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my dearest child throughout this year you have faced numerous challenges life tested you as never

before unleashing waves of hardships and trials however I want to remind you that

not once did I leave you during these difficult times the world around us swirls with Whispers of disease fear of

need and hunger these Shadows of threats Loom over the world creating an

atmosphere of uncertainty and anxiety but to you my precious child I

express my undying love you and your family are safe under my care I urge you

to attentively listen to three words I share with you for they will echo in your mind and be engraved deep in your

heart these words are an antidote to all sorrow and despair as they carry immense

power and life are you ready to accept and believe in them for me it is quite

simple let your faith be as simple and pure as a Mustard Seed free from

complexities mixes or complicated rules your faith is like a channel for

miracles and I your lord hold this power believe in me when you wake up and hear

dire predictions Dark Times indeed the conditions in the world may not brighten

but your salvation is near and my angels surround the Earth my glorious arrival

is close I Stand Alone unparalleled for there is no one like me though many may

try to use my name and mimic my power I still Reign on the throne watching over

your prayers looking at you with love I provide guidance so my angels can assist

you in responding to those who plead with you doubling your efforts to make your path smooth stand firm and be ready

with a burning lamp Your Vessel filled with oil is prepared for the approaching

hour only those who remain Vigilant and awake will hear the trumpet’s call transforming in an instant and freeing

themselves from worldly bonds we await the moment you join the Angelic choir and arm yourselves for the final battle

the time of glory and the season of Miracles are the essence of Eternal blessings overflowing with abundance and

divine wonders the world’s struggle will crumble but trust in me my children the

day of great Triumph is near I am your Shepherd your healer Your Guardian your

provider you and your family are securely surrounded by my care shielded from

destruction trust in me for your Victory will be so great that your past misfortunes will vanish you still bear

the scars of disappointment you lean too heavily on empty promises forgetting that in this world I am still

undefeated my love is stronger my tenderness deeper I will heal your

broken heart and my words will become a bomb for your soul soon soothing your sorrow turning painful memories of scars

left by those who shamed and embittered you into dust these wounds will disappear like fog under the morning sun

for it is vital that your spirit heals and your soul fully and unconditionally surrenders to my will I strive to

restore your dreams and instill in you new hopes I plan to elevate you to Heights

beyond your imagination so you may Glide with the wind to the highest mountain peaks enemies plotted your downfall

aiming to fill you with shame and trample your honor they tried to strip you of the value I bestowed upon you yet

they could not completely destroy you true you were bewildered for a time but

you are more precious than all creation and your strength lies in Me Your Divine

father though Legions may rise against you attempting to wound you a new this time with renewed Faith you will no

longer heed those who deceitfully ens snare you your faith in trust belong to me not to fallible humans your life and

heart are mine do not give them to anyone else I release your soul from the bonds of

those who betrayed you from now on know that you serve only your God I am the

priority in your life I promise you eternal life and any Earthly Promises of

loyalty and boundless Joy are false do not fall for malice you will

learn of of me understand the depth of my love for you you are my cherished lamb and wherever you roam I will seek

you out any wolf that threatens you will meet all consuming fire I protect and

watch over those I Love You release your pain and your being is filled with immense Joy affirming your faith that

conversing with me heals you in my presence you find courage and Solace for your soul in tense moments when the

world seems Elusive and despair Looms what you need is to talk with me do it

now keep my words set aside your activities and devote your time to trusting and believing in me I will

multiply in abundance all that you offer me for every minute you bring to me I will gift you years of Life With Every

Breath You dedicate to me I will fill you with health and joy for every beautiful sentiment you offer I will

gift you love understanding and support you will be surrounded as negativity

departs The Ungrateful will distance themselves and those who wronged you will repent I personally will reveal to

all who doubted you that you are my beloved daughter my beloved Son my

Supernatural power is with you and if they themselves seek a miracle you will help them to trust in me the happiness I

give you is unbreakable eternity flourishes even in the desert and amid the storms

saturating your heart amidst fears battles and though your senses May Slumber from exhaustion and you feel

emptiness creeping in the truth is that the gift of joy and fulfillment will never leave you when sorrow arrives

remember it is your choice to cling to this promise or to forsake this Mighty happiness depending on your decision and

Faith unaffected by what people do or don’t do for you or what the world offers it’s a sacred beautiful sweet and

tender joy that envelopes you early in the morning when your soul joyously awakes and kisses you on the cheek at

the Glorious Dawn my Majestic presence is here now so be silent I listen to

your heart’s beat and understand what you convey never stray from this attachment that gives you life never

forget this heavenly father who loves you and wishes to see and talk with you at the first light of day in good times

and bad remember these words speak them out loud and with all your heart I am

dearly loved by my Mighty and loving God and so it shall always be I have not

forgotten you your faith is being tested your soul is being strengthened and your spirit is filled with my divine presence

you are growing and maturing ready for a new era of elevated and Supernatural

wonders everything is possible for you he who believes in me nothing will

hinder you and every step you take with wisdom will be recorded in the book of life I want to eradicate from your mind

those thoughts of failure and abandonment that you learn from others you were not born with negative thinking

soaked in fear and disbelief you are dearly loved and highly valued by

me how could I betray you when I love you so much and have prepared so many blessings for you no accuser will

convince me to reject or leave you even if your heart persists in thoughts and words of

disbelief I will continue to love you this love I have for you cannot be taken

from you why do you continue to suffer don’t let doubts that c you pain if you

give me a chance sorrow and despair can be scattered you will not perish you

will live many of your troubles will cease and your conflicts will turn into

blessings wisdom and strength give me a chance believe in me your spirit your

soul your he who will be filled with this sweet love I will fill you it’s

worth it your ongoing anxiety will vanish I have shielded you with my holy

mantle my shadow covers you I embrace you with love and even if the earth

trembles and the Seas dry up even if the moon shatters into pieces and the world cries out in fear I am with you today

yesterday and forever I am attentive to your needs and prayers understand this immense

attachment take notice and see how I have surrounded sured you with Abundant Blessings I am the one who provides for

you puts food on your table and helps you get rid of your debts I am your doctor your healer in my hands I hold

your diagnosis of Victory and your prescription my love is a unique and effective remedy for all your

ailments worry no more breathe easily feel the Divine breath that carries my

spirit accept this living emotion this sensation filled with joy and security

you are freed from mental shackles from spiritual Agony your heart is healed

your pain subsides I am moving in a new direction for your life leading you to a better

life because my thoughts are higher than yours and my plans more grandiose my future for you promises an

abundance of joy and Supernatural blessings do not worry about material

Goods as they do not constitute your happiness even if you lose them more they are taken from you I will help you

again and all will be well with you you have not lost your faith no one can take

it they cannot take away the courage that lies within you no one will

convince you of rejection be it your job your business or your savings they lack the infinite power to

protect you as I do is it worth your tears and you should not fall into depression over material

losses if you trusted me before to to receive your blessings trust me now

allow me to embrace and protect you as you walk through the fire of Sorrow this will seal in your heart the

understanding that I will return everything the enemy has taken from you in multiplied abundance but keep calm do not cry do

not worry and do not entertain thoughts of death do not let the adversary

deceive you do not distance yourself from me because I love you you and I

will continue to walk together the enemy is already defeated you know this to be true do not despair my help

will soon come to you I love you and you know it your soul understands it and

your heart feels it I affirm this so you will not fear or grieve when my words

caress your soul I want you to understand that my love for you is deep

we have been through many trials together I know you believe in my word and each time you pray you expect

wonderful and miraculous things from me therefore I will never disappoint you

trusting in me brings you great peace and knowing that I hear you fills you with Serenity take a moment to sit in

silence and contemplate the Blessed future I wish to bestow upon you however

I urge you to Value yourself more and to accept the love and blessings I send your way do not postpone or discard them

thinking you are undeserving or that it is not your time or for that I do not love you enough to bless you

abundantly herein lies the problem in the past you have been defeated your enemies came disguised as good friends

and they repeatedly told you that you are Unworthy of my blessings and you believe them but today that mindset ends

I will change your heart and mind starting from this day you will no longer be the same I will transform your

faith in me I will ignite a fire and passion in you to seek me and read my word every day you will be attuned to my

presence and will be able to hear my voice directly in your head when I speak to you I will share so much with you and

you will feel so loved that from this moment on you will strive to grow in your spiritual life and completely

forget the defeats of the past you are my daughter my son and I want you to

thrive and Conquer close your ears to the deceptions of your enemies and focus on your beautiful future you and your

family will be greatly blessed I will multiply and restore everything you have lost before and remove the pain you have

endured I am with you accept my affection tell me you accept this and love me deeply my child if only you

understood how much I love you you would not spend so many sleepless nights worrying about problems and situations

that may never come to pass I know you are currently facing very real and challenging situations but remember all

my my promises so fear does not enslave your thoughts stop your worries and

anxieties there is no need for them you achieve nothing by losing yourself on a

path leading nowhere therefore please I implore you to hand over your worries

and burdens to me you may not realize it but you are drowning under the weight of your excessive

concerns I do not want anything to happen to you I want to liberate you from your worries heal your soul from a

anxieties and pains shatter the chains of fear that bind your heart extend my hand to you and pull you from the dark

depths so you won’t get lost in the sea of Doubt or drown in the ocean of fear I

wish for each of you to understand the true meaning of my intervention in your life to realize the full depth of my

love and salvation My Sacrifice on the cross was an act of unparalleled love not a vain

gesture rising from the grave on the third day I gained eternal power to be with you every day accompanied by the

irresistible power of my blood now nothing can separate us not your past

nor any sins which I have unconditionally forgiven it’s time to leave behind that heavy secret you’ve

carried for so long I’ve cast it into the fathomless depths of the sea and you

should not seek to retrieve it the chains that held you captive are now

broken if your past still troubles you it’s time to consider whom you truly trust trust if you continue to torment

yourself over past mistakes you’re overlooking the main point how deep my love for you is and how many great Deeds

I’ve performed for you you need to listen to me more than those who accuse and lie the greatness of your value in

my eyes is undeniable and it’s visible to many perhaps only you have yet to realize this immense love that surrounds

you in moments of trial you may feel weak thinking I have left you or am

punishing you for past transgressions but this is far from the truth believe

in my words remember them well I will no longer remind you of what I’ve already forgiven don’t dwell on the past don’t

fear and don’t worry for me there are no Miracles that are

impossible soon all your Sorrows pains and anxieties will dissipate regardless

of how desperate you are or how firmly you believe that your Miracle will never come I am here to prove my love for you

if you still doubt my ability to bless you you are deeply mistaken for the truth is that I love you immensely and

nothing can change that I loved you even when you were oppressed and I sought you

even when you turned away from me now the choice is yours to believe the

deceivers who try to lead you astray with their false words or to listen to me at this very moment you are with me

and I have already bestowed upon you numerous spiritual blessings now you face a choice to accept this

word to opt for a supernatural life or to continue sitting idly watching others

succeed I urge you to stand before me immerse yourself in this blessing allow

the purity of this oil to shine upon your head and ignite a flame in your heart reach out to me take a step

forward hold the banner of Faith high and dedicate yourself to this Mission

declare to the world that there is a God who loves them and I am seeking those who have strayed and wish to offer me

their souls and walk with me confident in my guidance receive this power feel

it now and watch as it transforms you making the impossible possible calming

storms with your words and even summoning fire from heaven to consume anything in your path you will see

Heavenly armies protecting you look around and acknowledge all the good that

has happened in your life your family your home if I hadn’t come to your Aid

if my presence hadn’t guarded you day and night your enemies would have long plunged you into a pit of despair but

remember I am aware of the troubles that surround you and sometimes you may wonder where I am but I tell you

maintain faith and patience for soon you will receive your long- awaited reward

open your heart to me and be ready to accept the miracle you believe in listen carefully to my words I speak to you

with great love if you trust me everything I say will come to pass for I

do not lie exaggerate or hide the truth I protect my beloved and do not allow

them to become victims of malice today I address your spirit directly asking you

to listen attentively and thoughtfully I aim for your Liberation yearn for your

healing and call upon you to seek my word to pray every morning surrender

your life and your family entirely to my care trusting the unique plans I have for you pay no attention to those who

predict only suffering and sorrow for your fate that your past mistakes Define you and that failure is your only

outcome ignore such falsehood realize that you are mine and I am always with

you I have seen your repentant heart and your sincere desire to follow my path to

strengthen and grow you will not return to old ways and will not join the

unrighteous distance yourself from critics and attack ERS and surround yourself with supporters and

encouragers I want you to experience my love a new to truly understand that it is much deeper than previously

expressed know that I am not angry with you I desire your transformation for your own good I will give you the

ability to manage your emotions and remain calm in all situations you will change so much that

many will not recognize you Joy will shine on your face and fear will

disappear your steps will be decisive and your speech

compassionate every morning I will instill in you unwavering Faith remember

my promises feel my guidance and walk the paths I have clarified for you let

no one speak ill of you sleep peacefully surrounded by my protection is that you are mine and I ask for your faith your

heart your devotion I seek your complete commitment I am not aiming to hold you

back from your dreams or Ambitions I only ask you to prioritize placing me first in your plans and trusting me with

your journey you will be astonished at how I will bless everything you do for I

have already blessed you boundlessly and will continue to do so hear my word through this message and understand the

truth my love for you is unbreakable Everlasting steadfast and faithful it

belongs to you and cannot be taken away let these words I speak merge with your

thoughts bringing you deep peace say with your own voice my God I love you I

dedicate my life to being faithful to you and I will love you with all my heart my strength

forever I will guard you and always support you I am not one to promise joy

and then leave you I have known you and cherished you since the beginning of time you must embrace my love with all

your heart if you wish to cease enduring the inner storms that derail you instead of leading you onto A New Path I will

take on the task of guiding you along the righteous path you must remain Vigilant keep my words obey my commands

and allow me to lead you where my will dictates everything will happen for your highest good even difficulties will be

transformed so that in the end they lead to blessings and well-being I desire to bestow blessings

upon you and urge you to change your mindset instead of dwelling on the thought that you are abandoned and

rejected repent of these thoughts and believe me when I tell you that you are truly loved tell me that you accept my love

and receive this boundless peace into your heart I listen to you attentively and contemplate you even at the very

moment you close your eyes and silently direct your thoughts towards me when you raise your prayer even if it’s just a

whisper your voice is heard your words understood and your tears are presented as an offering before your father’s

Throne these tears are droplets of love coming to convey your plea and they are

received with great value I hold them in my hands keeping them close to my chest

your tears shed not in vain have been acknowledged in the Heavenly Court have

you ever wondered if God listens to you I am here and I am listening as you cry out and ask if God

will answer your prayer I respond to you your tears have composed a melody and a

song of sincere pain a pain that knows its cry is heard and from the same almighty God it will receive Comfort

look into my book I record your tears precisely to write my response to you

when you shed your tears your answer is already on its way I have written it

myself it’s sealed and registered in the flicker of trumpets the river of your tears which

knocked on my doors will flow back to you as a transformed outpouring of cascading refreshing Waters which will

give you the peace and joy you have long awaited you are in my presence speak

sincerely and openly tell me what you feel share your disappointment I will not be angry my

desire is to hear you to show that I am listening and understand you I want your

words to bring you the peace you need and dispel the anxiety that burdens you if you feel the need to cry cry without

fear for your tears will return turn to you as the reign of my spirit as flowing streams of strength and blessing you are

not wasting your time when you cry I hear you and will continue to listen

there’s always a place for you in my heart if you wish for others to receive the blessing that has come into your

hands you can share this message with those you deeply love and know who are in need of me join my Army of good news

and allow me to continue blessing lives a day will come when what you currently lack will overflow my promises

fulfilled they will become reality for those who with faith and patience know how to wait I understand your needs and

what is best for you and your family do not fear the conflicts you currently face hold tightly to these

words I speak to you and do not respond with anger and negativity to situations you may encounter allow me to draw a

smile on your face and let my Holy Spirit anoint your head with sacred oil driving away confusion and negative

thoughts your heart is sensitive and special because it is open to love to truth and to the light that I pour into

the world in Every Breath You Take in every prayer even in the most secret

corners of your heart I find a place for my presence I see your dreams your hopes

and even your fears and doubts do not Escape my notice I am here to fill your

life with a meaning that surpasses all Earthly and temporal things my love for you knows no bounds it is

infinite like the sky itself and tender like the Rays of the morning dawn gently touching the Earth there is nothing

impossible in my promises I promise you comfort in mourning joy in sorrow and peace in

storms you can rely on me as on a rock unshakable and eternal I will be the

light on your path and a guide through the darkest valleys do not fear to move forward for

my hand will support you at every step remember that your life is a precious gift that I have given you with love I

call upon you to live this life to the fullest to explore create love and give

love in every action you take in every word in every thought aim to reflect my

love my grace and my wisdom I call you not merely to exist but to live a life

filled with deep meaning and purpose Let each each day be a step towards realizing your true calling towards

uncovering the unique talents and abilities with which I have endowed you and let every moment of your life be

filled with a sense of gratitude and wonder at the miracle of existence I am always by your side in

Every Breath You Take in every heartbeat you will never be alone for my love

surrounds you like the air you breathe at any moment when you turn to me I hear

you my support and my strength are always with you let this knowledge be

your comfort and your support move forward with faith and confidence for you are a child of the most high beloved

and precious in every step you take in every decision remember my boundless

love for you and let each new day be filled with the light peace and joy that

I generously pour out on all who turn to me my power knows no bounds and my

ability to change situations in your favor is unparalleled even in the darkest moments

when hope seems to have faded I bring a light that can illuminate your path and show the way to Revival and renewal Let

each new day be a reminder of my unchanging love and that I always seek your good your prayers and trust in me

are bridges that connect your heart to mine and I promise that none of your appeals to me will go

unanswered my care for you is endless and I desire for you to experience the depth of my love and care in every

aspect of your life I call upon you to live not only for yourself but also for

those around you your life can become a source of inspiration and light for others if you allow my love to manifest

through you in every word and deed your influence on the world around you can be invaluable when you act with the love

compassion and mercy that I pour out on you do not let doubts and fears

overshadow your faith I urge you to lift your head and look forward with confidence Ence knowing that I am with

you at every step of your journey your trials and difficulties are temporary obstacles on the path to the Grand

purpose I have destined for you remember each trial carries a lesson and an

opportunity for growth and refinement my love for you is eternal and

unchanging it does not depend on your actions mistakes or successes I love you as you are and my

love is meant to lift you up heal your wounds and restore your soul Let each

day bring you the realization that you are not alone that I am always with you ready to support protect and guide you

through all of life’s trials open your heart fully to me trust in my will and

allow me to guide you to a life filled with meaning joy and fulfillment your dreams your hopes and

your prayers are precious to me and I aim to enrich your life with blessings that surpass all you could

imagine so move forward with faith keep your hope alive and never forget the

power of prayer your connection with me is your strength your foundation on which you can build every day of your

life knowing that whenever you turn to me I will be listening supporting and loving you always believe that I am

leading you on the path that is best for your life a path filled with light and wisdom let each of your actions and

every word reflect your faith in me your trust in my will I promise that I will not leave you

without support and guidance my plans for you Encompass not only Earthly Joy but also Eternal Bliss

I call you to open your heart to my light and allow my love to transform every corner of your soul do not fear to

move forward for I have already prepared the way for you paved with Grace and blessings your faith in me is the beacon

that will light your path even in the darkest night Let each morning be a reminder of my unchanging presence in

your life I desire for you to greet each day with hope and joy knowing that I am

always by your side ready to help you overcome any obstacles your prayers are precious gems

that I collect and keep in my heart I hear every word you say and respond to

every need with love and compassion you are created in my image and within you

resides a great power of love forgiveness and creativity use this power to create make

good around you to be a source of light and hope for others you have the potential for great deeds and I await

the moment you unlock it remember you are never alone for I am always with you

your life is a precious gift and every moment is filled with my love and care

live this life fully with joy and gratitude and let each step you take be towards fulfilling your unique mission

on this Earth let today Mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life

a chapter filled with wonders and blessings I have prepared for you believe in my immeasurable love and

power and let your faith be steadfast and unwavering I Am With You Always

embracing and supporting you at every step of your journey but I declare to you now my love knows no bounds it is

not conditional and is not measured by your mistakes I am the father full of mercy

and compassion who sees the depth of your heart and knows know your true intentions do not be deceived by false

Notions of my character that may poison your soul and distance you from me my desire is for you to thrive for your

life to be filled with peace joy and love that surpass all Earthly

understanding I want you to know that at any moment in any situation you can turn to me and I will be listening I am

always ready to extend a helping hand support you and guide you on the path of truth and light

allow my light to illuminate your life dispelling the darkness of doubts fears

and uncertainties entrust me with your dreams your hopes and your

struggles I am not only your protector and guide but also your most faithful friend wishing only the best for you

remember my love for you is not dependent on your achievements or failures it is infinite and

unchanging you are my creation woven from Love and nothing can change my love

for you do not let the deceit and lies of this world make you doubt this truth

rise above circumstances that seem insurmountable knowing that with my help you can overcome any

obstacles your faith in me is a powerful weapon against all difficulties Let each new day be a

testament to my inexhaustible Grace and love for you just as I promise to be

with you always to the end of time so my promises remain true true do not lose

hope even when the path seems difficult I am with you at every step supporting

and guiding you together we will navigate through storms and reach the Blessed calm that awaits us ahead open

your heart wider to my love and mercy allow me to fully enter your life so

that I can transform it with my presence together we will create the story of your life filled with blessings

and miracles that bear witness to my changing love and faithfulness to you instead fill your heart with love peace

and forgiveness for these qualities are the true reflection of your soul illuminated by my light I want you to

perceive every life situation as an opportunity to grow and evolve to learn from your mistakes and move forward with

even greater strength and wisdom remember every experience even the most

painful is meant to bring you closer to me to understanding your true purpose and your role in this world I want you

to know that your life holds immeasurable value you are not just a passer by in this world you are a bearer

of light called to shine and share the love that I have placed within you your light must shine before others so that

they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in Heaven let your life be a

testament to my unchanging love and mercy towards everyone who crosses your path I call upon you to live without

fear for fear Fe is but a shadow that vanishes in the light of my love let

your faith be strong and let it guide you in every choice and decision you make I am always near ready to guide you

and provide wisdom when You Face decisions My Love Is Your shield and protection your strength and

comfort do not let circumstances Define your joy or peace instead seek me in

every moment and I will renew your strength and fill your life with an unsh shable peace that surpasses all

understanding your joy should not depend on external conditions for True Joy comes from the depth of your

relationship with me from the assurance that you are loved and valued in my eyes

Remember You are not alone in your trials and difficulties I Am with You embracing you

with my love and strength together we will weather any storm and I promise to bring you to a

place of rest and renewal Let each new day be Testament to my constant presence

in your life and my unwavering care for you your life is a Priceless gift and

each new day is an opportunity to live fully loving and serving others live

this life with gratitude and joy knowing that you are LED and supported by me your faithful friend and God who loves

you with an everlasting love in every drop of rain in every gust of wind in

every ray of sunshine in every moment of silence is my reminder of my presence in your life I am not merely an observer of

your journey I am an active participant in every step you take granting you strength wisdom and Direction your faith

in me opens the doors to the inexhaustible sources of my blessing which I long to pour out upon you let

each new day be a testament to my unwavering care and Endless Love For You do not look back with regret or forward

with anxiety but live in the present moment fully aware of my present presence I give you a peace that this

world cannot provide a peace that overcomes all sorrow fear and

uncertainty when You Face obstacles and trials know that they come not to weaken you but to strengthen your faith and

character I use every situation for your growth and to show you that my power is made perfect in weakness in every

challenge I offer you the opportunity to deepen your trust in me and to see how I can work miracles even in the most

difficult circumstances do not be afraid to walk the path I have prepared for you I have guided you

through Darkness lead towards the light and I promise that your journey will be filled with blessings lessons and joy

let your faith in me be the anchor that holds you during storms and the sail that leads you to New Horizons of

blessing and achievement I invite you to share your light and love with the world around you

you are my messenger my light in the darkness your your life can be a source

of Hope and inspiration for others a reminder that love conquers all let your

heart always remain open to my guidance and let your life be a song of gratitude

singing my glory and love remember I am with you always to the end of time there

is nothing that can separate you from me your faith your hope your love these are

the greatest gifts you can offer the world move forward with confidence

knowing that I am leading you every day promising you a life full of meaning purpose and immeasurable Joy anxiety and

worry May Cloud your mind but remember in my presence you will find rest I

invite you to rest in my arms where there is no place for fear or doubt in

my light you will see things differently seeing how small those giants that seemed Invincible are I give you the

strength to withstand everything that seems insurmountable because my power in you is a promise of Victory let every

morning start with gratitude for a new day I give you to explore boundless possibilities and experience my new

mercies which are forever renewed Let each evening be a time for reflection and gratitude for how I led

you through the day showing you my love and care at every step I call you to

live in full harmony with me in unity with my word and my spirit that dwells within you let your life be a reflection

of my love and light in this world you are my messenger of peace and hope the

one who carries my love to those around you you are my instrument of blessing for many and through you I wish to

manifest my glory do not look back with regret or forward with fear live in the present

fully trusting me and opening your heart to my plans and promises you are my treasure a gem that

I carefully Safeguard I know and love you immensely your life is my joy and I promise to

fill every day of yours with meaning joy and purpose remember you are never alone in

the darkest moments of your life I am with you holding your hand and leading you to the light my love for you knows

no bounds and nothing can separate you from my love even when you walk through

the valley of the shadow of death fear not for I am with you my rod and my staff they comfort you

so rise this morning with New Hope in your heart a new song on your lips ready

to face the new day with me let every step you take be a step of Faith every

word a word of love every action an act of service live the full life I have

given you and let every moment be filled with gratitude and joy emanating from the knowledge that you are loved by me

your Eternal Father I call you not only to be Witnesses of my kingdom but also

active participants in its spread your life is the canvas on which I wish to

paint the beauty of my creation your heart is the Garden in which I want to plant the seeds of my word so that they

may grow and bear the fruits of Eternal joy and blessings do not be daunted in the face

of difficulties for I have made you more than conquerors your struggle is not in vain

your labor not feudal everything you experience shapes you and prepares you for the grand Destiny I have instilled

in you since the beginning of time your life is a journey filled with learning and Revelations and I am with

you at every stage guiding and protecting you let your faith in me be

unshakable as a rock and let your trust in me know no wavering I am the source

of your strength your Defender and your most faithful friend I am the one who

knows you better than anyone else and my love for you is unchanging and eternal

remember at any moment when you feel lonely or lost you can turn to me and I

will be listening ready to extend a helping hand and fill your heart with peace and joy so go forth my children

boldly and decisively knowing that I am leading you to a great purpose your life

is a gift I have given you to experience the joy of existence love and serving

others your path is the way to the light that I have illuminated for you walk it

with faith and let each of your steps be towards realizing your true potential and fulfilling your unique mission in

this world remember I am always with you love you infinitely and believe in you

boundlessly together we can perform Miracles and bring light into the darkest corners of this world let us

together spread the blessing and love with which I have so generously blessed each of you amen

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