it but to f immerse yourself in

its profundity speak to me now from the depths of your being do you long for a

brighter chapter in your journey do you thirst for Liberation from the Relentless hold of stress does your soul

ache for the Embrace of Joy Embrace share with me now your truth if you

truly wish to rise from the depths Heed These words begin this very day delay no

longer see how I come before you to disel your doubts to speak directly to your heart you know of my existence my

unwavering presence beside you needs no further proof yet I will offer signs not only

for your belief but also to show those around you the mighty force that stands with you start each day with gratitude

even before you rise before stepping out into the world even if your spirit feels

weary if confusion clouds your mind Close Your Eyes in quiet thankfulness be

grateful for the gift of life for the freedom to speak with me for even the smallest seed of

Faith appreciate those around you for despite their imperfections they hold

love for you in their hearts be thankful for your ability to think to read to receive these words for you hold the

power to transform your perspective each morning as the new day Dawn’s focus on

the positive the pure the kind in every situation even amidst turmoil seek out

the light the glimmer of hope the Silver Lining remember my child the trials that

do not break you only serve to strengthen your spirit here you are standing or kneeling yet undeniably

alive not vanquished the intense battles you faced have not just tested you they

have fortified you I know the pain was real the challenge is daunting yet here

you are breathing courageous having braved the storm to seek my guidance so

as you begin each day take a moment to close your eyes and Express gratitude for all things both joyous and

challenging this practice of thankfulness in every circumstance will gradually transform your heart elevating

you to a spiritual realm beyond the ordinary in this Sacred Space you will

see past the superficial dread of problems behind each challenge lies a hidden blessing

or a lesson enriching you with wisdom far greater than the common boasts of worldly achievements you will

hold a wisdom profound and Powerful many might claim wisdom but

your is a gift bestowed by your heavenly father Others May perceive themselves as

wise yet you are the recipient of divine wisdom a sacred flow from my Throne this

wisdom is the fruit of your daily practice of gratitude and in your Soul’s

light Joy will fill your heart as you enter my presence with a thankful

spirit I assure you begin each day with gratitude then seek strength and

guidance in my word listen to these messages with a prayerful heart record

them and share them lovingly I promise you this day and in the days to come you

and your family will be abundantly blessed a time of Plenty will replace your current needs my promises are

steadfast they unfold into reality for those who wait with faith and patience I

am keenly aware of your needs and what will benefit you and your family my plans for you are Mighty do

not be daunted by the challenges you currently face embrace the words I impart to you and resist the urge to

respond in anger or negativity to the trials you encounter let me Grace your face with a

smile and anoint your head with the sacred oil of my Holy Spirit clearing away the fog of confusion and harmful

thoughts do not Harbor the thought thought that I would punish you for your errors and

their repercussions you have endured hardships and pain yet I do not wield my

power to cast you into despair I implore you do not attribute your losses to me I

have not taken anything from you can you recall a moment when you witnessed me

removing the blessings I had bestowed upon you I am not deceitful nor do I

conspire against you having sacrificed myself on the cross why would I inflict

curses upon you you have returned in Repentance turning away from sin and I

have absolved you your transgression is Forgiven what then holds you back do not

misconstrue my actions if you face obstacles if Strife arises if it seems

your adversaries moment arily Prevail do not succumb to fear or anger I bear no

resentment toward WSU and if you’ve been led to believe otherwise seek the truth

from the one who misled you haven’t you delved into my word I am the almighty

God loving you with an unending love offering you eternal life this is no

trivial matter grasp it firmly find a quiet place to confess your sins to me

and Solitude lay bear your doubts free your heart of its queries cling to

nothing but your faith in the early hours pour out your soul weep if need be

my desire is for you to be liberated from remorse and guilt once and for all

I will touch your spirit enlightening you to the beautiful plan I have set in

motion do not be disheartened or enveloped in sorrow due to the happenings around you recognize my love

for you I am not aate I Harbor no resentment towards you you

there is no necessity for your suffering I will make this even clearer so that

your belief in me is unwavering I will speak to you at Daybreak unveiling my

glory for your spirit to witness you will feel it within you will rise and a

wondrous Sensation will embrace you completely I will reveal my a inspiring

Supernatural and eternal love to you erasing doubt of your belonging to me

you are my treasured one day and night I watch over you with a love that is pure

and tender cast aside your doubts about me consider this what purpose would I

have in causing your suffering you have grown to understand that actions have

consequences a misstep can lead to hardship as you will know but know this

I am not leading you towards ruin but rather I am um patiently waiting for you

to seek my presence so we can reflect on your mistakes together I am your God

your father your friend your judge and yes a consuming fire yet never forget

that I am also your protector your champion in my hands I hold the proof of

your Redemption Through My Sacrifice your sins have been paid for it’s true in

this world consequences may follow your actions but even from these trials I am

here to bring you relief my desire is for you to learn from your experiences to sin no more to

live without causing harm if you have avoided such missteps continue

steadfastly be bold in preventing wrong I wish for your soul to bask in my blessings to Revel in the freedom I

offer approach me boldly without fear praying for your family and Faithfully

awaiting the blessings you seek from me even if what you receive differs from your request trust that I will provide

something even better my dear child do not think for a moment that I am angry

with you my love for you is boundless and In My Embrace you will always find

care and affection my promises are true and if your blessed has not yet arrived

it’s not out of reluctance there is a Time For Everything Under the Sun be patient and

soon your heart will overflow with joy and happiness affirm it write it down

Proclaim it loudly I be believe do not be afraid I am the solution the answer

the key to all your dilemmas you know this in your heart for I have told you

time and again that as your Shepherd you will not be in want no matter the

circumstances you worry about the future your career your job the decisions

before for you you fear losing your livelihood facing rejection or missing

out on opportunities you feel besieged as negative voices conspire against you

but hear me clearly and let this truth sink in do not fear my strength is infinitely greater

and more powerful than any challenge you may face do not fear anything anyone not

those who seem influential nor those who spend their mornings devising plans to dishearten you they choose their words

to hurt you their sole purpose being to undermine the good work I have begun in

you I urge you to find a quiet moment a place of solitude close your eyes there is no

need for speech no need for many words just be still and listen my voice voice

will penetrate the depths of your soul revealing the hidden wounds the pains that stir you awake in the early hours

sometimes without understanding why leaving you to open your eyes in darkness your mind clouded with

confusion you may feel uncertain about what to think or do you dread the day ahead fearing what it might bring and as

night descends loneliness grips you once more but I say to you draw nearer to me

enter into my presence though your heart may be silent and tears may fall know

that I love you I’m holding you with you for all eternity the world may try to drown you in sorrow but I envelop you in

my love others might expect to see you defeated yet my Holy Spirit reaches out

lifts you up and Whispers rise my child my cherished one Stand Tall be

courageous you are Beyond harm keep these words close to your heart especially before sleep you need to hear

them every single word they nourish your soul instill peace in your mind your

space becomes radiant with my divine presence open your spiritual eyes even briefly to see the heavenly hosts

guarding you against the world’s malice promise me you won’t forget this when you switch off the light before bed

recite these words I abide in the shelter of the most high I am enveloped in love under the almighty Shadow my

strength Lord remember though the world may scorn you my gaze upon you is filled

with love I love and accept you as you are I am aware of your dreams and aspirations a time will come when you

will seek significant changes in your life leaving behind the harmful habits that were consuming you there will be a

day a moment when you will learn to Value love and care for yourself this is not

selfishness it is my commandment remember love your neighbor as

yourself you must recognize and embrace your true worth this understanding won’t

lead you to arrogance rather I will endow you with a compassion pite heart heart to empathize

with those in suffering yet you will also be fully aware of your own value and potential you will joyously accept

the gifts and blessings I bestow upon you I bless you out of Love and Desire

not because of your Perfection I see your mistakes and weaknesses but I also see your strengths and talents my

blessings come to you through grace and mercy this is the essence of my heart

now now tell me you believe it share it with me write it down I want to see your

faith filled heart and your positive attitude listen closely I will defend

you mightily against those who oppose you trust in me and remain calm do not

react to provocations never seek Vengeance come to me in prayer and share your heart I will comfort you and reveal

the plans I have for your Triumph and victory I take it very seriously when

others aim to crush your hopes dampen your spirit and destroy your dreams they may try but they will not succeed if you

stand firm in faith and do not waver if you hold your ground your foes will be

struck with fear at the sight of your steadfast strength bravery and unwavering

confidence they may throw flames and lies but you are shielded by my Divine

protection my angels stand ready awaiting my command at my they will

forever foil the schemes of those who accuse you your detractors will Retreat

and not return to torment you I will lay out the resources and ideas on your path

for your preparation I will grant you favor with influential individuals the doors that need to open will do

so ensuring your Victory after a period of trial you will emerge stronger and

joyful you are hearing these words because I have a blessed future planned for you you feel a fervor in your heart

and a strong resolve not to give up for your family’s sake your steadfast faith and character will instill fear in your

adversaries hearing this promise reflect on whom you should fear in this vast Universe no entity can bring harm to you

do not be deceived by outlandish stories that claim power surpassing mind involving

spells sorcery curses or fantastic Tales clearly remember this no ench

enchantment has any efforts will be rewarded I will place the crown of Victory upon your head you stand on the

cusp of receiving the answer you’ve yearned for to today I will transform

your life acknowledging your endurance unwavering faith and

commitment the miracle about to unfold will fill your heart with immense Joy

listen to my voice at this moment and ready yourself to welcome your blessing open your hands

clear your heart of doubt and mistrust for what enters your life today surpasses all previous expectations I

have heard your daily prayers pleading for the opening of oport opportunities doctor and now I Proclaim

this door flung wide open soon all that you have asked of me

will materialize do you trust in my power will you embrace my blessing have faith

be brave accept confidently what I offer and do not turn away from what I place

in your hands even if your problems seem insurmountable even amid Relentless

challenges even when things don’t go as planned remember I am your God and I

control every situation and your life stand firm in faith look to the heavens

and always keep your head held high for I never deceive never fail never lose a

battle and will never abandon you feel now how the peace I I sin begins to fill

your heart with calm in this peace you can trust and find rest Reawakening your

dreams and believing in love once again forgive those who have harmed you and gained the wisdom to discern who

deserves a second chance gather the courage to say no and distance yourself from harmful

relationships and toxic friendships perhaps your past struggles have made you unfamiliar with living in

peace and happiness you were so overwhelmed that you couldn’t fully appreciate my blessings be bold and

unwavering Embrace this new life your spirit is renewed and your feet will

walk a fresh path a vast and magnificent future awaits you but you must believe

in it and embrace it I need to remind you again of the depth of my love for you it’s more than

just words or feelings my love for you is an eternal Covenant I have declared

my love for you written and affirmed with my own lips sealed with my blood my

commitment is unwavering my promise is unbreakable you will always hold a

special place in my heart every star in the night sky was created to light your

way through darkness and remind you of your beloved status the Sun that radiates warmth from

above was made to let you feel the Embrace of a love unseen yet so vast it

dispels all Shadows in your soul feel my love each night before sleep and

experience it a new each morning as you rise to face another day of life feel cherished and Trust In This Love that is

undeniably real it’s not a fantasy not a figment of

imagination the love you seek in life is what I’m pouring into your soul I am

bestowing something so beautiful and profound that it will alter your view of life I love you and it matters deeply to

me that you live that you have the strength to weather any storm no matter

its size so you can walk on the sea waves and not drown in the waters of trouble your feet will endure even the

desert’s fiercest heat I hold you dear and I will give you the strength you

need my promises are enough to keep you steadfast on your path I say to you again I desire for you to flirt value

and honor the future I plan to give you love you must believe in it you must accept it I’m giving you life and

encouragement and you must accept them with faith to Prevail you will be well all will be resolved behold the sign

you’ve been seeking you’ve called out to me yearning for an answer and now I am

here to respond from the very moment you cried out an angel descended from my

Celestial realm bearing the key to your freedom yet you are extraordinarily

special a battle rages for your soul in the Heavenly Realms the adversary yearns

to see you defeated crawling in Despair and is envious of your impending Victory

my Celestial armies are engaged in combat on your behalf battling against dark Forces the sudden trials you’ve

encountered Are Not Mere coincidences you must stay alert and wise exercise

caution in your speech guard your SE Secrets closely be Discerning about whom

you trust the enemy prow seeking to consume you searching for a in your

armor to bring you down with falsehoods and treachery many Green With Envy aim

to quench your faith observing the abundance of Grace I have showered upon you and the miraculous future awaiting

you you may endure hardships for a time but these challenges are not Everlasting

and they will soon cease the grief burdening you will dissipate and those who have wronged you will come seeking

your forgiveness which you will graciously offer you are to love them as

yourself aiding them wherever possible yet your faith and trust must remain

anded in me alone should people approach promising you grandure and Splendor do not be swayed no one but I

can bestow true blessings and deliverance from Evil no one else holds the genuine word that only I can impart

if you shift your belief from me to place your trust in Hollow assurances from deceivers your blessings will

scatter like leaves in the wind some perhaps never to return this is your

moment let your faith be rooted in this powerful Eternal Word steadfast and true

for all time the hour of decision draws near choose my love my care my S My

Embrace commit to seeking me each morning to be nourished by the word I reveal to you I’m setting your path

providing you a cause to persevere and fight here’s the sign you’ve been

longing for now open your eyes the troubles you face will vanish the assistance you’ve been waiting for is on

its way and the resources you require will be provided my love for you is

shown today I will deliver you from these trials you reached out to me and I

have heard you I bring you these promises for you to embrace with faith

my word affirms it and victory is assuredly yours bestowed from my Throne

from my own hands very soon you will receive the recompense for all your

endurance the reward for your bravery the Accolade for your determination the Crown of Life and numerous other

blessings declare with your your lips and heart that you believe and will receive them even if exhaustion weighs

upon you today do not be afraid I am I am here to infuse your legs with

strength and steadiness your feet with swiftness and your soul with Valor do

you sense that extraordinary yearning igniting within you as you listen and read your

soul is filled with a Divine urge to rise and continue conquering more victories my child for that is my

Essence I watch over my children and it Grieves me to see them engulfed in sadness and depression overwhelmed by

thoughts of Despair and mortality their health deteriorating under the burdens of worry I do not wish to see you in

such a state therefore every night as your eyes close and you entrust your rest to me I will visit your

dreams speaking with a tender voice of my immense love for you you will know no

longer endure sleepless nights instead you will rest peacefully like a child in the morning as you awaken I will be

there once more stroking your head and preparing your spirit to rise with a Resolute intention to Embrace happiness

a heartwarming family reconciliation is coming and you will encounter new individuals with pure intentions your

life will move forward you will not dwell in the Sorrows of the past I am liberating you from bondage and fear I

am bestowing upon you Freedom promise me that you will treasure this blessing

hear my voice I am fortifying your bravery you have never been one to shrink away and it brings me joy to see

the noble intentions that live within you your faith coupled with your Relentless efforts to make things right

shines bright in times of Triumph and success when my blessings rain down

upon on you filling your life with profound Joy remember to return to me

each day though you are strong and courageous always stay close as my cherished child I long for you to bask

in my presence to feel my eternal love enveloping you you will forever occupy a

treasured place in my heart heart I have seen your trials and recognize the resilience you possess life has dealt

you unfair blows cast many stones your way I understand the depth of your

emotions your heartfelt prayers and your please for guidance illumination and Aid

the night May cloak you in solitude and apprehension yet I am right there beside

you providing refuge in my truth and comfort even when you can’t see me I am

there especially each night as you enter your room close the door and kneel beside

your bed to pray and talk with me my presence is unwavering I bestow upon you my peace

envelop you in my love and bolster your spirit rejuvenating your faith I stand

guard protecting you through my angels shielding you from the fears that haunt the night I am the foundation of your

strength when fear and turmoil try to encroach upon your peace I am the one

who confronts them barring them from overwhelming you the power to battle and

Prevail is bestowed by me for you time and again you have drifted to sleep

weighed down by sorrow tears marking the struggles of Life only to awaken imbued

with Tranquility strength and renewal remember the Tempest you encounter cannot overshadow the

magnificence of your God grief may be your companion in the night but the joy

I bring Heralds the dawn feel the depth of my love listen to my guiding voice

and dream of the most glorious future for yourself yet know this even your

most vivid dreams pale in comparison to what I have in store for you I have

boundless blessings awaiting you a future filled with love unity prosperity

and opport unities of Plenty cling to your faith and resist the grip of sin

stand firm and when negative thoughts seek to away you remember my promise and

remain unwavering in my path in moments of uncertainty when you’re unsure of your

actions or next steps come to me in prayer converse with me and immerse yourself in my love let my peace pervade

your heart dispelling all fears and doubts by doing so

my child rest assured that no foe will be able to harm you I will bless you with my peace giving you the the

strength to make wise decisions on your journey my love for you is profound I am

your father your protector your guide None Shall come close to harm you I am

constantly with you always hearing your prayers I will restore what is rightfully yours I admire your

resilience having withstood numerous trials and undeserved pains I will continue to bestow my blessings upon you

receive them without fear of those who attempt to intimidate you you are privileged to receive words and insights

that many have not heard stand firm do not waver and maintain your focus those

envious of you have tried to incense snare you in difficulties to tear you down to speak ill of you yet here you

stand unshaken your faith in endures I take joy in seeing you discern what

truly matters ignoring the hurtful words and plots of your foes the light that

shines from you blinds them and my presence in your life causes them unrest

my favor in your household makes them Restless while they toss and turn in Envy sleep peacefully for I’m vigilantly

safe guarding your life your family your home and your work I will bring bring peace to those

who oppose you diverting their focus to other matters they have come to realize

that their efforts are feudal in causing you any distress their own lives have become chaotic because they turned away

from my word and my love I extended to them guidance for

their well-being but they chose to ignore it and distance themselves from me yet you made the choice to walk in my

ways understanding that the answers and solutions to all your problems are found

in me you wholeheartedly submitted to my will embracing my word with unwavering

Faith you are aware that not everyone shares your path observe those around

you many could be basking in my love but their hearts have grown cold

they have faced disappointments and wrongly hold me accountable you however are different now you realize that your

joy and future don’t rely on others your life and blessings are solely dependent

on my provision I encourage you to persist on this journey with each passing day you

will grow stronger and more resilient even those who once opposed you will seek your counsel about me a greater

blessing lies ahead for you maintain your faith and stay true know that I am

with you every day continue to fight and Never Surrender I love you and will reward

your faith openly those who ridiculed you will will stand in awe and be shamed the envious who hoped for your

downfall will see the Merit of placing trust in your Almighty heavenly father who cherishes you deeply I have seen you

endure many trials with adversaries so loud they shook your confidence humiliated you and brought you to

tears yet your faith remained pure through these tribulations it has been refined turning your pain into courage

fear into Valor anxiety into happiness and sad sadness into Joy great blessings

are on the horizon for you I’m imprinting these words upon your heart they will not be forgotten each

morning when you wake these words will echo in your soul you will no longer awaken to Despair and grief you are no

longer bound for your chains have been broken every Every curse that once lingered in

your life has now been dispelled accept my word believe it wholeheartedly embed

it in your m memory write it down and keep it in your Bible at the beginning

of Psalm speak my word before sleep close your eyes and Proclaim Jesus I

trust in you you will sense my presence beside you the Lord is my shepherd I

shall not want read the entire Psalm it is a message I am sending to you follow

this instruction and you will discover a strength you have never known before you

will ascend asend Like an Eagle soaring to Heights of Faith from this Vantage

Point eagerly anticipate the new blessings I am ready to bestow upon you

return tomorrow place your Bible beside your bed and in the early morning I will

gently awaken you I will whisper guidance into your ear and Lead You sacred words and wondrous missions meant

only for you will be revealed welcome to the realm of the supernatural here is where your true Joy

is shaped in this place you will learn meekness and humility and I will Empower you to overcome all evil To Tread upon

serpents and scorpions fear not for no harm will come to you I open the door to a world of

Miracles for me nothing is impossible and for you all becomes possible your

steadfast faith and unwavering belief in me even in your moments of smallness

have moved me and now I will Elevate you the period of drought is over the

time of harvest begins your past trials have been a preparation for the immense blessing that is now Drawing Near I have

heard your cries of Despair questioning when it will arrive I assure you once again the

Fulfillment of my promise is just outside your door rise and open it

activate your faith step out to embrace your blessing with a Victorious Spirit do not focus on obstacles do not make

excuses for inaction do not let doubts diminish your faith your talents and

gifts are on the cusp of blooming there is a magnificent Garden here on Earth

Earth and it is in this place that I need you you are more than just a bloom

you are a flourishing tree offering shade to all who seek my presence I plan to use you to bless many to speak of

love to your family to reach out and those in suffering as you give a downpour of

prosperity will drench your household prepare yourself my child the Harvest time is

nearo and Sensi the aroma of the field ripe and Rey for your Victory you are among My Chosen I will fortify you I

will Elevate you I will remove all lack and need from your life but heed this

counsel do not be like those who ignore my words who squander their time on trivial matters and then blame me when

misfortune strikes they are Perpetual complainers conspiring against the righteous envious of the blessings I

bestow upon them the fruit of the upcoming Harvest is yours do not send

others to collect it those who fail to value my grace will let my gifts fall to

waste guard your children from those who would devour do not allow the Destroyer entry into your

home each morning make it a priority to listen to my guidance I will grant you

the wisdom to Excel and succeed in all your endeavors your Harvest will be

plentiful moreover this period in your life is a preparation for something

truly magnificent that lies ahead await this and more from your heavenly father

you are in pain in need of my assistance my love that envelops and heals without

judgment my comforting presence that silently holds you my attentive ear that

listens patiently without interruption confess your longing for me for it is the truth your strength has reached its

limit now is the time to recognize your need for me you have reached out to me

in prayer with faith and sincerity and that is why I have come to deliver you I see that you and your

family are journeying through a harsh desert where loneliness saps hope your

soul yearns for love amidst frequent rejections as you tread this blistering

path each step on scorching Stones brings tears of Anguish I empathize eyes

with your struggle it is difficult to persist in belief that even amidst this suffering my hand is steadfastly

supporting you yet I am here to protect you from those who assail and harm you

even if you feel defeated and weary I will rekindle your will to live I will fortify you

unique there’s no need to mimic the actions or words of others many are easily sh shaken by rumors their hopes

crumble and fear overwhelms them but not you my boundless love resides within you

and your faith is indeed magnificent from your lips flow prayers and words of immense power sore now for you are

liberated Embrace happiness and share these words I have imparted to you today with your family my love for you is

unending I will guide you out of your Wilderness I will lead you to Triumph and the joy you deep ly

crave I do this out of my profound love for you for you are precious to me your

life holds great purpose listen intently for these words you hear and read are

filled with truth not emptiness I understand that this situation has brought you sorrow and find joy in each

day has been a struggle you are currently facing difficulties but your life is about to transform in a

surprising and Supernatural manner there were many days filled with sadness

and misunderstanding but now your journey in this desert concludes the world attempted to obscure your vision and

shake your faith but you my child remained undefeated you have endured this long

and arduous trial and from this moment I will enhance your days I will restore

your smile everyone around you will witness how my strength and power have

rejuvenated you remarkably my wisd wisdom will guide you through the challenges you have faced after those

days of aridity on your solitary path you were parched weary and weak yet your

faith your love for me and your dedication to your family provided you the strength to rise and persevere you

endured to the end and today I send clouds filled with special rain Living

Water to bless you a healing bomb for your heart I am infusing your soul soul with my spirit of Love The Covenant I

made with you stands I am always listening my ear attune to your voice I

give you my undivided attention each time you come to me in prayer and call upon my Holy

Name you are now entering a period of remarkable meere Miracles and wonders that will touch you and your family a

reward for your loyalty faithfulness and perseverance on this challenging Journey

because you have believed in me and entrusted your destiny to my hands I will not fail you for my love

for you is boundless my child be assured that my intentions towards you are benevolent I

will grant the desires you voice speak to me again express your deepest wishes

and I will listen from heaven and fulfill the truest yearnings of your heart Rejoice my child for your

suffering has ceased the era of your Victory is approaching Proclaim your belief in me I

I love you as the shadows gather let not your heart be troubled for I am with you

believe in me and you shall conquer all the desires of your heart pursued with

steadfast belief shall be fulfilled in this realm you will face trials

tribulations Temptations and spite that aim to dim the Luminosity of my presence

in your life sometimes the darkness seems insurmountable yet be assured that my

love and truth Tower over these Shadows trust in the power of my light to out Sheen every fragment of

Darkness that Dar is to encroach life’s hurless May Loom large and barriers may appear insurmountable yet you walk not

alone embrace my teachings hold tightly to my promises and I will guide your

steps hand in hand we will navigate through the trials of this flawed and turbulent world I implore you to see

beyond the existence of malevolence to cultivate kindness empathy and love within your soul

Soul For You are my handiwork destined to be a luminous Beacon amidst the Gloom

in moments of hardship find comfort in my teachings they will provide you with

the insight and sagacity to distinguish the righteous path from the Wayward

prayer shall be your sanctuary and connection to me a source of fortitude

and shelter do not shy away from calling upon me in your times of need for I draw

near to those who are heartbroken and swiftly do I answer those who reach out

to me my grand design is complex and what may appear adverse at first glance

can ultimately pave the way for the blossoming of true love and altruistic

benevolence know that my love is boundless and unconditional selfless and compassionate

this is the essence of my love for you and it is with this understanding that I desire for you to realize that

regardless of your current trials I always yearn for your ultimate good do

not succumb to fear or turn your eyes away from what truly matters in this world the journey I have laid before you

is fraught with challenges yet remember you are my creation blessed with the wisdom to make

prudent choices and the resilience to grow through every experience face

adversities without fear for within each trial lies the chance to fortify your

faith and emerge more robust when faced with the malevolence or trivialities of this

world shine brightly with love and compassion the Divine spark I’ve placed

within you can light up the darkest Nooks seize every chance to spread goodness and uh offer Solace to those in

pain through your Deeds you wield the power to transform the world for you are

my Offspring my beacon in this world and the salt of the earth be assured even

amidst wickedness I am at work to redeem and heal those who tread in death’s Shadow

my love never abandons those who earnestly seek me my pledge of Salvation

and boundless blessings stands unwavering till the end for all believers my dear child

tread confidently through trials booed by the knowledge that my love underpins you it is my deepest wish for you to

thrive in ceaseless blessing Ing and navigate this world in prosperity remember I have bequeathed to you riches

both spiritual and material so you may Revel in Joy abundance and fully immerse

in my divine plan as you Journey forth nurture a heart brimming with kindness

empathy and love Embrace gratitude for all you possess and are yet to receive

for a thankful Spirit unveils the blessings in your midst and the Splendor of of my creation

hence offer thanks from the depths of your heart and you’ll unlock the worth of Lessons Learned in times of hardship

my son my daughter press on this is a period for transformation and

introspection do not be disheartened by the minations of the world nor let trials and tribulations diminish your

strength remember you possess an innate fortitude for my strength dwells within

you your courage and unwavering faith will guide you you to Realms of success and blessings beyond your weast

dreams let not your heart be troubled nor Let It Be fearful for you are enveloped in my love a masterpiece of my

creation gaze upon the heavens and cling to my presence delve into my word daily

therein lie promises that will sustain your heart through every trial let the

radiance of My Affection rejuvenate your hope and fortify your soul in your prayers as you reach out to me you’ll

find my grace abundantly sufficient to conquer any challenge my child my love for you is

Everlasting step into the world with the courage and Assurance of a champion do not falter for I am with you

at every juncture my peace which transcends all understanding will guard

your heart and Enlighten your path always press on and stand Resolute in

faith believe amen the moment has come for you to advance my child strive for

your aspirations fight for what you believe in and you shall Prevail I speak to you today to remind

you not to be swayed or burdened by life’s concerns remain alert and tirelessly pursue your dreams life may

present its hardships yet hold fast to your faith in me and keep marching forward for I’m beside you face the

trials tribulations and tempests with the assurance Ur that I am your steadfast companion shielding you from

the snares of Darkness trust in my guidance and I promise you will navigate through these trying times Victorious

with my hand guiding you fear is unwarranted for you are destined for a unique and magnificent purpose a path I

have meticulously crafted for you explore the depths of your heart to find your true passion hone your gifts and

talents and I will Aid you in achieving your life’s mission I am forever here to

lead and support you in all your Pursuits I urge you not to be caught in

the web of inconsequential matters remember material gains are ephemeral

while love Faith and Hope endure forever hence do not let the world’s distractions Veer you off your destined

path hold your faith high and resist succumbing to Life’s

Temptations many are elled astray by the meaningless losing sight of what truly counts

but you remain steadfast in your focus on the virtues that matter most love compassion Justice humility honesty and

gratitude these traits will Forge you into a beacon of Integrity allowing for

peaceful coexistence with me and everyone around you my dear child be ever watchful complacency has no place

in your journey be proactive and ready to respond when the Call

Comes This preparedness will not only help you navigate trials but also enable you to reach out to those lost in the

shadows seeking a way way back to the light therefore be bold and Valiant

never falter in your beliefs or halt your Pursuit even when life’s phase grows tough testing your faith with

complexities remain unshaken and press forward pursuing the dreams I’ve

instilled in your heart know that if you ever feel close to Falling cry out to me

and I will hold you up up I will ensure your steps are secure trust in my might

believe in the potency of faith and you will accomplish anything you envision remember each challenge is a chance for

personal growth and strengthening of character in these moments your true power will surface and your resolve will

light the way keep your faith unwavering should you find yourself bewildered or lost seek my help I am always here to

hear you and direct you on the path of my will which is benevolent and

Flawless always aiming for your highest good just believe and you will see your

dreams come to fruition my dear one persist in your prayers and immerse your

yourself in my teachings remember the virtue of perseverance is beyond measure through it you can surmount even the

tallest of mountains those challenges that seem utterly unconquerable with my assistance you will Ascend to the peak

to vist us Broad and glorious the fruits of your your labor will enrich not just

your own life but will light the way for others casting brilliant stars to guide

their Journey your triumphs will serve as nourishing seeds sprouting into blessings for generations to come step

forward my son with unwavering resolve press on my daughter with boldness and

heart let not moments of doubt cause you to falter or turn back remember each

trial you overcome every barrier you break through stands as a test testt to my strength and the boundless scope of

my support when the climb grows steep be reminded that my spirit is the beacon

that lights your path again I speak to you cherished one keep your defenses up

stay focused and do not sure the battle life’s journey may be fraught with

hardship yet you possess strength beyond your comprehens in place your trust in

me and March onward your labor and commitment will Forge your destiny and

Echo as a Timeless hymn through your lineage’s Saga

amen no matter the distance you’ve wandered way back to My Embrace always remains open it’s

understandable to feel a drift in a world brimming with distractions Temptations and uncertain roads in the

tumult of life you may have veered off off in search of Enlightenment or

ephemeral Joy’s hoping they would quench your thirst or your uny yet these roots

seemingly leading to Bliss ultimately guide you toward turmoil demise and

ruin my beloved I see how the so-called freedoms and pleasures of this world can

Allure you I understand your yearning to discover and immerse yourself in these fleeting Joys however let me assure you

this journey often leads astray to culdesac or towards Vistas devoid of the

peace you seek realize that the pleasures of this Earth are mere Shadows obscuring the radiance of your soul

creating a Chasm between you and the Fulfillment I envisage for you behind

each Earthly Delight lies an invisible Fetter binding your true Freedom corroding your inner peace and

tarnishing your inherent Beauty sin represents a distorted notion of Freedom

an illusion offering ephemeral contentment while ultimately stripping away genua happiness do not be misled by

this fallacy for authentic Liberty is found in unity with me in aligning with my will and in the richness of my love

my dear one I yearn for you to realize that chasing after this world’s fleeting Joys and desires is akin to wandering in

a realm of Shadow such paths lead away from the light and warmth of My Embrace

drawing you into Solitude and disconnect from the Abundant Life I wish for you

the cost of sin stretches beyond the Here and Now casting a shadow over your

spirit and distancing you from the wholeness and fellowship I offer sin carries a heavy

toll one that can lead to the dimming of Your Inner Light and the loss of spiritual

Vitality yet I bring you a message of Hope today should you find yourself in

snared by these Earthly snares know that I am here With Arms Wide Open and a

Heart full of boundless compassion and forgiveness I waiting for you to step forward into the light of redemption to

lift the weight that burdens your soul there exists no barrier so formidable

that my grace cannot overcome nor a misstep so vast that my love cannot

solve you might feel isolated because of your choices wrestling with the aftermath of embracing illusions of

Liberty perhaps shame or regret bars you from reaching out to me but hear my

words my forgiveness is standing by eager for your return ready to instill

Serenity back into your heart I urge you not to delay in taking that step today

for True repentance paves the way for Renewal and healing both within yourself

and in our relationship be assured my love for you remains

steadfast no matter the distance you’ve wandered there’s always a way back to me

a journey towards Tranquility purpose and the unconditional love I forever hold hold out to you my beloved child

hear me on this day I do not cast you aside I beckon you back to the path of light and truth

truth I am not a god of condemnation but a father of infinite love ever ready to

raise you from despair to wrap you in my transformative Grace that promises Rene

wal and the truest form of Freedom direct your ha towards me with remorse

and you will discover My Arms Wide Open ready to un old you you in an Embrace of everlasting love my cherished child I

implore you to Choose Wisely ever aiming for the path that leads to

Liberty and uprightness it is my deepest wish for you to experience the richness of living basking in my love and

Tranquility when the allurements of this World cast their Shadows over you

remember the fortitude that dwells within you through my spirit empowering you to withstand all forms of

malevolence you are endowed with the capability to that surpasses all human

understanding no eye has seen no ear has heard no mind has conceived what God has

prepared for those who love him let the eyes of your faith be wide open ready to

see the blessings that are flowing into your existence stand up this very moment

and declare blessings over your life observe as everything around you begins

to mirror the depth of my love and the magnitude of my grace for those who dare to believe in my

power and my love there is no limit to what can be achieved I call you to a

deeper communion with me to immerse yourself in my presence where true

Miracles begin as you align your heart and your will with mine you’ll discover the extraordinary plans I have for you

plans to prosper you not to harm you plans to give you hope in a future let

your faith be the beacon that guides you through through the shadows of doubt and fear let it be the force that propels

you forward even when the path ahead seems obscured for in my perfect love there is

no room for fear in my Infinite Wisdom there is guidance for every step you take therefore Arise My Child arise with

a Spirit emboldened by faith ready to lay down your plans at my altar

surrender every dream every goal and watch with awe as I transform them multiplying their potential

beyond what you can imagine have faith that all you place in my care will not just Thrive but Bloom abundantly in my

hands your life will unfurl in wondrous and breathtaking ways revealing the infinite potentials that trust in me can

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